Suroloyo Peak, The Enchantment of Exotic Nature that is Full of Legends in Kulon Progo

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Keceme, Gerbosari, Kec. Samigaluh, Kab. Kulon Progo, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

Every tourist attraction is sure to be crowded when the holidays arrive. One of the most appropriate choices when on vacation is to visit natural attractions. In the district Kulon Progo, Jogja, there is a natural tourist destination that you must visit, Suroloyo Peak. Beautiful natural panorama wrapped in shady trees and wild plants adorning every corner.

Located in the Menoreh Hills area, the peak which is the main topic this time has a height of more than 1,000 meters above sea level. With this height, Suroloyo Peak is also the highest among the other hills. You will definitely get a cool and beautiful atmosphere, maybe even quite cold for some visitors. Therefore, it is better if you bring a jacket and warm clothes.

Even though the natural scenery presented is very beautiful and charming, it is not easy to reach the highest peak. Visitors must be willing to walk up the stairs with a total of nearly 300, 286 steps to be exact. Not only that which makes it difficult to climb, but because of the almost vertical slope. While walking up the stairs, not a few visitors who stop in the middle of the journey.

The Attraction of Suroloyo Peak

Suroloyo Peak Attraction
Image Credit: Instagram Jogja

The climb that was carried out seemed to be replaced by the alluring allure of Suroloyo Peak. Not only when arriving at the peak location, but also during the trip. Here are some of the most striking attractions and the main reasons tourists visit!

1. Amazing Natural Enchantment

On the way to the tourist site, the beautiful green scenery covers this hilly area. Various types of shady trees always accompany every step. After you arrive at and park the vehicle, the view doesn’t just disappear, it’s even more beautiful than before. Around the right and left of the stairs that must be climbed are also quite beautiful to the eye.

Especially if you reach the highest peak, you can enjoy almost all of Jogja’s landscapes. On the one hand, you can see the magnificent historical heritage of Borobudur Temple. While on the other hand, it is clear that four majestic mountains surround where you are standing at that time. The four mountains in question are Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro.

So that the scenery looks more beautiful, try to come to Suroloyo Peak when the weather is clear. The right time to visit is during the dry season, or it could be changing from the rainy season to the dry season. Don’t forget to bring binoculars or what is known as binoculars so that you don’t miss a bit of the beautiful scenery.

2. Interesting Story of Suroloyo Peak

Not only is the stunning view the main attraction, but there is also a story behind the naming of the peak. Around the 18th century, Raden Mas Rangsang received an inspiration that he would rule the land of Java. However, there are conditions that must be met, namely by meditating on one of the Menoreh hills by walking to the west.

Long story short, he, who is also known as Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, walked from the Kotagede Palace to the hills in question. Evidence from this history is the existence of three pavilions, one of which was used as the place of the sultan’s hermitage. This story is also enshrined in a book written by Ngabehi Yasadipura I entitled Serat Cabolek.

Interestingly, the three pavilions in question have different heights, even though they are not too far apart. Each pavilion has its own landscape with its distinctive natural panorama. The first pavilion is Suroloyo Peak, where you can clearly see Borobudur Temple when looking to the north.

While the second is the Sariloyo pavilion which is not too far from the first, about 200 meters. From here, you can see Mount Sumbing and Mount Sidoro. Traveling a little the same distance, which is 200 meters, there is the last pavilion known as the Kaendran hermitage. It is very clear to see the beauty of Glagah beach with a wide expanse of sea at this point.

3. Charming Mist View

Although it is not recommended to come when the weather is cloudy, the view of thick fog with irregular lumps is the main attraction of Suroloyo Peak. If you are lucky, the view of the fog that forms is like in a fairy tale or a country above the clouds. Of course, not all tourist spots present this unique view.

When the rays of the sun shine down on the clouds, the beauty of the reflection of the mist is clear. The bias is faintly the typical yellow color of the sun as if it is trapped in the fog to make it a beautiful sight for every tourist. It’s a shame to let this moment pass you by, so you better prepare your camera to ignore this moment.

Address and Route to Location

Suroloyo Peak Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Kevin Arf

For those of you who want to visit Suroloyo Peak, just head to Keceme, Onggosoro, Giritengah, Borobudur, Kulon Progo, In Yogyakarta. The distance is about 35 kilometers from the center point of Jogja City. The estimated time needed to arrive at the location is around 1 hour to 1.5 hours using a motorized vehicle.

We assume you are in the center of Jogja as the starting point, please take the west direction to Jalan Wates. Arriving at the crossroad, take the north direction towards Jalan Siliwangi. Continue by taking the west direction towards Jalan Godean after you find an intersection.

Continue the journey for a few minutes until you arrive at Jalan Raya Banjararum. After that, please turn right when you arrive at the intersection. Not far from the turn, there is a T-junction that directs you to Jalan Kepiton. From this point, there are no more turns that you have to take, meaning that you just have to go straight until you find the tourist location in question.

Suroloyo Peak Entrance Ticket Prices

Suroloyo Peak Ticket Prices
Image Credit: Google Maps SN Tyas Nizomi Soemarni

After you have parked your vehicle, prepare a fee to buy a ticket as the main requirement for entering Suroloyo Peak in Kulon Progo. For the cost itself is quite cheap, there is also no difference between local and foreign tourists. All are charged the same rate, which is 5,000 rupiah per person. There is no entry fee for children of a certain age.

Another fee that you have to pay is to leave the vehicle when parking. The price is also affordable, 2,000 rupiah for motorbikes and 5,000 for cars or four wheels. Actually there are other costs, but not including those that must be incurred. The fee is to rent a motorcycle taxi that will take you to the highest peak. The fare is classified as medium, around 50,000 for one passenger who is escorted to the departure sign.

Interesting Activities to Do at Suroloyo Peak

Activities at Suroloyo Peak
Image Credit: Instagram Tour OK

Whether you are on your way to Suroloyo Peak, or when you are at the main spot, there are lots of activities that can be done. This activity is also the main destination for visiting tourists. What are the activities in question? Here’s a complete summary!

1. Enjoy a Beautiful, Refreshing and Peaceful Susana

We will discuss passive activities first, which everyone must do. The beautiful scenery at the location certainly cannot be missed. Trees, rocks, clouds, and mountains seem to blend together to produce amazing natural paintings. Occasionally, the sounds of animals which are dominated by birds and insects also sound as if they are saying welcome.

Every tourist’s eyes certainly cannot escape the allure of the four mountains that surround it. Meanwhile, in another corner, there is a beautiful building that was once included in the seven wonders of the world, especially if it’s not the Borobudur Temple. It doesn’t stop there, a little diverting your eyes to another point, the view of the expanse of the sea that ends at Glagah Beach also complements the natural charm so that it is even more complete.

2. Hunting Photos with Enchanting Natural Panoramas

The next activity that is no less interesting to do when you are at Suroloyo Peak is to take pictures. Maybe you aim to capture the moment, or also to upload it to social media. Whatever the purpose, this activity should not be missed, in fact it is one that must be done. Even though there are no specially built spots, some spots are capable of producing captivating photos.

At one location point, there is a Punakawan statue consisting of Semar, Gareng, Petruk, and Bagong. All the statues of the puppet characters have their backs to the natural scenery, so they are very suitable as beautiful photo spots. Apart from that, there is also a statue of Bathara Guru riding an ox. Please note, the statue is Lord Shiva for Hindus.

3. Watching the Sunrise

Activities in the region beautiful peak This is what many tourists are waiting for is watching the sunrise. Even some tourists with this aim are willing to come at dawn. You can also do this if you have the same goal, considering that the trip is quite time consuming.

Unfortunately, the beauty of the sunrise is too close to the mountains so you can see it when the position is quite high. Likewise, when the sun is about to retreat, the view is not so perfect because it is covered by high hills. But make no mistake, the resulting panoramas are still beautiful and amaze anyone.

Whether the weather is sunny or cloudy, these two things do not affect its beauty. Call it when it’s sunny, it’s very clear that the sun’s rays slowly appear to warm up the atmosphere at Suroloyo Peak. Likewise, when the sun is returning to its bed, the orange rays are slowly covered by the darkness of the night.

What if the weather is cloudy? Clumps of clouds replace the beauty of the closed natural panorama. The sun’s rays seemed helpless when trapped in the clouds. With this color combination, it will produce an orange color that is slightly brighter than the white color of the clouds.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Suroloyo Peak Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Fetria Laras

Bura is more complete with the facilities provided by the Suroloyo Peak manager. You can use the toilet with comfortable conditions, as well as the prayer room when it’s time for worship. In addition, the parking area is also quite large and in safe conditions with officers who are always on guard.

Other facilities such as food stalls are also found around the location. In fact, you can easily find sellers around tourist areas, considering the journey is quite heavy. For those who want to stay overnight, there are camping areas not far from the main tourist spots. There are also lodging places if you want to find a comfortable shelter.

There’s no reason not to visit Suroloyo Peak, especially if you are currently in Kulon Progo Regency, DI Yogyakarta. But keep in mind once again, prime conditions are needed when you climb to the top. Dare to Die, that is the meaning of Suroloyo when translated into the local language.