Taman I Love Sabang, Interesting Photo Spot with Stunning Natural Views

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 08.00-23.00 WIB, Address: Cot Ba’u, Kec. Sukajaya, City of Sabang, Aceh; Folder: Location Check

Of course, you know about Sabang City because you have been introduced to the song “From Sabang to Merauke” since you were little. The city itself is located on the easternmost side of Indonesia with lots of stunning tourist destinations, one of which is Taman I Love Sabang which was built in 2015.

Even though it is a new tourist spot, this beautiful park has succeeded in becoming a favorite vacation spot for the people of Pulau Weh. That’s because tourists will find beautiful nature in Taman I Love Sabang this. Lots of fresh green plants thrive at these tourist sites.

There are also lots of photo spots, one of which is the red and blue I Love Sabang writing which is the center of this park. Not only that, the sunset panorama at Taman I Love Sabang is also amazing. For this reason, it is not surprising that in the afternoon many tourists start arriving there.

The Attraction Owned by Taman I Love Sabang

The Attraction of I Love Sabang Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Supri Yatno

1. Sunset View

Taman I Love Sabang has a very exotic sunset view. The beauty of the scenery is always able to make many tourists stunned, especially when viewed from the highlands. For that, if you want to watch a beautiful sunset in this park, then come in the afternoon.

In addition to the stunning sunset panoramas in the afternoon, the air temperature in this park starts to cool down. So, that moment becomes the most appropriate time to enjoy the beauty of the garden. Inviting friends or partners can also complete happiness while visiting there.

2. Beautiful Nature

Because Taman I Love Sabang is located above a height, tourists can see the beautiful and enchanting natural scenery around it. The natural scenery in question is Sabang Bay, Aneuk Laot Lake, to the Iboih Mountains which are stunning from a distance.

All these beautiful natural offerings will make tourists fall in love. In addition, holiday activities also feel peaceful when accompanied by natural scenery that refreshes the heart and mind that is tired.

3. Ornamental Flowers and Grass

Another Attraction of I Love Sabang Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Mariza Juwita

Turning to the next attraction that this garden has, namely beautiful ornamental flowers and grass. The existence of these ornamental flowers and grasses makes many people curious to see them in person.

The ornamental grass grows around the park, making this tourist location quite unique. Moreover, coupled with the existence of a number of flowers that thrive in the area.

4. The words “I Love Sabang”

The words “I Love Sabang” have more or less influence in attracting tourists, both local and foreign, to come to the park. The writing is even more eye-catching because it is colored blue and red which gives a cheerful impression.

The location of the writing is in the middle of the park so it’s easy to see and find. This beautiful building is used as a spot that seems obligatory for tourists to visit.

Address and Route to Location

I Love Sabang Park Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Sayf Bsy

The location of I Love Sabang Park is located in Sabang City, Province Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam or rather in Cot Ba’u. Tourists are guaranteed not to find it difficult to find this beautiful park, given its strategic location and not far from the port of Balohan. Road access that is passed later is not difficult.

From the right side of the road, tourists can see the location of the park. The location is not far from the runway at Maimun Saleh Airport. To visit from the capital city of Aceh, tourists need to travel first to Ulee Lheue Harbor.

After that, cross to go to Pelabugab Balohan Sabang. Based on information, there are 3 scheduled crossings per day to Balohan Sabang Port, namely at 7:30 am, 10:30 pm and 14:30 pm WIB. Regarding the price of crossing tickets using slow boats, it is around 28 thousand rupiah for one passenger.

For tourists who want to visit Taman I Love Sabang, you don’t need to worry about the price of admission tickets. This is because this popular tourist destination will not charge a tourist entry fee at all, alias it is free for all tourists.

Therefore, during big holidays, don’t be surprised if you find lots of tourists coming to this park. Even though there is no entry fee, the uniqueness that this park provides cannot be underestimated.

Interesting Activities to Do at Taman I Love Sabang

I Love Sabang Park Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Farid Rohman Sholeh

1. Relax in the Park

For those of you who are tired with daily activities, then you can relax in Taman I Love Sabang. This relaxing activity is often done in the afternoon because the sun is starting to feel less hot and the atmosphere is calmer.

You can relax under the trees that thrive in this garden area. Guaranteed you can feel the comfort when relaxing in this place.

2. Take Ria’s photo

The next interesting activity for tourists in this park is taking pictures with a variety of good backgrounds. The photo spots in this park are indeed very many and interesting. For example, taking a photo against the backdrop of Lake Aneuk, the inscription I Love Sabang, Sabang Bay, and the charming Iboih Mountains.

In addition, there are still beautiful flowers and grass that can make the portraits even better. Therefore, for tourists who plan to hunt photos in this park, of course, they must bring adequate shooting equipment.

3. Picnic

You don’t need to be confused about what activities to do when you come to this stunning park, because one of them can be a picnic. This activity is usually carried out by tourists who come with lots of family or friends. Picnic is a fun activity but not draining.

Of course you also need to prepare supplies, such as food, drinks, and snacks that you like. The most important thing to bring next when you want to have a picnic is a mat or cushion. Well, if all the equipment has been brought, then you can carry out picnic activities comfortably.

Facilities Available in the Park Area

I Love Sabang Park Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Mimi Nazmi

The first time they arrive at Taman I Love Sabang, tourists will find parking facilities. These facilities are indeed not as big as other parking lots in tourist destinations in general. However, the size of the parking area in this park is still sufficient to accommodate tourist vehicles, from two wheels to four wheels.

Moving on to the next facility, namely the existence of footpaths that can be used by tourists to get around in the park. This facility was deliberately created to be able to be passed by tourists so that they do not step on the ornamental grass that is deliberately planted in the park area.

Stair facilities can also be found by tourists who want to go up to get closer to the building area that says “I Love Sabang”. There aren’t many stairs either, so both children and adults can pass through them easily. Moreover, the color of the stairs is good, so it can be used for taking pictures.

That’s a complete explanation about Taman I Love Sabang that you should enjoy its beauty and uniqueness. The park was built by the Sabang City government and BNI Bank. If you visit this park during the day, it is better to wear a head covering because the sun is quite hot.