The Origin of Lake Singkarak and the Beauty of 8 Attractions

Become biggest lake second in Indonesia, West Sumatra Lake Singkarak is the pride of the people of Padang and its surroundings.

Having an incredibly beautiful view with a row of Bukit Barisan and various tourist objects, this area has been well-known among domestic and foreign tourists.

In fact, this area was chosen to host the annual international bicycle racing sports festival since 2009. Interested in visiting? Let’s first read the important information below!

The Origin of Singkarak Lake

The origin of Lake Singkarak
History, (Photo by Wikipedia)

This lake was originally discovered and introduced by a researcher named Ernest Haeckel in 1905. The area of ​​the lake reaches 11,200 hectares which is at an altitude of 363.5 meters above sea level with a depth of approximately 268 meters.

Based on the research results, the origin of Lake Singkarak comes from the Sumatra Fault which is a tectonic process. This event itself is caused because the lake area is part of the Singkarak-Solok Basin.

In addition, because this lake was formed due to tectonic activity then the length of the waters continues to increase until now. However, the researchers also assessed that there is no need for people to panic, because this additional length will only increase by a few inches for tens to hundreds of years.

Singkarak Lake Tourism, West Sumatra

Singkarak Lake Tourism
Singkarak Lake, (Photo by

Become a destination favorite vacation in the province of Sumatra West, the tourist area of ​​Lake Singkarak has various spot interesting to accompany your weekend. Here are some choices!

Enjoying the Typical Culinary of Ikan Bilih Lake Singkarak

Even though it is the second largest lake, its waters only have about 19 species of fish which are dominated by the Bilih fish species.

This Bilih fish only exists in the area around the lake and is difficult to cultivate elsewhere. Even if you can, the taste will certainly be different.

Usually local residents make various processed foods from this fish such as dry frying, stir-frying, and so on.

Gob Peak

Puncak Gobah is one of the hills that is managed for visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the lake from a height. The distance is approximately 20 kilometers from the city of Solok.

Kite Peak

Another name is Puncak Aua Sarumpun, this area is a cool photography spot with a background of blue lakes and weeds which makes this hill look more like a savanna.

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Payo Peak

As the name implies “Payo” or “Whirlwind”, this hill has a fairly strong wind intensity. But at the same time it is the best and most strategic location to enjoy the atmosphere and panorama of the lake.

It is located in Jorong Payo Rapuih. For those of you who are interested in visiting, come when the weather is clear so that the view of the lake is not obstructed by the fog.

Singkarak Pier

Singkarak Pier is the place most often visited by visitors. This port is also one of the venues for an international bicycle race which is held annually, namely the Tour De Singkarak.

Top of Thailand

Another name is Bukik Pulau, located in Nagari Simawang and takes approximately 30 minutes from the Ombilin Bridge.

This hill is directly adjacent to the lake which has a rim, so that visitors can enjoy views of the green and waters so freely and clearly.

Bukik Chi Nang Kiek

The newest spot in this area is Bukik Chi Nang Kiek, which has various photo spots specially made for visitors who come. From this hill, visitors can see the beauty of the lake and the surrounding nature more clearly.

Tanjung Mutiara Beach

Besides the hills, this area also has a beach and water play facilities. It is located in Nagari Batu Taba, which is 30 kilometers from Batu Sangkar.

The location of Singkarak Lake

Lake Singkarak is located between Tanah Datar and Solok districts. The distance from the city of Padang is approximately 70 kilometers with 2 hours of travel time.

Because Lake Singkarak is located between the two regencies, some visitors also choose the Padang Panjang route, which takes a longer time of 3 hours. Usually those who take this route will go to Bukit Tinggi first.

Hotels on Lake Singkarak, West Sumatra

For those of you who want to stay around this area, various types of lodging options can be found easily. The visitors who come only have to choose the various types, facilities and rates.

Some of the hotel recommendations on Lake Singkarak include Palapa Prima Hotel, Jaya Karta Hotel, Sumpur Singkarak Hotel, Yuke Koto Singkarak Villa, and so on.

To stay at some of the hotel choices above, you should prepare a fee starting from Rp. 300,000.00 to Rp. 600,000.00 for one night. However, these prices can still change according to room type and holiday period.

Nearby Attractions

The closest hotel to Lake Singkarak
Hotels near Singkarak Lake (Photo by

Apart from the leaves, there are several other vacation spots that you can try when you visit here. Several other options are Pagaruyung park, Ustano Rajo Alam Cultural Reserve, Kubu Gadang Tourism Village, to Rajo Baso Palace.

That’s all for our discussion this time with Lake Singkarak, West Sumatra. Hopefully the above article is useful for those of you who want to take a vacation or are on vacation planning a vacation. See you in other beautiful destinations in Indonesia!

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