Window of Lembang Nature, Educational Tourism with the Enchantment of Beautiful and Beautiful Nature in Bandung

Ticket price: IDR 20,000 Operational hour: 09.00 – 17.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Sergeant Bajuri, Cihideung, Kec. Parongpong, Kab. West Bandung, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Jendela Alam Lembang is a tourist spot that carries the concept of education, located in Lembang, Bandung. This place offers a unique experience for its visitors, most of whom are children. However, actually the priority age limit is up to high school.

This tourist spot features flower gardens, pets, and various other educational rides. Children can interact directly with these tame animals. They can even feed him or do other activities. Besides animals, interaction with nature is the main theme here.

Visitors can interact directly with nature, one of which is planting. Children will definitely love the various activities that can be done. For parents, of course, this is the case, because children’s development and creativity are more honed. Instead of having to play gadgets that have a negative impact, visiting the Window of Nature tour is more recommended.

The Appeal Owned by the Natural Window of Lembang

Attraction in the Lembang Natural Window
Image Credit: Google Maps Tyasti Utami

This tourist destination, known as the Lembang Natural Window, is built on a very large area of ​​land. Each one is divided according to zones, so visitors can enjoy what they are doing. Each zone has its own charm, please refer to the following explanation!

✦ Beautiful and Beautiful Views

Beautiful scenery is the main attraction of nature tourism in Bandung. Various types of trees thrive in every corner of the location, the atmosphere is even more beautiful. The green color of the trees seemed to hypnotize all the visitors who came. In addition, there are also ornamental plants that bloom colorfully and beautifully.

While you are at Jendela Alam Lembang, you will get very good air quality. This is because it is located in the highlands, also quite far from cities. This place is laid out so nicely that it makes visitors feel more at home for long. This attraction is so important to parents, that they don’t come into play.

✦ Educational Tourism

Even though there are lots of tourist objects with educational concepts, there is a difference when you visit here. Play and think, that’s what the tour guide will teach the children who visit. For example farming, how to dig the right soil, put plants, and also water it.

Apart from that, Jendela Alam Lembang also offers education related to animals. There are many types of animals available here, almost all of them are livestock and tame. For example a horse, children can feed it and even ride on it. This hits tour also teaches children how to produce milk and yogurt.

✦ Game Window

Almost all of the attractions here are related to games. There are games in the open, where children are active under the hot sun. There are also games related to farm animals, as previously described. In addition, there are still types of games that require courage.

Jendela Alam Lembang offers the Window Game zone which is the most popular with children. Here, they can try the fun of flying fox, where they have to glide above a height. Another type of game is catching fish, it takes patience and dexterity to be able to do it.

✦ Workshop Window

You don’t have to do all the activities, there are some that can only be seen and studied there. This zone is called Window Workshop, children will learn many things here. For example about animal anatomy, where they can see directly the process of dissecting animals carried out by staff who are experts in their field.

The children were also explained each part and its function in detail. Apart from that, Jendela Alam Lembang also provides an explanation about eggs, starting from the initial phase to becoming eggs and hatching. Of the many workshops that have been held here, the most interesting is hydroponic plants, which is calm about how to plant and care for them.

✦ Art Window

Every child has different interests and talents, you will understand this. Likewise the managers of hits tourism in Lembang, they know that the potential of children is not the same. For this reason, you will find many themes available. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is also the Window Seni zone which is no less interesting.

This zone at Jendela Alam Lembang provides more intensive lessons to children by way of explanation and hands-on practice. The Art Window provides lessons on different types of art. One of the most popular is painting and dance. There are special objects provided for them, so there’s no need to look for painting ideas anymore.

Address and Route to Location

Address Window Nature Lembang Bandung
Image Credit: Google Maps Big Hill Automotive

As previously mentioned, this family recreation area is located quite far from the city. The address is in the Graha Puspa Complex, Cihideung, Parongpong, West Bandung, Bandung City, West Java. The distance from the city center is about 25 kilometers with fairly good road access. You can ride it for 45 minutes if there are no traffic jams.

To go to Jendela Alam Lembang from the city center, please take the route Jalan Nanggeleng – Cirahayu. You can pass Jalan Pasteur, then onto Jalan Cipedes Atas which leads to the Indonesian University of Education. From this point, continue the journey along Jalan Sergeant Bajuri.

The tourist destination is near, you just need to follow along the main route. If you are still unsure or unsure, you should ask local residents. If you want even easier, use the Google Maps application. With this application, just type the name of the tourist attraction or address, then you will be given a choice of the best route.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

Jendela Alam Lembang has a lot of attractions, some of which have been mentioned above. To get everything, of course you have to pay for an entrance ticket. On normal days, one visitor is charged 20,000 rupiah, while on holidays it increases to 25,000 rupiah.

Tickets are also available, including the Fun Farming Pass at a price of 130,000 rupiah, and the Fun Adventure Pass for 155,000 rupiah. In addition to the price of the entrance ticket, you are also required to pay a parking fee. Prepare additional funds of 3,000 rupiah if you bring a motorbike, while for a car it is 5,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities at the Lembang Natural Window
Image Credit: Google Maps Tyasti Utami

From the tourism concept that is carried out, of course there are lots of interesting activities at Jendela Alam Lembang. Most activities are nothing but playing with nature, either interacting with animals or plants.

1. Learn to Plant Trees

Children will definitely like it when asked to plant trees, even if they have to be under the hot sun. This activity is indeed very interesting and gives a deep impression on them. Digging the soil, placing tree seeds, and returning the soil to its original condition are activities that are carried out when planting trees.

2. Ride a Horse Around the Natural Window

Not only with plants, Jendela Alam Lembang also provides rides for games that are no less exciting related to animals. For example, riding a horse around the area natural tourism according to the specified route. In carrying out this activity, the children are accompanied by staff who are also horse caretakers.

3. Trying the Excitement of Flying Fox

Exciting and challenging activities can also be done here, one of which is the flying fox. It’s a decent height, so it’s guaranteed to put a little strain on the kids. Not all visitors from among the children who dare to try this vehicle. It’s good if you provide support and encouragement to them to overcome fear.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities at Jendela Alam Lembang
Image Credit: Google Maps Ai Sulastri

Apart from providing a variety of attractions and exciting activities, Jendela Alam Lembang also provides very complete facilities. For those who bring private vehicles need not worry, because the parking area is quite large and safe. In addition, there is also a prayer room, toilets, garden, gazebo, and several other supporting facilities.

Visiting tourist objects is very important to get entertainment during the holidays. Not only for adults, children are also important to get memorable entertainment. With all the explanations about the Lembang Natural Window above, surely you agree that this place deserves to be a major tourist destination.