The Beauty of Rubiah Island, Exotic Spot for Snorkeling Lovers in Sabang

Tour Fee: IDR 30,000, Operational hour: 10.00-16.00 WIB, Address: Rubiah Island, Sabang City, Banda Aceh; Folder: Location Check

Many activities to fill the holidays, one of which is to visit a tourist attraction. Rubiah Island is the most suitable place to be used as a refreshing place to unwind after weekly activities. The beauty of this second-to-none island is sure to make you feel at home and don’t want to leave the location immediately. For those of you who don’t have a picnic or tourism destination, there’s nothing wrong with visiting it.

Rubiah Island is located in the northern part of the city of Banda Aceh, precisely at Sabang. While Sabang itself is located on Pulau Weh, which is an island whose location is separate from a row of other islands in Aceh. In the local language, Weh means ‘run away’ or go away, so this may be a factor in the island’s name.

One of the reasons why many visit this elongated island is none other than the beautiful underwater life. The clear water seems to allow anyone to see the depths of the sea below which live various kinds of animals and plants. Tourists who come to the location are sure to want to do diving or what is known as snorkeling.

The Attraction of Rubiah Island

Attractions on Rubiah Island
Image Credit: Twitter NatGeo Indonesia

This beautiful island which is located on 2,600 hectares of land is still in beautiful condition because it is not yet inhabited, only a few heads of families inhabit it. Of course there is a reason why many domestic and foreign tourists visit every day. Rubiah Island Marine Park, that’s another name for this tourist attraction that has various attractions!

1. The Beauty of Underwater Biota

For anyone who comes to the location, they must be amazed by the stunning natural scenery. The various sizes of trees in the location keep the eyes cool because of their green color. The water is clear with a turquoise color as it invites visitors to come and enjoy it. But that’s not the main attraction, but the underwater biota which are very beautiful and charming.

The underwater view you get cannot be separated from the clear sea water on Rubiah Island. Even to the depths of tens of meters, you can clearly see various objects on the seabed. Fish of all sizes and colors adorn the sea water. Do not forget the beautiful coral plants which are also the habitat of fish participate in decorating this island.

You can clearly see the fan-shaped coral plants waving because of the water currents. These plants grow on rocks that are not so sharp. On the sidelines of plants and rocks, schools of small fish are hiding, adding to the natural and exotic impression. If you are lucky, there is a giant clam which is also a permanent habitat on this beautiful island.

2. History of Rubiah Island

Most visitors often ignore the fascination regarding the origin of the naming of this beautiful island. However, if we take a closer look, the naming of the island still leaves a long history of the struggle of one of the Islamic leaders. She is Sarah Rubiah who is also known as Siti Rubiah. He was one of the religious leaders with qualified knowledge who was greatly admired by the people of Aceh during his lifetime.

Siti Rubiah is the daughter of Tengku Ibrahim, who is better known as Tengku Iboih. There is even one of the islands in Sabang that bears his name, namely Iboih Island. At first, the two religious figures lived on Pulau Weh and spread Islam there. Various activities such as reciting the Koran and studying religion have been going on for years.

However, at one point, there was a disagreement between the two that resulted in Siti Rubiah choosing to move to the next island which is currently known as Rubiah Island. He lived on the island until the end of his life, you can even visit his grave which is not far from the tourist sites.

3. Beautiful Spot for Snorkeling

It cannot be denied that many tourists come to the location with the aim of diving or snorkeling. All cannot be separated from the natural beauty under the sea which is very clearly visible. The clear water seems to merge with the rocks and plants that live around it. Beautiful colorful fish also complement the beauty of underwater biota which is also the main attraction of this island.

For tourists who like diving, this attraction is like a magnet that requires them to come visit. At least, there are 15 types of marine life in this tourist attraction, all of which are protected by the government. So it is highly recommended to keep their habitat intact so that it is not damaged and remains beautiful for the next generation.

Address and Route to Location

Rubiah Island address Sabang
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As stated in the opening above, the location of Rubiah Island is still in the Pulau Weh area which is the largest island in Aceh. The complete address is in Iboih, Sukakarya District, Sabang City, aceh with routes that use more water transportation. Therefore, it is not recommended for those of you who visit the location to bring a private vehicle.

Please park your vehicle in the Banda Aceh city area, then head to Ulee Lheue Harbor. From that location, you can use a Ferry or Speedboat at a fairly affordable price to Pulau Weh. Continue the journey to Iboih Beach, then take land or sea transportation to the main tourist attraction. Transportation that can be chosen from Iboih Beach is boats, public transport cars, and also Speedboats.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Rubiah Sabang Island Ticket
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Like other well-managed tourist sites, Rubiah Island also requires you to pay an entrance ticket. Of course it’s not that expensive compared to the exciting experience and beautiful scenery while on this island location.

By paying for a ticket of 25,000 rupiah, please satisfy yourself and enjoy everything that is at the tourist location. For parking tickets, of course, you don’t need it because during the trip, you use public transportation.

Interesting Activities to Do on Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island Sabang Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Sofyan Adam

Arriving at the location, there are many exciting and interesting activities that you can do, it all depends on your individual hobbies. It can be said that almost all the activities carried out are very interesting and exciting. Of course not everyone or visitors have an idea of ​​what to do when traveling. Therefore, the following list might help you find the right inspiration.

1. Enjoy the beauty of Rubiah Island

The first impression that you will definitely get when you first set foot on the island is of course amazing. Without realizing it, this activity is also interesting to do, even though it seems passive. As far as the eye can see, you see only two things, namely the clarity of the water and the hills on the opposite island with the beauty of the forest panorama.

Do not miss the beauty of the underwater garden described above. Its beauty can not be forgotten, even when you come back from the location. Too bad if this perfect natural panorama is passed up. Especially if all the charms that are presented can relieve fatigue and stress experienced. In other words, the mind will come back refreshed after enjoying its beauty.

2. Exciting Diving with Marine Biota

There are two kinds of diving activities that you can do while on Rubiah Island. The first is snorkeling with a fairly shallow depth so it is safe for beginners. Second is Diving, where you dive to a depth of tens of meters. For this one is usually done for those who are already professional in diving activities.

There is no need to explain how beautiful the marine life you will meet. Because of course all the explanations about the beauty above you can imagine. For those who do not bring diving equipment, the manager is assisted by local residents to provide complete equipment at affordable prices.

3. Become a witness to the beauty of the sunset

Exciting Activities Rubiah Island Sabang
Image Credit: Google Maps Arbie Samudra

Another fun and interesting activity is watching the sunset, or the cool term is sunset. Rubiah Island’s location, which stretches to the north and south, makes it a very suitable place to watch the sun retreat. The yellow light slowly turns into a very clear orange. Slowly but surely, the light is no longer able to penetrate the clear sea water.

4. Underwater Photography

Don’t forget to capture the moment when you are on vacation pretty island this. The most anticipated spot is when diving on the seabed. The beauty is even more visible if you take a point where there are coral reefs surrounded by colorful small fish. For this activity, of course, a special waterproof camera is needed. If you don’t prepare from home, there is a rental place at this tourist location with a predetermined price.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Rubiah Island Attraction
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For the convenience of visitors, the management of Rubiah Island provides complete facilities. There is a prayer room that can be used as a place of worship when the time comes. The toilets on site are also quite comfortable and kept clean.

Another facility is the existence of a special ship whose bottom is glass so that it is transparent. These boats are known as glass bottom boats and are usually used for those who do not want or cannot dive.

The various attractions and advantages of this beautiful island should not be underestimated. Almost everything on the island is very interesting and not to be missed. Especially if there are many facilities that can be used for the convenience of visitors. To fill vacation time by visiting natural attractions, Rubiah Island is our main recommendation.