Tor Simago-Mago, Amazing Natural Tourism Destination in South Tapanuli

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Huta Raja, Kec. Sipirok, Kab. South Tapanuli, North Sumatra.

Tor Simago-Mago is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit if you are in South Tapanuli. This natural tourist spot which is a hilly area is often referred to as waking up from sleep, because it has made many positive contributions after the pandemic.

Even since it opened, this place has always been visited by local and foreign tourists until now. With this natural tour, many visitors are getting to know South Tapanuli. Apart from that, this tourist destination has also gone viral on social media.

It’s not without reason why Tor Simago-Mago is always crowded with visitors, because it has a lot of attractions that local residents use for doing business as well. Because it is located at an altitude of 1,376 above sea level, this hill has a beautiful landscape and makes every eye not stop looking at it.

The Attraction of Tor Simago-Mago

Attraction in Tor Simago-Mago
Image Credit: Google Maps Adhe Fox

Every tourist spot must have its own charm and charm, this destination is no exception, Tor Simago-Mago. It has an area of ​​half a hectare and is an alternative destination that you should visit. Because there are many interesting things that will make holiday activities more enjoyable.

✦ Located at the Bottom of the Hill

The first attraction that makes this place a favorite of many tourists is the fresh air and green eyes. Because it is under the foot of a hill which is cool and green, so that the natural panorama that stretches under the foot of these hills is beautiful to see.

What’s more, currently the tourist spot is being rebuilt and the area is also being rearranged so that visitors can be more comfortable. So before you come here, of course, you have to find out first about what interesting things this tourist spot provides. It’s perfect for those of you who are tired.

✦ The Beauty of Aek Sijorni Waterfall

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the panoramic views of the hills that will blow your eyes. But you can also see the beauty of the Aek Sijorni waterfall, which is still in the same area as the tourist attractions of Tor Simago-Mago. Actually aek sijorni has another meaning, namely clear water.

One of the water park tours that is formed naturally is a cascading waterfall and the water is still very clear. Making this tourist spot a favorite for domestic tourists. This terraced waterfall forms a beautiful curve and the falling water is able to soothe the eye. There visitors can also take a shower you know.

✦ Tower of View at Tor Simago-Mago

Another attraction that this place has is the sipirok tor simago tower that can see beautiful mountain views from up there. So if you visit Tapanuli, don’t forget to stop by here, you can see the view of the city of Tapanuli from the top of this tower.

One of the interesting spots that presents the charm of natural beauty, makes many interested in going up to this viewing tower. From up there you can see around this place filled with lots of green coconut trees. Of course the beautiful scenery is at Tor Simago-Mago.

Addresses and Routes to Hill Locations

Tor Simago-Mago address
Image Credit: Google Maps Erwin Syahli

After seeing how beautiful nature is at this viral tourist spot, you also have to know how to route and where this one tourist address is. The location of this tourist spot that presents hills is located in Huta Raja, Sipirok, South Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra.

If you are from out of town, of course you have to book a plane ticket first to Tapanuli Seletan. After arriving you can take a trip on the Central Cross of Sumatra with views that are no less beautiful. To get to this place visitors do have to take a long time.

Understandably, because it is in a forested and hilly area, the road to this place is not very good. From the main road across Sumatra, you can go to Jalan Tarutung, Padang Sidempuan. After that, there is a Kengan gas station, then turn right and you can walk along this road on foot or by two-wheeled vehicles.

Nature Tourism Entrance Ticket Prices

In addition to the addresses and routes that you must know before visiting these tourist attractions, you must also know what ticket prices are offered. But don’t worry, this tourist spot offers low costs, especially for local tourists, Tor Simago-Mago provides low prices.

To enjoy this tour visitors will be charged IDR 5,000 for adults, IDR 3,000 for children and IDR 7,500 for the price of parking for two-wheeled motorbikes. Of course, with that price, visitors can already enjoy the natural beauty of this region.

So what are you waiting for, if you are in South Tapanuli, don’t forget to come to this tourist spot. But for the record, ticket purchases can only be made in the retribution post area. then the price listed can also change every year, both weekends and weekdays, the price is still the same.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities at Tor Simago-Mago
Image Credit: Google Maps Halak Kola

In addition to the price of admission, addresses and attractions that are served at this place, you can also do many interesting activities that you can do with your family or loved ones. As a recommendation, here are some interesting activities that can be done at Tor Simago-Mago.

1. Relax Enjoying Nature

The first activity you can do with loved ones is to enjoy natural scenery beautiful and the first attraction that every visitor is looking for. From here you can see the natural landscape featuring residential areas, mountain ranges and more.

There is also a viewing post area which makes it easier for visitors to relax and see the view from the top of the tower. Especially if it’s in the afternoon, of course the sunset will be seen more clearly. You can do this with loved ones to make the atmosphere more romantic.

2. Camping And Enjoying The Cool Air

For those of you who are in urban areas, you must be confused about finding a place to enjoy the cool air. Of course Tor Simago-Mago can be an alternative when you’re tired, at this location you can also have a cheerful camping with friends without having to get tired of climbing. The temperature in that area is also still safe.

3. Take selfies with satisfaction

Apart from that, in this place you can also take selfies with friends amidst beautiful natural scenery. Especially nowadays, anything can be exhibited on social media, many are competing to take good pictures. So that management also provides many interesting places there.

Available Tourism Facilities

Facilities at Tor Simago-Mago
Photo by Ipohan Zed on Unsplash

After seeing what interesting activities you can do, of course you also have to know what facilities are provided. Even though it’s in a hilly area, you don’t need to worry because adequate public facilities are available.

  • Large parking area
  • Spacious prayer room and toilets
  • Various selfie spots
  • A hut to relax and take shelter in
  • Culinary place that spoils the stomach
  • Chairs to relax
  • View tower

So, that’s a brief review of the Tor Simago-Mago viral tourist spot in South Tapanuli.