Twin Hill Bangli, Enjoy the Enchantment of Nature with Cool Photo Spots in Gianyar

Ticket price: IDR 15,000 Operational hour: 09.00-21.00 WITA, Address: Jl. Pegesangan-Sidan, Sidan, Kec. Gianyar, Kab. Gianyar, Bali; Folder: Location Check

Tourist destinations with the theme of hunting photo spots are currently increasingly being visited by tourists. Take for example Twin Hill Bangli which is in Gianyar, Bali. This place is never empty of visitors who aim to enjoy all the natural beauty it has. Located at an altitude makes the scenery beautiful and enchanting.

Indeed, the location itself is not strategic, it can even be said that it is quite difficult to find because it is in the countryside. But in fact, many tourists are willing to travel long distances to visit it. The reason is of course because of its attractiveness, starting from natural beauty, photo spots, cool and fresh air, and other things.

Here, visitors can do whatever activity they want. Some of them are relaxing while enjoying the charm of nature, some are just sitting and breathing fresh air, and what is certain is hunting for photos against the backdrop of natural beauty. The natural scenery is indeed suitable to be used as a photo background, whether from hills, rice fields, or small flowing rivers.

The Attraction of Twin Hill Bangli

Twin Hill Bangli Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Robert Hoppe

Bali is known as an island that has a variety of interesting tourist attractions spread across various regions. Twin Hill Bangli is one of the interesting tourist destinations that cannot be missed. Located in the Central Bali region, this place offers a unique experience from its many attractions.

1. Enchanting Natural Scenery

This hits tour in Bali is located at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level. Spectacular natural scenery with green plantations stretching wide. From above this height, the residents’ rice fields are also divided into patches, the brown color indicates that the fields are still empty. While the green color means the field has been planted.

Not only that, Twin Hill Bangli also offers the beauty of twin hills side by side. The height of this hill is not much different with almost the same shape so it is said to be twins. Visiting this place is guaranteed to make you feel at home and want to linger because of all the charm and cool air it has.

2. Unique Photo Spots Available

Next is the availability of photo spots which is another attraction. It could even be said that the spot foot is what makes this tour a lot of visits. How not, you can choose which spot is suitable as the background for your shots. For example, stars with colorful shapes as a foothold against a background of green rice fields.

There is another photo spot on Twin Hill Bangli that says I Love U, perfect for those of you who come in pairs. If you want a spot that is unique and still interesting, please come on a broomstick. This spot is the target of many visitors because of its uniqueness. It’s as if you’re flying on a broomstick like a witch if you take the right angle.

3. Animal Park and Stone Garden

Animal Park is an animal park that accommodates various types of wild animals. For example crocodiles, horses, birds, reptiles, and several other types. This park has a fairly large area and consists of several sections, the area for horses, reptiles, birds, and crocodiles. Visitors can enjoy views of wild animals living in their habitat freely and unfettered.

Meanwhile, the Stone Garden at Twin Hill Bangli is a garden featuring various types of rocks, especially volcanic rocks that form a stunning natural landscape. This park is located on Melinggih Hill and has a fairly large area. Besides enjoying the beauty of nature and rocks, visitors can also walk or trekking around the park.

These two tourist attractions are the main attraction for visiting tourists. Animal Park provides a unique experience by interacting with wild animals that live freely in their habitat. Meanwhile, the Stone Garden provides an opportunity to see the beauty of natural landscapes and stunning volcanic rocks.

Address and Route to Location

Address Twin Hill Bangli
Image Credit: Google Maps Rangga Branco

As mentioned earlier, Twin Hill Bangli is located in a location that is difficult to access. The distance from the city center is quite far, you have to travel about 30 kilometers if you depart from the center of Gianyar, Bali. The time needed to cover this distance is about 1 hour at an average vehicle speed.

There are two routes that you can choose, depending on the direction of arrival. One way is to cross Jalan Raya Tegalalang. From this point, follow the road until you reach the Payangan T-junction, then turn left towards Bangli Village. Follow the road until you come to the junction of Desa Dinas Kerta, then turn left.

Follow along this road until you arrive at Twin Hill Bangli, please see the signs to make it easier. If you are still confused, there is nothing wrong with occasionally going down and asking local residents. Because now is the digital age, you can also use the Google Maps application or other GPS applications.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Before visiting a tourist spot, you should know how much the entry ticket costs. This time it is guaranteed not to be expensive, because you only need to spend 15 thousand rupiah for one person. This price includes all available photo spots at Twin Hill Bangli, some of which have been mentioned above.

However, parking tickets are certainly not free, you have to pay again according to the applicable provisions. If it hasn’t changed, the motorcycle parking fee is currently 3,000 rupiah. If you come by car, prepare an additional 5,000 rupiah. This place is open every day from morning to late afternoon.

Interesting Activities to Do at Twin Hill Bangli

Interesting Activities at Twin Hill Bangli
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Visiting a tourist spot is guaranteed to be more fun if there are lots of activities to do. As we discussed this time, Twin Hill Bangli offers a variety of interesting activities so that you feel at home for long.

1. Tracking Towards the Top of the Hill

Trekking is one of the popular activities in this hit tour. There are several paths to choose from, depending on the level of difficulty and distance desired. Some of the popular trekking routes include the main trekking route, the trekking route to the waterfall, and the trekking route to the top of the hill.

The main trekking route is the easiest path and is suitable for beginners. This path has a distance of about 2 km from the starting point to the top of the hill. The best time for trekking here is in the morning around 6-7 am. You can also do it in the afternoon around 16.00 – 17.00 when the weather is cool and the air is fresh.

2. Photography Activities

Twin Hill Bangli is a tourist attraction that offers lots of beautiful and interesting photo spots. Of course the activity that you must do here next is hunting for photo spots. You don’t have to use the spot provided by the manager, you can use the beautiful scenery around the tour as a backdrop.

3. Waiting for the Sunset

The altitude that reaches 800 meters above sea level is certainly very suitable to be used as a place to watch the sunset. Enjoying the sunset here is an unforgettable experience, because there are almost no barriers. Make sure you come around 17.30 – 18.30, because the sky will look even more beautiful and the stunning sunset colors will be clearly visible.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities Twin Hill Bangli
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Hits tourism in Bali known as Twin Hill Bangli does not only offer attractions. To make visitors feel at home, there are also various supporting facilities. Examples are parking areas, toilets, trash cans, and food stalls. Here there is also a seat for tourists who want to relax while enjoying the beauty of nature.

There are many tourist attractions that you can go to when you are in Bali. It cannot be denied that this island is indeed enchanting and a paradise for tourists. Call it what we discussed this time, namely Twin Hill Bangli with all the charm it has. Moreover, to visit this place does not require a lot of money because the entrance ticket is cheap.