Trans Studio Bandung ticket prices along with rides and opening hours

Approaching Christmas and the end of 2020, various tourist destinations are open to fill the excitement of your holiday. One of them is Trans Studio Bandung (TSB) which offers so many promos to various special Christmas and New Year rides that you can enjoy. Curious as to what the full review looks like? Come on, read this article to the end.

Trans Studio Tour Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is the largest indoor theme park in Indonesia. It is even predicted that this tourist area is also included in one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the world.

With a land area of ​​up to 4 hectares, trans studio provides various fun game rides to stimulate adrenaline that visitors can try. The indoor rides area will make visitors play comfortably without fear of rain and heat.

Because the Trans Studio area is included in the Trans Studio Mall shopping center area. Visitors can not only play but also carry out other activities such as shopping for Christmas needs and culinary tours.

The rides on the TSB tour are divided into 3 different zones with unique concepts. The 3 zones include:

Studio Central

Studio Central is a Trans Studio theme park designed with the concept of Hollywood in the 60’s era. In this area, visitors will feel the sparkling and frenetic atmosphere as if they were in the American broadway area.

Not only the broadway feel, this tourist location also presents several rides such as the Science Center, Children’s World, Yamaha Racing Coaster, Super Heroes 4D The Rides, Giant Swing, Sibolang The Rides, Broadcast Museum, Trans City Theatre, Dunlop Trans Car Racing and Indosat Galaxy vertigo

The Lost City

Lost City is a trans studio tourism area that presents a room with a natural atmosphere full of adventure and exploration. Visitors can also try out the 4 game rides that have been provided, namely Kong Climb, Amphitheater, Sky Pirates to Explore the African jungle.

Magic Corner

Trans studio bandung rides
Trans studio bandung rides (Photo by

For visitors who like horror-smelling things, the magic corner zone area is right for you. As soon as tourists enter this area, visitors will immediately feel a magical and mystical atmosphere with you.

The rides that you can try in this area are Softplay, Lin’s World, Dragon Dragon Rider, Negeri Gigan, Liliput Island and Special Effects Action Show.

Show at Trans Studio

Not only rides, Trans Studio also holds shows 2 times in 1 day every weekend. Where shows are held, namely the Adventures of the Bolang & Zoo Crew, Legend of the Crown Prince, Special Effects Action Show, Kabayan Goes to Hollywood, Arilia The Mermaid, The New Parade and Laser Show and A Fantasy Magical Show

Special celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Dayusually Trans studio also presents an international scale circus show with the theme Circus on Ice by Savaliev’s Grand Circu’.

Circus on Ice show is a show of ice skating skills and acrobatic stunts from professional players from Ukraine and Russia. Combined with the lighting, accompanied by attractive music arrangements, it makes this show even more amazing.

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Culinary Tour at Trans Studio

Don’t worry if you feel hungry after playing various rides at TSB. Because in this playground area there are several restaurants and cafes that sell various kinds of food.

The following is a list of restaurants and cafes in Trans Studio that you can choose as a culinary tour, including Mie Studio, Steak Studio, Kuring Studio, Bento Studio, Chicks Studio, Baskin Robbins, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Wendy’s and Corvette Diner

Facilities at Trans Studio

Apart from rides, restaurants and cafes, TSB also provides complete facilities for the convenience of visitors and these facilities can be used by visitors.

The facilities provided include toilets, disabled restrooms, prayer rooms, mother and child rooms, clinics, information centers, ATMs, photo studios and smoking rooms.

Address Trans Studio Bandung

The address for the Trans Studio playground is at Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto No. 289 A, Cibangkong, Batununggal, Bandung City, West Java 40273.

The location of this trans studio is approximately 4 km from the center of Bandung City and takes approximately 16 to 17 minutes to arrive at the tourist location.

Opening hours of Trans Studio Bandung

For visitors who want to spend their Christmas and New Year holidays at this playground. Trans Studio Bandung operating hours start from 10.00 to 18.00 WIB every day.

Ticket prices for Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung
Trans Studio Bandung (Photo by Google Maps – SBP Bagus Painting)

The price of the Trans Studio Bandung entrance ticket is indeed quite draining for your pocket, but this will be replaced by various exciting games that you can enjoy later.

During the period December 19 2020 – January 3 2021. The ticket price for TSB is IDR 280,000/person, visitors can enjoy all the available games and shows without having to pay again. This ticket rate also applies to children aged 1 year and over.

For you Bandung residents, be happy, because this playground also provides special promos for you Bandung people. By buying 2 tickets, you will get 1 more ticket for free on condition that you show your original Bandung KTP.

If you are not a resident of Bandung, don’t worry, there is a special Best Moment package available to add to the excitement of Christmas and New Year for you and your family.

You only pay 1.2 million and get 4 entrance tickets, 20 photos in softfile of the best moments at Trans Studio, 1 4R size printed photo, 4 lunch packages from Wendys, 2 Tea Coffee Bean & Tea leaf drinks, 1 popcorn and merchandise interesting from Trans Studio Store.

Hotels Near Trans Studio Bandung

For visitors who are tired after playing various rides at TSB, you can rest at a hotel or inn that is not far from the tourist area.

There are many choices of hotels and inns that you can find near the Trans Studio tourist area with various choices of facilities and attractive prices that you can try.

Some inns and hotels around Trans Studio Bandung that you can choose from are The Trans Luxury Hotel, Ibis Hotel Bandung, Pillow Guling Guesthouse Trans, La Nostalgie Boutique Hotel Bandung and many other choices.

Thus information about tours and rides Trans Studio Bandung. Hopefully the information above is useful for you and your family who are looking for playground references during the Christmas and New Year holidays. See you on the discussion of other exciting tourist destinations!

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