Temega Tree House, A Peek at the Enchantment of a Unique Tree House in Karangasem

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 07.00-18.00 WITA, Address: Padang Kerta, Kec. Karangasem, Kab. Karangasem, Bali; Folder: Location Check

The Temega Tree House is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia Bali At the moment. Located in the Tirta Gangga area, this tree house offers a unique experience for tourists who want to feel the sensation of being up in a tree. Apart from that, you can just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere from a height with a beautiful natural view.

This place which is now used as a tourist hit has three tree house units located in the middle of a forest and flanked by large trees. Each is equipped with facilities like a five-star hotel. Call it like a bathroom, bed, and balcony with stunning views around it.

While staying here, tourists can enjoy a calm and fresh natural atmosphere. You can also do various outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, or just relaxing on the balcony. This place is increasingly crowded because it is located not far from other tourist attractions, one of which is the Tenganan Tourism Village.

The Attraction of the Temega Tree House

Temega Tree House Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Thomas Robenk

The Temega Tree House is made specifically for travelers who want to get a different holiday sensation. Initially it was only built as a place for farmers to rest when they were in the fields. However, because of its beauty and attractiveness, many tourists are curious and visit.

1. Exotic Locations

This hits tour is located in the middle of a fairly dense forest, giving a natural and beautiful impression. In addition, its location at an altitude of about 10 meters from the ground provides a beautiful and interesting view. From the top of the tree house, visitors can see a stretch of forest and residents’ gardens.

You may not get views like this elsewhere, even though they have the same tourism concept. Not only that, the cool and fresh natural atmosphere also makes you feel relaxed and calm. That is why all tourists who come are guaranteed to feel at home for a long time, moreover, it doesn’t cost much to enter.

2. Unique Design

The Temega Tree House is designed with a unique and attractive shape. This house is built on a large tree with a diameter of about 3 meters and has an area of ​​about 4 square meters. Inside the tree house there are several seats and other facilities so that visitors feel more comfortable lingering.

Some parts are made to look like bird houses so that they look even more unique. To go from one house to another, tourists can use the bridge access provided. All the houses here are interconnected, so you can get around from one place to another easily.

3. Natural Beauty Around the Temega Tree House

The attractiveness of the Temega Tree House and at the same time is the reason for the large number of tourists visiting, namely from the natural beauty around it. This nature tour is located in an area that is very green and cool. In the middle of lush trees and various types of tropical plants that thrive around the location.

The beautiful scenery that can be seen here includes green hills, terraced rice fields planted with rice, and a stretch of forest that looks green. Especially when the sun rises or sets, this view is even more stunning with the beautiful colorful shades of the sky and the sunlight hitting the leaves.

Address and Route to Location

Temega Tree House Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Putu Wiraguna

The natural beauty of the Temega Tree House is not without cause, this is because its location is still on the slopes of Mount Agung. Administratively, the full address is in Padang Kerta Village, Karangasem District, Regency Karangasem, Bali. The distance from the city center is about 11 kilometers, you can reach it by motorized vehicle.

It takes about 25 minutes at an average vehicle speed. To find this tourist spot is not difficult, because there are many benchmarks that can be used. Please start the journey to Penataran Agung Nangka Temple if your current position is in the center of Karangasem.

Follow along the main route, you can use SDN 2 Bhuana Giri, Pemaksan Purnama Temple, and Pamrajan Kawitan Ida Dukuh Sakti Temple. From this point, continue the journey following the highway for about 3 kilometers, you will arrive at the location. If you are still confused and unsure, you should use the help of the Google Maps application.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Surely many people think that the price of the entrance ticket to the Temega Tree House is quite expensive. Unfortunately you are wrong, because this contemporary tour can be used as an alternative to fill a cheap vacation. How not, you only need to pay 10,000 rupiah. For children only pay half, which is subject to a ticket of 5,000 rupiah.

Additional costs are required if you come with a private vehicle. Parking fees here are also cheap, motorbikes are only 2,000, and cars are 5,000 rupiah. With all the beauty of nature and the uniqueness of the house on the tree, this place is open every day from 07.00 until late at 18.00 local time.

Interesting Activities to Do at the Temega Tree House

Interesting Activities at the Temega Tree House
Image Credit: Google Maps Great Tresna

Visiting tourist attractions is certainly not only because you are interested, but the activities in it should also be considered. There’s no need to worry while you’re at the Temega Tree House, because there are lots of interesting activities to do.

1. Tracking to the Temega Tree House

The first interesting activity you can do here is tracking to the main location. There are two paths that you can choose, namely via footpaths or suspension bridges. For those who like challenges, of course, choose the suspension bridge route. You will feel the sensation of walking on an unstable place, or always rocking.

This bridge is quite long, its height is almost ten meters above ground level. Not all visitors dare to cross this bridge, this is precisely what makes it exciting and more challenging. Even though it always moves when walking, from a security point of view it is guaranteed. This bridge is equipped with a fence made of rope in the form of a net to prevent visitors from falling.

2. Enjoying the Beauty of the Surrounding Nature

As mentioned above, the Temega Tree House is built in the middle of a forest surrounded by shady trees. Another interesting activity is enjoying all the charms it has. Here, you can see a stretch of rice fields that look refreshing green. Trees of various types are also quite beautiful, further complementing the charm.

3. Hunt for Natural Panorama Photo Spots

For those who like photography, don’t forget to bring a camera with the best resolution. Because, natural beauty what is here is incomplete if it is not immortalized. You can use trees as a backdrop, or it could be the residents’ rice fields. Please take a spot on the bridge if you dare, or at least you can use the balcony to make it safer.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Temega Tree House Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Putu Wiraguna

To provide comfort to tourists, the Temega Tree House provides various important facilities that can be used. When it comes to tourist areas, you can use the available parking area which is quite large. If there is a need to defecate or take a bath, please use the toilet which is kept clean.

This hits tour in Karangasem also provides trash bins scattered at several points, please dispose of trash in its place. Other facilities encountered include food stalls, benches, good road access, and benches for relaxing. When the weather is hot, you won’t get too hot because the entire bridge is equipped with a roof.

That is what we can say about alternative tourism in Bali, namely the Temega Tree House. From all the reviews above, it can be concluded that this place is worth a visit to fill your vacation time. To make it even more fun, don’t forget to invite a group, be it your family, partner, or the closest person.