Tansaran Bidin Waterfall, Beautiful Waterfall with Stunning Natural Panorama in Aceh

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Tansaran Bidin, Kec. City, Kab. Bener Meriah, Aceh; Folder: Location Check

Aceh’s natural charm always offers natural beauty to tourists, including the Tansaran Bidin Waterfall. This aesthetic tourist location can make many tourists spend up to hours without feeling bored. The location is in the middle of a forest with towering trees.

Spending vacation time in the Tansaran Bidin Waterfall area might be the right alternative when in Aceh. Even though the location is somewhat remote from the city center, it is guaranteed not to make you disappointed. On the contrary, these natural objects are a solution for tourists who are looking for a quiet place wrapped in adventure.

However, always remember to take care of your own health before traveling to Tansaran Bidin Waterfall. For those of you who like to explore and challenge your adrenaline, of course it will be very exciting to visit this beautiful waterfall location. You have to feel the uniqueness of this waterfall as soon as possible.

The Attraction of the Tansaran Bidin Waterfall

The Attraction of Tansaran Bidin Waterfall
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1. Having a Challenging Hiking Trail

For some people, hiking trails that have challenging and difficult land contours might be a little annoying. However, there are also those who think that the difficulty in accessing tourist objects is an excitement in itself. If you are a person who is interested in dangerous paths, then try to go to the location of this waterfall.

Tansaran Bidin Waterfall is hidden in the middle of a forest, so it cannot be accessed by any vehicle. Even quite far from the settlements of local residents. During the climbing process, tourists will feel that they are conquering a steep valley because it does not have a guardrail, so caution is needed.

Then, trees and weeds are scattered throughout the area, making visibility even more limited. Coupled with the uneven ground terrain as well as sharp turns and also inclines. Based on this condition, it is recommended that you hire the services of a local guide to avoid danger.

Even though this is not required, it would be better if accompanied by someone who has experience conquering the wilderness there. This is because there is a possibility of getting lost, especially for tourists who are visiting the location for the first time.

2. Has a Calming River Flow

Your trip to Tansaran Bidin Waterfall will be even more exciting because there is a small stream whose voice is very soothing to the soul and mind. Moreover, the condition of the water is very clear and only filled with fallen leaves. This creates an impression that adventure lovers are sure to never forget.

The closer to the center of the waterfall area, the louder the sound of the water flow. Before that happens, you can see the beauty of the Barisan hill from a distance and also the charming expanse of plantations. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the route you are traversing.

3. There is a Steady Cliff

Just before tourists arrive at the center of the fall of water whose height reaches 50 m, they will find a landscape of solid rock cliffs. The cliff is overgrown with wild and muddy grass, but its beauty can still attract the interest of many tourists. It’s not uncommon for tourists to make this the first spot for selfies.

This waterfall is indeed not the only spot that presents beautiful nature with enchanting landscapes, but its appeal is hard to resist. Moreover, if tourists can witness its natural beauty from above or a height.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Tansaran Bidin Waterfall
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At least you need to go through a distance of up to 35 km if you depart from the center of Bener Meriah Regency to arrive at the Tansaran Bidin Waterfall in the Province of aceh. Even this is still not included in the journey that must be crossed from the nearest residential area to get to the location of the waterfall tour.

The address is in the village of Tansaran Bidin, which requires extra efforts and excellent energy so that tourists can get there safely. The terrain itself is steep with limited vehicle access and seems to be an arena for testing your courage when crossing wilderness forests in order to be able to explore the enchantment of this remote waterfall in Bandar District.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Tansaran Bidin Waterfall

Tansaran Bidin Waterfall Tickets
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You can come and also go to the location of this Tansaran Bidin Waterfall without having to spend a penny or it’s free. That is because the existence of this waterfall occurs naturally and still does not provide adequate facilities. You can also make your arrival time at any time by adjusting the free time you have.

Even so, most tourists come in the morning to enjoy the beauty to the fullest. Moreover, considering that the location of the waterfall is in the middle of a jungle forest. It may require consideration up to many times if you want to camp in the area.

Interesting Activities at Tansaran Bidin Waterfall

Tansaran Bidin Waterfall Activity
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1. Playing Water

Tourists can swim or just dip their feet in the pool or river under the Tansara Bidin Waterfall. Moreover, in this area there are no restrictions for tourists who want to explore the pool or river. It’s just that you have to always be careful and use adequate safety equipment whenever possible.

The reason is, once there was an unwanted tourist accident at this waterfall. It is recommended to choose a spot to play water in the part that actually forms a pond compared to being close to the location where the water falls.

2. Picnic and Relax

Inviting friends to roll through the lush forest for a relaxing picnic near the Tansaran Bidin Waterfall, of course, you have to try. Bring your own provisions from home and be sure to prepare clean and comfortable seating mats.

You can enjoy the natural landscape of the waterfall while enjoying delicious snacks. Activities like this are definitely quite fun for many tourists.

3. Photo hunting

The extraordinary charm offered by this superior waterfall in Aceh is worthy of tourists capturing it with camera shots. There are many natural spots that can be ideal backgrounds for photographers, such as waterfalls, valleys, rivers, rocks, or just falling leaves. Of course the photos will show the natural beauty of nature.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facility of Tansaran Bidin Waterfall
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Tansaran Bidin Waterfall won the nomination as the Most Popular Hidden Paradise held by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism in 2019. This is certainly not a lot of tourist facilities that can be expected when it comes to this location. The place is remote and far from residential areas, even in the middle of a wilderness.

On the one hand, its naturalness is indeed an attraction for tourists, but on the other hand it will tend to be difficult if you want to fulfill basic needs, such as stalls and toilets. Even to park the vehicle tourists also need to do it in a location far from the waterfall.

It would be nice to have necessities such as food prepared at home or bought while on the go. Especially if tourists plan to spend the day on vacation there for a long time. That way, bringing your own supplies is the best decision.

Such is the presentation of information about the Tansaran Bidin Waterfall which holds a lot of hidden beauty in the middle of the forest. This waterfall is also close to valleys and rivers, so that its beauty is even more pronounced. Even though the infrastructure and terrain are somewhat difficult, this tourism does not disappoint.