The Beauty of the Kragilan Pine Forest, a Hits Natural Tourism Destination in Magelang

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 08.00-18.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Pinusan Top Selfie, Garden/Forest Area, Pogalan, Pakis, Magelang Regency, Central Java; Folder: Location Check

Many tourist attractions are worth visiting when the holidays arrive. In Indonesia, almost every region has tourist destinations that present natural panoramas. as in Magelang with the Kragilan Pine Forest which is always crowded with tourists, both local and from outside the city, every day. It’s not only the natural panorama of the pine forest that is the reason, but also various interesting photo spots that have been purposely built in the location.

Inaugurated in 2015, the pine forest on the slopes of Mount Merbabu has been well received by tourists, especially local residents. Even though the area is still included in the local Perhutani area, the management is handed over to local residents. With creative hands and smart ideas, this forest that used to grow only pine trees, is now one of the mainstay motorcycle taxis for local residents.

The concept taken is indeed quite creative with a collaboration of modern and natural designs. The scenery around the location cannot be ignored, as well as photo spots which are the main destination for most tourists. It cannot be denied that tourist objects with the concept of a blend of nature and special buildings for photo spots are currently being discussed more and more. Moreover, the existence of social media fully supports every tourist object in question, including the Kragilan Pine Forest.

The Attraction of the Kragilan Pine Forest

The Attraction of the Kragilan Pine Forest in Magelang
Image Credit: Google Maps nature lover

Surely there is something that makes tourists willing to visit even though the distance they have to travel is quite far. Attraction, that’s the main reason for them. For those of you who have never visited the location and are still curious about what can attract visitors, the following reviews might help you get the answer!

1. The beauty of the Kragilan Pine Forest

Every tourist who comes to visit certainly wants to enjoy the natural beauty that is presented. Rows of pine forests that stand neatly reveal their own beauty. From the right perspective, you can get a sensation of beauty that is no less interesting than other natural attractions.

The natural panorama is more complete with the decoration of Mount Merbabu. Even though it looks far away, at least there is another view that adorns it, apart from the pine trees of course. The Kragilan Pine Forest is built on a fairly large area, but there are certain points that are most important with amazing natural beauty. At this tourist location there are also footpaths that are usually passed by tourists. On the right and left of the road, you can clearly see the trees lined up neatly like troops in a ceremony.

2. The atmosphere is still beautiful

Apart from beauty, the atmosphere of this tourist attraction in Central Java is still beautiful so that it can be used as an attraction for visitors. Especially for those who live in cities with hot weather and dense pollution. Its location which is still on the slopes of a mountain makes the air cool and beautiful, very good for health rehabilitation programs.

There is no pollution in the Kragilan Pine Forest, either motor vehicle or factory pollution. The distance from the urban center can be considered quite far, so there are still minimal pollutants. In addition, the number of shady trees is also able to absorb vehicle pollution if it arrives at the tourist location. The atmosphere is more beautiful with pine trees that stretch wide so that the scenery looks refreshing green.

3. Various Interesting Photo Spots

The next attraction is the photo spot which makes this place never empty of visitors. More than dozens of interesting spots with the main view of the pine forest. Each spot has its own design that was built especially for tourists. An example is a cloud spot with a building made of boards covered with white cotton or kapok flakes. This spot does not display views of the pine forest from below, but from above.

Even for the purpose of producing interesting photos, the paths mentioned earlier are no less beautiful. This photo spot is usually used as an opening in producing beautiful shots. Even more interesting if the pine forest also provides professional photographers. So no need to bother or think hard in taking the angle of the picture. Simply leave everything to the photographer by paying according to the applicable price conditions.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Kragilan Pine Forest, Magelang
Image Credit: Twitter Yopie Pangkey

Administratively, the Kragilan Pine Forest is located in Pogalan Village, Pakis District, Magelang, Central Java. Until now, there is still no access to public transportation, so it is advisable to use a private vehicle. From downtown Magelang, the distance that must be taken is around 26 km with an estimated time of around 50 minutes. The road access is quite good with paved conditions, but the bends and the typical contours of the mountain slopes make it mandatory for you to use a vehicle in prime condition.

The easiest and fastest route is to take the Salatiga route which leads to the Kopeng area. Always pay attention to the road, because not far from the location there is a sign that directs you to your destination. Not far from Jalan Ketep Kopeng, there is a sign that requires you to take the left. Follow the directions because the location is close.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Magelang Kragilan Pine Forest Tickets
Image Credit: Twitter AirAsiaGO Indonesia

Previously, there was no special fee as a condition for you to enter the Kragilan Pine Forest. But this time the manager who is a local resident requires you to pay a levy as an entrance ticket. Consists of two parts, namely 10,000 rupiah on active days Monday to Saturday. Meanwhile, on Sundays and national holidays, a fee of 12,000 rupiah is charged with the same operating hours, namely 07.00 – 18.00 local time.

The price above is not the only one, but there are other costs that must be incurred. The fees in question are parking for vehicles, motorcycles of 3,000 and cars of 10,000 rupiah. For those who want to use the services of a professional photographer, a separate fee is also charged. For one file, a fee of 2,500 rupiah is charged, which is quite cheap, of course, compared to the photos you get.

Interesting Activities to Do in the Kragilan Pine Forest

Magelang Kragilan Pine Forest Activities
Image Credit: Twitter Jogja24 Hours

Various interesting activities can be done after you arrive at the Kragilan Pine Forest tourist location. Of course, it’s not just a passive activity like enjoying the natural beauty of a pine forest, but much more than that. It must be admitted that most activities cannot be separated from the natural panorama that is presented. To make it clearer, here is a summary of interesting activities that tourists usually do when visiting!

1. Wandering through the Pine Forest

When you just come to the location, it’s a good idea to explore this pine forest area. Who knows, there are a number of things that will interest you, such as finding wild photo spots with amazing beauty. Traveling to the location requires prime body condition because this area is still included in a protected forest.

But there is no need to worry because every time you step, there is a natural view that is ready to wait. Thus, feeling tired may be a little negligible. It is necessary to pay attention, while carrying out tracking activities, it is hoped that you will always be careful. This is because of its location on the slopes of a mountain so there might be a ravine that you don’t know about.

2. Take a walk in the Sunflower Garden

Not many visitors to the Kragilan Pine Forest know that not far from the main location a Sunflower Garden has also been built. Maybe they know, but it’s less interesting when compared to their main goal, namely hunting for photo spots. However, at least the park is a complement to popular tourist destinations what you do. Especially if the location where the garden with sunflower decorations is built is quite wide.

For those of you who intend or are curious to visit the park, it’s better if you visit in the morning or evening. Not without reason, because these two times are when flowers are blooming. To be used as a photo background, of course it is more interesting and also more charming.

3. Relax in the Hammock

Exciting Activities of the Kragilan Pine Forest in Magelang
Image Credit: Twitter @infoseni_

The activity that you must do when you are in the Kragilan Pine Forest is to relax. Of course, not just relaxing, but hanging from a hammock. No need to bring your own hammock because the manager has provided many of these hammocks at one point. With a variety of colors available, your leisure activities are more enjoyable.

Interestingly, not only is one hammock linked to two trees, but is made in layers. That is, in the two pine trees used as a place to tie the bed there is more than one. You can reach the highest hammock by starting up the lowest part. Quite exciting and challenging, of course, for those who like adrenaline-pumping activities.

4. Hunting Photography Spots

In order to attract the attention of many tourists, the manager of the Kragilan Pine Forest provides various unique photo spots. The first spot that immediately makes many visitors fall in love is the hanging bicycle. At this spot, you can take beautiful pictures from various angles. Even though the bicycle is placed on a rope made of iron, its safety is guaranteed so you don’t need to worry.

Another photo spot that is no less interesting is a specially designed public telephone wrapped in red. For those who want to feel nostalgic about the era before technology developed rapidly, this spot deserves to be the top choice. Various viewing posts are also suitable as spots that can produce beautiful shots. Swings, billiard tables, tree houses, bamboo monas, suspension bridges, are some of the other spots you can choose from.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Magelang Kragilan Pine Forest Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Prabowo Hs

As a tourist attraction worth visiting, the Kragilan Pine Forest provides quite a complete range of supporting facilities. For tourists who want to fulfill their obligations, there is a prayer room which is comfortable to use. Even though at some points it is allowed to enter using motorbikes, there is still a special parking lot that is quite large with guaranteed security.

Apart from these two facilities, there is something else you can use, namely the toilet. Its clean and well-maintained condition attracts many visitors, making it the main place for self-cleaning. Not far from the tourist sites, there are stalls that provide a variety of delicious food at low prices. Unfortunately, there are still no lodging places around the location, because it is quite far from the city center.

Kragilan Pine Forest provides a different sensation in terms of natural tourism. For those of you who are interested and immediately want to visit this tourist location, it’s a good idea to make a plan first. The reason is none other than the considerable distance to the bad road conditions. The condition of the vehicle and the prime body is something that must be considered before going to the location.