Thumb Hill, Exciting Camping Spot with Beautiful Natural Panorama in Lahat

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 08.00 – 16.30 WIB, Address: Padang, Kec. South Merapi, Kab. Lahat, South Sumatra; Folder: Location Check

Thumb Hill is a hit tourist spot in Lahat, South Sumatra. The name is indeed unique, but actually in accordance with the existing conditions. The name was taken because the end of the hill is similar to a thumb. Meanwhile, from another point of view, the shape is similar to a thumb, so some call it Point Point.

Although many names are obtained from the perception of each other’s views, they still have official names. Bukit Serelo, that’s the name on the map and at the same time administratively. This hill is the pride of the people of South Sumatra, especially the regency Wow.

Lahat is one of the areas in the western part of South Sumatra. This area is known for its undulating land contours, so many hills and waterfalls are found. Thumb Hill itself is only one of the many hills that you will find in this area. However, because of its natural beauty, many travelers are willing to come from various regions.

The Attraction of Thumb Hill

Thumb Hill Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Ferdian Octa Dinata

The number of visitors who come mostly from nature lovers. The goal is none other than to climb and conquer this exotic hill terrain. Of the many hills, there is a reason why Bukit Jempol is a climbing destination, which is certain from its attractiveness.

1. The unique shape of the Thumb Hill

In the opening above it was mentioned that this beautiful hill in Lahat has a unique shape. In fact, this is an attraction for tourists who come. Even this hill is used as a landmark for the people of Lahat. Not necessarily you find the unique shape that is owned is not it? Moreover, each point of view describes a different object.

Whatever the picture when you see the shape, there must be a message implied in it. This beautiful hill seems to remind people that they live below, while above there is still God. We as visitors can also assume that the existence of this hill is God’s power that is real on earth.

2. Natural Beauty From the Top of the Hill

Thumb Hill has a height of about 900 meters above sea level, it takes a long time to climb it. At least, you need about 2 hours if you climb casually. The time will be shorter if you speed up the pace. Besides being long, the terrain is also steep and slippery. Some points even have a tilt angle of 75 degrees.

Even though it was long and difficult, not a few climbers continued with their intentions. The reason is because of the natural beauty above the height that is not necessarily witnessed elsewhere. This beautiful hill is surrounded by the Lematang River, which flows quite far. You can see it clearly when you reach the top.

3. Lots of Flora and Fauna Encountered

Another Attraction of Thumb Hill
Image Credit: Google Maps SarTika Nyayu Zaleha

During the trip up Bukit Jempol, you will witness a group of elephants being trained. Indeed, at the foot of the hill there is an elephant training school which is quite famous in the area. This elephant is trained not for circus purposes, but to help human work which is considered heavy.

Slightly reaching the top, you will also find a variety of flora and fauna typical of Indonesia. This hill has an area of ​​about 210 hectares, so there are many types of animals and plants that you will encounter. For example, from plant species, if you are lucky you will find Puspa and Sungkai.

4. As a Camping Location

The attraction of Bukit Jempol and at the same time being the main goal of climbers is because of the camping location. But before that you need to know, the camping location in question is not at the top of the hill. This finger-shaped peak is not too broad, the contours of the slope of the land are very sharp.

Camping spots are around the top of the hill so you can still see the beauty and uniqueness of the peak. Hikers are free to camp and spend the night here, but you should be careful and pay attention to the weather. This is because there are often strong winds which cause the tents to be carried away by the wind.

Address and Route to Location

Thumb Hill address
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Lahat is about 270 kilometers from the center of Palembang. Meanwhile, Bukit Jempol is approximately 55 kilometers from the center of Lahat. The distance is quite far indeed, you need about 2 hours to be able to arrive at the location. The full address is in Warai Village, Padang, South Merapi District, Lahat Regency, South Sumatra.

From Lahat, please head to Jalan Lintas Sumatra for the best route. Continue the journey until you cross the Lahat River bridge. Not far from the bridge is the location of Warai Village. Take advantage of the directions provided by the residents, or you can use a digital map to make it easier.

Even though the distance traveled is quite far and takes a long time, during the trip it is guaranteed not to be boring. The path approaching the tourist site has entered the hills so there is a lot of beauty that you can see. The green color of the rows of neatly lined trees and residents’ plantations always accompanies the journey.

Thumb Hill Entrance Ticket Prices

Thumbs Up Tickets
Image Credit: Google Maps Suleiman Kebumen

Even though Bukit Thumb has many advantages due to its uniqueness and beauty, it is still considered a hill. That is, you don’t need to spend money as an entrance ticket to climb. There is also no need to SIMAKSI like when you climb high mountains and hills.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to spend money. In addition to funds for long trips, parking fees also apply here. For those who bring motorbikes, prepare 5,000 for a parking ticket. Meanwhile, the car has a parking ticket of 10,000 rupiah.

Apart from that, there are also guide services from local youths. You need to hire him to show the best way, considering the terrain is quite difficult. Regarding the cost, it depends on the number of groups of climbers. Don’t forget to get permission first from the village authorities.

Interesting Activities to Do at Thumb Hill

Thumb Hill Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Ferdian Octa Dinata

Bukit Jempol is not only visited because of its attractiveness, but there are also many activities that can be done while at the location. You may have imagined what exciting activities you can do.

1. Climbing to the Top of the Hill

For those who like challenges, slippery and steep terrain is not an obstacle. For them, it is considered as an interesting and challenging activity. There is pride in being able to conquer difficult terrain. Moreover, there is a special prize if you succeed, namely the natural charm from the top of the hill.

2. Rock Climbing

The peak of Bukit Jempol cannot be used as a relaxing or picnic location. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reach the top. Due to the extreme angle of inclination, the only way was to climb over it. But make sure you are a professional if you want to try it, also make sure the equipment meets safety standards.

3. Camping

The next interesting activity is camping, even this is the main reason travelers from various regions visit. Camping on Bukit Jempol is guaranteed to be very exciting because there is a lot of beauty. Not only during the day, but also at night from clusters of stars shining in the sky.

4. Photo spot hunting

Next is hunting for photo spots that all visitors cannot miss. Although there are no special spots, there are many beautiful wild spots instead. All the spots in question have natural panoramic nuances, for example community plantations, green vegetation, and even the Lematang River which looks beautiful from a height.

Facilities Available in the Hill Area

Thumb Hill Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Shendy Ferdila

Prepare enough supplies from home if you plan to climb Bukit Jempol. The reason is, there are almost no adequate facilities on the hill. The facility is only found during the climbing trip, to be precise at post one which has a clear spring. Even so, there are various complete facilities found in the countryside before climbing.

Indonesia, which is an archipelagic country, is not only dominated by tourist objects in the form of beaches. There are still many natural tourism assets that need to be explored. Thumb Hill for example, this place is the pride of Lahat residents because of its uniqueness. While at the location, make sure you maintain sustainability, one of which is not littering.