The Enchantment of Siringo Waterfall, Enjoying a Hidden Natural Paradise in Dairi

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Silalahi III, Kec. Connection, Kab. Dairi, North Sumatra.

There are many natural attractions that can be visited very easily. One of them is Siringo Waterfall. Waterfall located in the District DairyNorth Sumatra can be the right choice to unwind and rest the brain.

Not only waterfalls, but also beautiful forests and hills make this place very cool with very fresh air. This waterfall is also hidden, because it is located between the hills and high land.

The Attraction of Siringo Waterfall

Attraction at Siringo Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Andrian LGaol

Of course there are many attractions that make this waterfall much visited. Some of the attractions referred to here are as follows:

1. Being in the Forest

The first attraction of Siringo Waterfall is its location in the forest. Interestingly, this waterfall is indeed flanked by rocks and high cliffs. In addition, all around were tall, lush trees. So it makes the waterfall more natural.

Located at a height of 20 meters, visitors must explore every corner of the road to the point of this waterfall. Of course to get to the waterfall is quite difficult. So you have to be vigilant and careful.

2. Has another name for the Seven Level Waterfall

Another attraction is, this waterfall has another name. Another name is the seven-level waterfall. It is so named because the waterfall has seven levels. Even though it has seven levels, access to paths and stairs is only up to the fourth level.

Meanwhile, for the fifth level and so on, Siringo Waterfall has very steep terrain. Where, you have to get ready to break through the undergrowth. Even though it is only at level four, the coolness and beautiful scenery can be seen easily.

What’s more, you and your friends can immediately enjoy the freshness of the waterfall which is indeed not contaminated by any waste. Here there is a pool of water where the waterfall falls which has a depth of about 1.5 meters. This place is usually used for swimming by visitors.

3. There is a place to spend the night

If you are not satisfied exploring this place all day, then you can decide to spend the night here by camping. Of course there are areas that you can use. It’s just that you really have to be careful. By choosing to spend the night here, of course there is a lot of natural beauty that you can rediscover.

4. Lots of Sitohap Plants

Because it is indeed in the forest, of course there are lots of plants that are here. One of the plants that can be found in Siringo Waterfall is the Sitohap Leaf plant. Residents around believe that this plant is a medicine from various diseases. Starting from digestive disorders to mag.

Interestingly, the local people also believe that this plant can be used as a medicine to look younger. In addition, this plant is often cooked as a delicious and delicious vegetable.

Address, Route Location and Entrance Ticket

Address Siringo Dairi Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Andi Pranata Ginting

This one waterfall is located in Silahisabung District, precisely in Dairi Regency, at North Sumatra. To reach the location, you can drive with a four-wheeled vehicle to the Lau Renun hydropower plant.

After that, the trip can only be done on foot. You can walk for about 1km. This trip will go up and down, and during that time you will be presented with a variety of beautiful scenery. But even so, the road surface is not maintained, so you really have to be even more careful to reach Siringo Waterfall.

Then, later you will arrive at the mouth of the Siringo river. From here you have to go back along the river for about 500 meters upstream to get to the waterfall. This trip will pass through lush forests and rocks. Therefore, you must be careful in your steps.

Arriving at the location, you can immediately enjoy the water flowing from the waterfall to the pool below. The height of this waterfall is up to 8 meters. That way, you will really feel the serenity of nature and the super cool air.

So, to visit Siringo Waterfall, you will not be charged a penny or free. So indeed anyone can come to this place. However, as usual there will be a fee for parking and the payment is quite sincere.

Interesting Activities to Do at Siringo Waterfall

Interesting Activities at Siringo Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Yusvin Idol Sihite

After knowing the various things above, of course there are a number of interesting activities that can be done. You can do various activities below when you arrive at beautiful waterfall This.

1. Swim and Enjoy Fresh Water

Because there is a pool under the waterfall, you can definitely swim there. However, please note that the depth is 1.5 meters, so you have to be careful when swimming there. The cool water will definitely make you feel at home here.

If you don’t want to swim, you can just sit on the edge while playing in the water. Of course, these two activities are always carried out by visitors when they arrive at Siringo Waterfall. By swimming or playing in the water, it seems that it can slightly reduce the existing feeling of fatigue.

2. Camping

Apart from swimming, here you can also camp to enjoy a very attractive and beautiful natural treat. However, to avoid unwanted things, it’s a good idea to bring complete camping equipment. Complete means not only the equipment, but also food supplies.

3. Photo Hunt

It seems that it will feel very lacking if traveling or on vacation does not take pictures. Therefore, you can take pictures here. There is a lot of natural beauty that must be immortalized to later be used as a memory.

At Siringo Waterfall, you can take pictures of the waterfall, or take pictures while swimming. Plus, there’s a lot you can shoot here. Everything will be very beautiful if it becomes a photo.

Facilities Available in the Waterfall Area

Facilities at Siringo Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Walid Alhasbi

Please note that indeed the facilities in this place are not complete. It can even be said that the general facilities are very minimal. For public toilets only, nowhere to be found. But you can go to the toilet in one of the stalls. There is always a place of choice for visitors.

Being in the woods doesn’t make Siringo Waterfall simply forgotten. Precisely because it is hidden, makes this place interesting to visit. In fact, there is indeed some beauty presented by this waterfall. It feels very dear if you just pass it up.