Tebet Eco Park, City Park with a Cool and Beautiful Atmosphere in South Jakarta

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 08.00-17.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Tebet Barat Raya, Tebet Barat, Kec. Tebet, City of South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta; Folder: Location Check

Tebet Eco Park is a city park located in South Jakarta which is now an alternative tourism destination. This place was built as an effort to reduce air pollution and improve air quality in Jakarta. This park is equipped with various facilities, such as a jogging track, children’s play area, seating, and green open space for picnics.

Apart from being a place for family recreation, this park is also used for environmental education activities. This park is often used as a location for holding various activities, such as yoga classes, cooking classes, and environmental-themed workshops. There are many communities who visit this place because a special container is provided in one of the areas.

If you look closely, the existence of alternative tourist destinations for families is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Shady trees that thrive around the area are very helpful in absorbing air pollution. Previously, this place was divided into two, namely the north and south. But now it has become one with a bridge as a link.

The Attraction of the Tebet Eco Park

Tebet Eco Park Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Akbar Maulana Star

Tebet Eco Park is built on more than 7 hectares of land with various areas provided. Even though it is a public facility, this place has a lot of charms. It is for this reason that many visitors come, ranging from local residents to out of town.

✦ Children’s Playground

This park is not only made to green the downtown area with various trees that thrive. Besides that, it is also suitable as an alternative for family tourism. For those of you who have children, there’s nothing wrong with visiting this park in the Tebet area. The reason is, there are many children’s games provided for them.

The playground at Tebet Eco Park is mostly made with a modern concept, even though in terms of gameplay it remains the same. For example, a slide, children have to climb a house-like building with stairs, then they can slide. In addition, there are also two circular capsule-shaped tunnels connected by a bridge.

Another type of game that is no less interesting is the crocodile-shaped building. It can be said that this building or game is an icon of the tourist park. How not, many children are interested and want to play in this area. The size is quite large, children can enter from behind and get out of the crocodile’s mouth.

✦ Picnic Area

The next attraction of Tebet Eco Park is that there is a special area that can be used for picnics. As is well known, a picnic is an activity of gathering together in an open place. With a comfortable atmosphere accompanied by shrubs, relaxing while having a picnic here is guaranteed to be very exciting.

Indeed, there are not many natural scenery that you can enjoy its beauty. But at least there are lots of trees to shade the atmosphere. In addition, you can also see a variety of beautiful colorful flowering plants. Still in the same location, there is a swamp that used to seem rundown, but is now very clean and beautiful.

✦ Unique Infinity Link Bridge

Infinity Link Bridge is my next pull at Tebet Eco Park. This is a bridge that connects the south and east parks. This bridge is said to be unique because the guardrails have contrasting color gradations. The gradation of red and white looks perfect, especially when you see it at night.

Not without reason why this color was chosen, even though there are many other colors. The reason is because it is adapted to the Leda trees around it. Another uniqueness is obtained from the shape, unlike bridges in general which are straight. This bridge meanders following the trees around it until it looks like a figure eight.

✦ Community Gardens

Tebet Eco Park has a Community Garden which is located in the southern area of ​​the park. This is agricultural land managed by the local community and used to teach and promote organic farming to the community. Apart from that, you can harvest fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as buy organic products produced from the garden.

This area also has environmental education programs aimed at children and youth. The aim is to introduce biodiversity and maintain environmental sustainability. Not only as learning, this program can increase awareness of the importance of nature conservation and sustainability.

Address, Route Location and Entrance Ticket

Address of Tebet Eco Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Leo Bagas 48

Finding the location of Tebet Eco Park is certainly not difficult, because it is in the city center. The location is also very strategic, the distance from and close to the city center. From South Jakarta, you only need about 20 minutes to cover a distance of 9 kilometers. The full address is at Jalan Tebet Barat Raya, Tebet Barat, Tebet, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.

If you are departing from South Jakarta, please take Jalan Prapanca Raya, then go to Jalan Wijaya I and Jalan Captain Tendean. Your next destination is the Dirgantara Statue Monument. The distance between the tourist attractions and this point is about 1 kilometer, please use the signposts to arrive at the location.

Tebet Eco Park can also be reached from other directions, but it is still recommended to use a private vehicle. For example, from Central Jakarta, you can pass the Inner City Toll Road and exit at the Kuningan West Toll Gate. Then take the direction of Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Jalan Gatot Subroto, to Jalan MT Haryono.

Visiting this park is free of charge. But you can’t just enter, because you have to register first. The way to register is to use the JAKI application, then you will get a barcode as a valid sign of entry. This place is open every day from morning to night, please adjust the time.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities in Tebet Eco Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Spirit of Helos

Surely you know that Tebet Eco Park is not the only one pretty garden in Jakarta. However, because it has many attractions, tourists prefer it as a vacation spot. In addition, there are many activities that can be done, both for children and adults.

1. Take a walk around Tebet Eco Park

The vast area makes this place suitable for any activity, such as walking around the park. The air is cool because there are many umbrella trees that make this activity even more enjoyable. Don’t forget to walk through the swamp if you want to get a more exciting experience, just like adventuring in the wild.

2. Adventure in the Playground

For children, make sure they stop by the special Playground area available at Tebet Eco Park. There are many types of games that can be used, most of them are rides to train children’s dexterity. Apart from those mentioned above, there is also a toy concept in the form of a hill that is not too high, children can climb it and then slide happily.

3. Learn to Farm

The existence of a Community Garden further complements the activities that you can do. The main function of this community is as a learning center. The learning in question is farming or anything related to plants. Besides sharing, you will also get a guide who is experienced in his field.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Tebet Eco Park facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Raihanah Zhafirah Az-Zahrah

Tebet Eco Park has many adequate facilities so that it is even more worth visiting. the parking area is quite large, please choose a convenient location for the vehicle. You are also provided with a toilet if you need to relieve yourself or the like. Other facilities here include a prayer room, fitness equipment, and tenant stalls.

That’s what we can say about one of the alternative family tours in Jakarta. From all the reviews above, this place is worth a visit and is made into the main list of tours when on vacation. Not only does it have a lot of attractions, to enter Tebet Eco Park it doesn’t require any fees or it’s free.