Teluk Pandan Beach, Beautiful Beach with Exotic Embossed Sand in Lampung

Ticket price: IDR 20,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Sidodadi, Kec. Mirror Field, Kab. Pesawaran, Lampung.

There are lots of rows of natural attractions in Indonesia and each has its own charm. One of them is Teluk Pandan Beach. Maritime tourism located in the Regency offerLampung presents the beauty and natural charm that is still beautiful.

Usually, this one tourist spot is often visited by many people, both on weekdays and on holidays. Of course, this beautiful view is one of the attractions on display. For those of you who want to visit this place, there are a few things you need to know:

The Attraction Owned Teluk Pandan Beach

Attractions at Panda Bay Beach
Image Credit: Instagram Pringsewu Two Wheel Movement

Just like several other tourist attractions, this beach definitely has its own charm. Where, this attraction can make anyone want to come here. Some of the attractions in question are:

1. Beautiful Beach Enchantment

The first attraction that can be found from Teluk Pandan Beach is the charm of its beautiful beaches. No wonder it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Lampung. The beauty of nature in the form of calm and clear sea water, as well as various facilities are quite complete here.

With white and wide sand, it makes anyone feel calm even if they are just walking on the beach. The sea water waves are small, so you don’t need to worry if you walk on the beach.

2. Pasir Timbul Island

Another attraction that can be found is embossed sand. Embossed sand is what many people like. Where, this sand will form land that rises upwards when the water recedes. In addition, even though it is high tide, the land in the embossed sand will still be visible.

Usually, the location of the embossed sand on Teluk Pandan Beach is often used as a place to play ball with children or do various other games.

3. Floating Mosque

This beach has a floating mosque which is located itself floating above sea level. The building is sturdy and strong to be the main attraction. This building turned out to be made of wooden planks with a simple, dynamic, and also unique shape.

The mosque itself will indeed move in the direction of the waves. However, you don’t need to be afraid because it won’t cause the visitors to fall while worshiping. The purpose of making this mosque is to make it easier for fishermen to carry out their prayers while at sea.

4. Various Water Rides

It seems that it will feel lacking if you don’t feel the various water rides available. Various water rides can indeed be found here. You can decide to play together with your family while enjoying your vacation at Teluk Pandan Beach. Here, available speed boat and there are still other water rides.

The many water rides that are found, of course, will make anyone feel at home here. You can be sure that all visitors are free to ride the available rides. But it does have to prepare enough money.

Address and Route to Location

Address at Panda Bay Beach
Image Credit: Instagram Soel Guant

The address for this beautiful beach is in Lampung, precisely in Sidodadi Village, Padang Cermin District, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung. Usually some people choose to use private vehicles to make it easier to reach this place.

You can also use public transportation to reach Teluk Pandan Beach. Where, later can get off at one of the nearest terminals. Then switch to using a taxi. But for public transportation itself there is only until 15.00.

Beach Tour Entrance Ticket Prices

Some tourist attractions always provide different entry ticket rates. Usually with an affordable price, someone can visit these tourist attractions. Just like this one beach, the entry ticket itself is very affordable, which is only IDR 20,000 per person.

Because there are so many water rides available, there will be additional costs when riding the rides. The price also varies, depending on the vehicle to be used.

Interesting Activities to Do at Teluk Pandan Beach

Interesting Activities at Teluk Pandan Beach
Image Credit: Instagram Novri Irza H

Of the many attractions available at Teluk Pandan Beach, of course there will be some interesting activities that can be done. Some of these activities are none other than the following.

1. Walk Around the Beach

The first interesting activity that can be done is to walk around beautiful beach This. Some people come here to relieve fatigue. So, do not be surprised if most of them walk on the beach just to enjoy the cool atmosphere of the beach.

A gust of wind and sea waves that are quite calm will make you feel at home for a long time here, even if it’s just for a walk. At least the beautiful scenery from this beach can make anyone calm here.

2. Visit and Worship at the Floating Mosque

Another activity that you can do when visiting Teluk Pandan Beach is visiting the floating mosque. Certainly because of its unusual location. You can visit the mosque. Of course you can worship here too.

Even though sometimes you like to be carried away by waves of sea water, the safety of visitors will still be guaranteed. Of course there will be other sensations if you visit here.

3. Play water rides

There are many water rides available, so it will be a shame if you don’t try them. You can try banana boats together with family. When playing these water rides, you will definitely be given a life jacket to maintain safety.

Besides that, there is also water booms which is located in the middle of the ocean. Then, on Teluk Pandan Beach you and your family can also paddle a canoe in the open sea or you can also ride a water bicycle that looks like a swan.

4. Snorkeling

The last activity you can do here is snorkel. The underwater scenery is as beautiful as the one at sea level. The clear water that is here, makes you feel more at home here.

Various marine life can be easily found here. Starting from small colorful fish that are super cute, to coral reefs. The colorful sea anemones will make anyone feel at home here.

Facilities Available in the Beach Area

Facilities at Panda Bay Beach
Image Credit: Instagram Kr. bt

The facilities at Teluk Pandan Beach are quite complete. You can find a very large parking area, prayer room, bathrooms, lodging and various other facilities. Here there are also small gazebos which are perfect for taking a break while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

So many things about Pandan Bay Beach what you need to know. The various information above can be used as a guide when visiting this tourist spot. Certainly you will not regret visiting and enjoying the beauty of this island.