Tureloto Beach, Beautiful Beach with Unique Coral Reefs in North Nias

Ticket price: IDR 10,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Fadoro Sitolu Hili, Kec. Lahewa, Kab. North Nias, North Sumatra.

Tureloto Beach is one of the tourist destinations that must be visited if you come to Nias, North Sumatra. This beach is included in the type of marine tourism which is amazing and it would be a shame if you visit North Nias and don’t stop by.

This beach in the Nias Islands has many unique characteristics, so it’s no wonder that many visitors come. One of the uniqueness of this beach is the high level of salt in the coastal waters, so that it can make swimmers float on the water.

The uniqueness of this high water content is finally used by visitors to swim and it is the only water that is nicknamed the Dead Sea according to the Indonesian version. Swimmers who float in coastal waters because the density of the waters is higher than the density of the human body, it is very safe to swim without a buoy here.

The Attraction of the Beautiful Tureloto Beach

Attractions at Tureloto Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Yaminhi

Every tourist spot must have its own charm, and Tureloto Beach is no exception which also has a myriad of attractions for visitors. Some visitors who come must have certain intentions and they want to enjoy the natural beauty that is second to none here. If so, just take a look at some of the attractions of this beach in Nias.

✦ Black Coral Reef

The first attraction that attracts many local and foreign visitors is the beauty of the beach itself. Tourists here will be presented with a view of the sea which is so fresh which is decorated with various kinds of coral reefs on the seabed. So that from the surface of the water a beautiful view of the sea can be seen.

This colorful stone decoration is one of the attractions that can amaze visitors, one of which is the presence of black coral. These stones are lined up along the shoreline so they are powerful to dispel the waves to get to the beach. So visitors can relax on the beach.

✦ Low Ocean Waves

Tureloto Beautiful Beach also has relatively low and calm sea waves so that many visitors go on water tours in this place. Apart from that, the sea water is still clear and blue in color, so you definitely want to swim and feel the cool sensation of beach water. That’s why coral reefs on the seabed can be seen.

Because the sea water is so clear and blue on this beach, we rarely find this view in the middle of the city. So that a variety of marine biota also live in this place because there is no pollution and it is very suitable for those of you who like diving or diving to the seabed. So everything that is in the water can be seen clearly.

✦ The Beauty of Sunset in the Afternoon

Talking about the beach, you certainly won’t be far from the place to see the sunset in the afternoon. It’s true that if you visit this beach in Nias, of course you can clearly see the sunset. For those of you who are twilight children, you will definitely be interested in the attraction that this beach offers.

Moreover, on the edge of Tureloto Beach there are already many huts that can be used to relax while enjoying the afternoon. Naturally, there are many local and foreign visitors who deliberately come just to see this one-of-a-kind natural painting. The color of the sky that changes to orange accompanied by calm beach water will add to the beautiful atmosphere.

Address and Route to Location

Tureloto Beach Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Mohagadate

After you know the attractiveness of this beach, of course you are interested in visiting, right? If so, of course you have to know first where the address and route to the beach are, otherwise you can get lost on the way. Too bad your vacation time is drained because of the wrong address.

Turetolo Beach is located in Bulefadorotohu Village, Lahewa District, North Nias Regency, North Sumatra. Tourist attractions that are currently being loved by young people are starting to develop and become known to the wider community. Because it has waters directly opposite the Indian Ocean.

So it’s natural why Pantai Indah Tureloto is very strategic because it can be reached in a short time, only around 1.5 to 2 hours you can get to downtown Gunung Sitoli. Then from Gunung Sitoli you have to travel 80 kilometers to north nias or about 2 hours drive.

From Lotu sub-district, which is the center of North Nias district, you have to travel 27 kilometers to the privilege of Lahewa. Then 4 kilometers from that location to Balefadorotuhu Village, the location of Tureloto Beach. So to get to this beach you can use almost any vehicle.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

To enter this beach, visitors will be charged a rate that is not too expensive and is still safe in the pocket, so anyone can come and have a vacation on this beach. The ticket price for entering this beach itself is only around IDR 10,000, while the entry ticket itself can be ordered at the beach entrance gate.

But this price does not include water rides and several other facilities at Tureloto Beach. Because each has its own rate, while to taste the culinary menu on this beach, you only need to prepare a budget of between Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 30,000 and you will be full. Understandably, the shape is like a food stall, so the prices are still affordable.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities at Tureloto Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Frans S. Kierana

After seeing the address, attractiveness and price of admission to this beach, of course you will be interested in visiting. So, if that’s the case, you definitely won’t be alone. If you’re confused about what to do at Tureloto Beach, you can refer to the following review about what interesting activities can be done on this Nias beach.

1. Swimming While Floating

The first interesting activity that can be enjoyed at Indah Tureloto Beach is swimming while floating. As previously mentioned, if this beach has a high salt content it affects the mass of the water so that people who swim will float. That’s why this beach is called the Dead Sea like abroad.

2. Culinary on the Beach

When else can you enjoy vacation time with culinary delights in the afternoon on the beach while watching the sunset and enjoying the rustling of the sand and the waves hitting the rocks. Of course this will be a pleasant experience, so why is it recommended to come in the afternoon because the air here is really cool this afternoon.

3. Play water rides

For those of you who like water sports, you don’t need to worry because this place already provides facilities such as equipment rental diving, snorkelingor up speed boat. Because the sea water tends to be calm and the waves are not too high, so why are visitors allowed to play in the water at this tourist spot?

Available Facilities

Facilities at Tureloto Beach
Image Credit: Google Dadan Yudi

In addition to its activities and attractions, it turns out that Tureloto Beach is equipped with adequate public facilities. Here are some facilities that you can use to make your vacation even more exciting.

  • Clean prayer room and toilets
  • Ample parking area
  • Food tenants lined up
  • Water rides rental equipment
  • Cottage to relax

Those are some interesting things about Beautiful Tureloto Beach which will definitely make your vacation more enjoyable in North Nias.