Want to take a vacation to Harapan Island? This is the Open Trip Price

Harapan Island Tourism is one of a group of islands in the Thousand Islands. Harapan Island, the Thousand Islands, has a natural condition that is still very well preserved and conditions are calmer than the other islands.

The location of Pulau Harapan Seribu Islands is in a strategic place because it is close to several other tourist islands such as Pramuka Island, Putri Island, Sepa Island and the airport on Panjang Island, making this place never empty of tourists. Both domestic and foreign tourists.

The beauty, serenity and various tourist facilities that exist on this island, make it one of the attractive destinations for those of you who are vacationing in the wild. Come on, see more information in the article below.

Pulau Harapan Thousand Islands Tourism

Tour on Pulau Harapan Seribu
Hope Island Tourism (Photo by Bisniswisata.co.id)

Harapan Island is a resident island. The people here are still very concerned about the state of nature while depending on the island’s tourism sector. Therefore, many facilities are made so that tourists do not get bored visiting here.

Here are some choices of tours and activities that you can experience during your visit to the Advontura island.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

The water on this island is very clear and well maintained. You can still clearly see various marine animals and colorful coral reefs. Of course this experience cannot be passed up.

For those of you who come with travel, apart from this island you will usually be escorted to Pulau Genteng Kecil and Pulau Macan Tutul to look for other dive spots.

Hopping Islands

Hopping Island or traveling around the islands is one of the favorite tourist options for many people.

Usually you will be invited to tour using a traditional boat on several other beaches besides this island. The islands that are usually visited are Putri Island and Sepa Island which are indeed close to Harapan Island.

Go to Turtle Hatchery

The Thousand Islands are included in the National Park area. Here there is a conservation area for rare marine animals, such as green turtles and hawksbill turtles.

For those of you who are interested in learning about and visiting these turtles, you can travel overland using the bridge that has been provided by the government from Harapan Island to Kelapa Island.

In this conservation place you can see and learn how how to cultivate turtlesthe process of turtle reproduction and the favorite activities of tourists, namely releasing turtles into the sea.

Enjoy Sunrise and Sunset

The geographical conditions of the island are indeed beautiful, allowing visitors to enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset without any obstructions.

The view is wide and wide, making the experience see sunrise and sunset here it becomes invaluable. In fact, people who normally don’t like taking pictures will be tempted to take pictures.

Apart from taking pictures, you can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset views here while sitting or lying on the beach.

Culinary Fresh Seafood

Its proximity to the sea means that the seafood here is always fresh and guaranteed to be tastier.

You will also have no trouble finding restaurants or food stalls that provide a variety of culinary dishes or seafood. However, you still need to be picky because food and snacks that are near the beach tend to be more expensive.

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Open Trip Pulau Harapan Thousand Islands

Pulau Harapan Thousand Islands
Hope Island (Photo by avalindovacation.com)

You can find Harapan Island Open Trips or Harapan Island Tour Packages in various places. Rates and facilities are also very diverse, between one travel and another.

However, most of the trips with Harapan Island tour packages already include several public facilities such as round-trip boat transportation (be it when the ferry or speed boat), accommodation close to the beach, consumption, island cruising facilities, guide experienced, underwater cameras, boats and snorkeling equipment and scuba diving, barbecue and insurance.

For the rates, it is usually determined by the number of people who participate, how long they stay and what package is chosen. Because there are several travel that provide private packages for visitors.

The cheapest fee for two people for two days and one night is usually IDR 850,000.00 and the most expensive for two people three days and two nights ranges from IDR 1,650,000.00 to IDR 2,000,000.00.

Some travel recommendations that you can choose from are Sahila Tour, Tour de Java, Pulau Seribu Travel or you can go directly to the Pulau Seribu website.

Backpacker to Pulau Harapan Seribu Islands

Especially for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of the island at a lower cost and more freely, going here with a backpacker can be an attractive option.

But besides the cheaper costs and freer time, there are things you should know and prepare before going on vacation. Here Advontura provides tips and tricks.

Use the Harapan Island Tour Package Promo

Even though you are a backpacker, you can still take advantage of travel service promos. If you’re lucky, you can even get a discount of IDR 350,000.00. Not bad right?

Plan Travel and Finance Carefully

This stage can be very important for you. If it’s not ripe, you can spend more money than using travel, you know.

Usually a trip to Harapan Island starts at Adem river or Marina Ancol. In Kali Adem, you can prepare Rp. 100,000.00 per person for going back and forth. From Marina Ancol you have to prepare Rp. 200,000.00 per person for a fast boat and Rp. 60,000.00 per person for a regular boat.

Or you can take public transportation by boat KM Belt Nusantara 46 for only Rp. 15,000.00 per person one way. This boat has a capacity of 150 people and here you can start to get acquainted with some of the local people.

Look for local acquaintances or guides

This is one of the most powerful tips but it’s a little difficult. Usually the locals can help you with lobbying several inns and looking for a place to eat delicious and cheaper.

However, this method is easy and difficult to do. So, good luck yes Advontura Friends!

Avoid staying in hotels

Hotels around the beach tend to be expensive, so you can use an inn or even camp by the beach. Don’t worry if you are camping alone, because many people like camping here.

Avoid Restaurants Near the Beach

Just like hotels, restaurants and restaurants that are close to the beach will be much more expensive than restaurants that are some distance from the beach. For this reason, it is recommended that those of you who really want to travel sparingly can walk a little behind the beach to find a restaurant.

Hotels in Pulau Harapan Thousand Islands

There are several hotel or homestay recommendations for those of you who plan to stay on this island. Some of the recommendations include Harapan Solata Homestay, Harapan Island Homestay, Delisa Homestay and some others. The cost that needs to be prepared for the cheapest lodging costs is IDR 600,000.00.

Prohibition on Pulau Harapan Seribu Islands

Where the earth is stepped on there the sky is upheld. For those of you who want to come on vacation, let’s know in advance the prohibitions and limitations to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Don’t Throw Trash Anywhere

This island is a resident island and we are the guests. So, it would be better if we could take care of the environment together. Save your trash, collect it, then dispose of it in the trash that has been provided.

Holding and Destroying Marine Biota at will

The Thousand Islands Harapan Island area is part of the National Park. Damaging and holding marine life can be dangerous for you and the environment. In addition to criminal penalties, you can get hurt sea animals feel threatened because of your behavior.

Solo Diving

Diving alone without tools or a professional is a dangerous act. Even if you’re on vacation, still love yourself and respect the environment around you.

This is complete information about travel options, tour packages, backpacker travel tips, nearby hotels and restrictions on Pulau Harapan, Pulau Seribu. Hopefully this is useful for those of you who are confused looking for a vacation spot or for those of you who plan to come here. See you in other Indonesian travel articles!

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