Various Natural Activities in Ranca Upas, Suitable for Children and Family Tourism

Famous for its cool, cold weather, Bandung is a favorite for tourists. If you want to add a new and unique experience for your family, try it camping Come on in Ranca Upas!

Looking at the trees while a breath of fresh air can provide many benefits.

Quoted from Nathab.comfamilies or children who are brought to visit the countryside, parks, or gardens will be healthier and able adjust oneself better.

In just a few minutes see green open spacestress levels can decrease, you know!

This can then overcome the anxiety and depression that are faced daily in big cities.

Well, you can get a combination of cool air and the excitement of camping on a wide expanse at Ranca Upas Bandung.

Come on, see the following information on entrance tickets to exciting activities at Ranca Upas Bandung!

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Location and Entrance Ticket to the Ranca Upas Tourism Area

Ranca Upas Camping Ground

Photo: Ranca Upas Camping Ground (

Ranca Upas Tourism is located in the Ciwidey area, Bandung Regency, West Java.

The exact location is on Jalan Raya Ciwidey-Patengan KM. 11, Patengan, Rancabali District, Bandung, West Java.

Exiting the Soroja Toll Road and passing Soreang-Ciwidey, you can find Ranca Upas which is very close to many other Bandung tourist attractions.

Starting from the White Crater, Situ PatenggangCiwalini, eMTe Highland Resort, to Glamping Lakeside Rancabali.

This tourist area and campground are located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level.

The area belonging to the state-owned company Perhutani is indeed often used camping placeincluding for students and students.

There is an entrance ticket fee that you must prepare before visiting Ranca Upas, as well as the cost of the tent, namely:

  • Entrance ticket for domestic tourists: IDR 25,000/person + camping IDR 15,000/person/night
  • Entrance ticket for international tourists: IDR 44,000/person + camping IDR 15,000/person/night.

This fee includes an entrance ticket to the natural tourism area, but not the parking price which ranges from IDR 3,000 to IDR 8,000.

Apart from camping, Moms can also try the various available rides such as ATVs, hot spring pools, and deer captivity.

Well, each of these rides has a different entry ticket.

Moms don’t need to worry if they don’t bring tents or other equipment, because this campsite provides rental tents and other equipment.

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Rides and Activities at Ranca Upas

Ranca Upas is managed by Perhutani, a company committed to developing the area edu-agroforestry.

Thanks to the slick management, Ranca Upas has become a modern camping paradise and one of the choices natural destinations the best in Bandung.

Here are various activities that Moms can do while traveling on the spot Ciwidey Tour these include:

1. Ranca Upas Campground

Campsites in Ranca Upas

Photo: Camping site at Ranca Upas (

Camping at Ranca Upas Camping Ground is a favorite for tourists, both local and outside Bandung.

Camping in this cool place can be enjoyed by all ages, in small to large numbers of up to hundreds of people.

Even quoted from Upas hosted the 2022 Tourism Partnership Jamboree.

Moms can bring their own tents and camping equipment needed, such as firewood, sleeping bagstent lights, and other needs.

However, if you don’t have it, don’t worry because you can rent it here.

Tent rental rates are also quite cheap and varied, depending on the capacity provided.

For dome tents with a capacity of 2-3 people, the tent fee is IDR 150,000/unit/night.

Whereas for platoon tents with a capacity of 40 people, the price offered is IDR 750,000/unit/night.

Apart from tents, this place also provides clean toilets and local food stalls with typical camping menus, such as instant noodles, coffee and fried foods.

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2. Onsen or Natural Hot Springs

Ranca Upas Hot Springs

Photo: Ranca Upas Hot Spring (

Want to pamper yourself by soaking in hot water bath and in the middle of a lush forest and cool air like Ciwidey?

Or maybe you want to warm up after camping?

Moms can enjoy onsen or natural hot springs at Ranca Upas for only IDR 28,000.

3. Hot Spring Pool

Ranca Upas Hot Springs Swimming Pool

Photo: Ranca Upas Hot Springs Swimming Pool (

Apart from onsen, you can also swim in a hot spring pool with your family.

With a fairly affordable ticket price, which is IDR 22,000 per person, Moms can already feel the sensation warm water swim in the jungle with slide rides and spilled buckets.

4. Igloo Camp

Igloo Camping Ranca Upas

Photo: Igloo Camping Ranca Upas (

If Moms want a contemporary tent instagramableMoms can choose a camping package at Igloo Camp Ranca Upas.

With budget IDR 700,000/night, Moms can camp in a very comfortable place and sleep on it spring bed.

Feel yourself the sensation of camping in nature while looking at the stars and enjoying hotel-like facilities here.

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5. Captive Deer

Ranca Upas Deer Breeding

Photo: Ranca Upas Deer Captivity (

Want to see deer and feed them? Moms can invite your little one to visit the deer breeding which is also managed by Ranca Upas.

Moms only need to buy the deer food at a price of Rp. 10,000-Rp. 20,000 per bundle and can be free to feed it while taking pictures with the animals.

Not infrequently, this place is also used as a spot for photo preweddingyou know Moms.

The Ranca Upas tourist area also provides packages prewedding worth IDR 750,000, including getting full access to the savanna and deer breeding.

6. Pick Strawberries

Pick Strawberry Ranca Upas

Photo: Picking Ranca Upas Strawberry

I don’t think so afdol to Bandung if you don’t enjoy the sensation of picking strawberries straight from the tree.

Only by spending IDR 60,000, Moms can also invite your little one to pick and enjoy strawberries straight from the tree.

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7. Outbound

Ranca Upas Outbound

Photo: Ranca Upas Outbound (

If Moms and family like adventurous activities, then Moms should try some of the rides outbound in Ranca Upas.

Starting from trekking cross the forest, ATV motorcycle, archeryhorseback riding, as well paintball can try in this place.

Prices for each vehicle are different, namely:

  • Paintball: IDR 70,000
  • ATVs: IDR 150,000
  • Archery: IDR 70,000
  • Horseback riding: IDR 35,000

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So, that’s some information regarding the Ranca Upas tourist area which is suitable for your little one and family. Happy holidays!