Sunyaragi Cave Cirebon – Entrance Ticket & Opening Hours

Cirebon Sunyaragi Cave Tourism or Taman Sari Sunyaragi Cave is one of the cultural heritage sites owned by Indonesia. The unique shape of the cave seems to have been sculpted by nature and has steps resembling a temple from the time of Hindu relics. It turned out to be one of the resting and meditation places for the Sultans of Cirebon and their families.

Its historical value, uniqueness and natural beauty make Taman Sari Sunyaragi Cave a reality must place to visit while in Cirebon. Want to know more information? Check out the following article until it runs out, OK?

History of Sunyaragi Cave, Cirebon

The name Sunyaragi comes from Sanskrit, where “sunya” means quiet or lonely and “yeast” or body. This place was built with the aim of being a place of rest and meditation for the sultan and the Cirebon Sultanate family.

There are many versions regarding the history of Sunyaragi Cave, but from several sources it was found that this cave was divided in 1703 AD by Prince Kararangen, a great-grandson of Sunan Gunung Jati.

This place was built because a long-time guesthouse changed its function as a burial place for the kings of Cirebon. The place is now known as Astana Gunung Jati.

To replace that place, a new resting place was made for family members and the sultan in the Cirebon Sultanate.

Although this cave looks like a natural cave in general, it is actually a man-made cave that was built over three periods.

This cave was also damaged by Dutch colonialism when fighting for Indonesian independence and has also undergone many renovations and renewals.

Cirebon Sunyaragi Cave Tour

Sunyaragi Cave Tour
Sunyaragi Cave Tour (Photo by

Cirebon Sunyaragi Cave Tourism has an area of ​​15 hectares. In it, visitors can freely see this historic site directly and also walk around in the existing caves.

Apart from that, the beauty and cleanliness that is always maintained is one of the reasons why many people come here.

So that Advontura friends don’t get confused, Advontura provides several guides and choices of tourist activities that you can enjoy. Let’s check the information below…

Cirebon Sunyaragi Cave Complex

So that you don’t get confused when you get to the place, you need to know that this site complex is divided into two parts, namely the guest house or resting place and the old building part.

The pesantren section is a resting place for the sultan and his family. Because it is in the section there are beds, bathrooms, dressing rooms, porches, prayer rooms and are usually surrounded by gardens and ponds.

While the part of the building is the part in the form of mountains. Inside there are underground connecting tunnels and aqueducts. In addition to preventing flooding, it is said that there is a tunnel that can go directly to the Cirebon Sultanate.

Here you will also find Balai Kambang, which is a place where gamelan players welcome guests. This place is above a large pond and is in the form of a pavilion.

Initially if you want to come here you can use a boat, but because the water is dry you can visit and take pictures there using the bridge.

The exterior of the complex is patterned with rocks and clouds. While the entrance to the Tamansari is in the form of paduraksa.

Take Pictures and Visit Various Historical Caves

This area has many at once with different functions. For those of you who have a hobby of photography and like history, some of the caves in this area could be your destination.

The first is the mother of all caves, namely Peteng Cave. As the name suggests “peteng” or dark, this cave is used for meditation. This cave is rather low and narrow but has a high philosophical value. This place is also one of the favorite places for visitors to take pictures.

The second is the Pande Paket Cave, which used to be a weapons manufacturing and storage room, as well as a workshop.

Third is the Pawon Cave, where food, drink and all the soldiers’ supplies are stored.

Fourth is the Padang Ati Cave, a special place for the Sultans to meditate.

Actually there are many other caves that are here. To find out more about history and its parts, you can hire a tour guide for Rp. 50,000.00.

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Enjoying the Blend of 4 Cultures Architecture

Apart from its unique shape, Sunyaragi Cave was also built with a blend of four cultures at once.

You can find classic Indonesian or Hindu-style architecture in several joglo-shaped buildings. Some ornaments are also heavily influenced by strong cultural syncretism.

The Chinese or Chinese style can be seen in various carvings of peach blossoms, suns and lotus flowers. This is not far from the influence of the Princess of China who was married to Sunan Gunung Jati, namely Ong Tien Nio who later changed her name to Ratu Rara Sumanding.

Because of this, you will find a Chinese grave which was used as a place of prayer by Princess Cina’s bodyguards and guards.

Meanwhile, Islamic architectural patterns are clearly visible in the niches in the walls of several buildings. Qibla signs in each prayer room and their presence pawudhon or place of ablution. Also the shape of Ward Jinem which resembles the Kaaba.

It should be noted that this cave was founded during the Dutch colonial era, so more or less we can see the influence of European architecture on the Kaputren building. Namely the form of a rotating ladder.

Exciting and Cheap Educational Tourism Options

For those of you who want to bring children on vacation, this place could be one of your choices. Apart from being relatively inexpensive, your child can also start learning history and even see and touch one of Indonesia’s cultural and religious heritage.

You can even hire a tour guide who is ready to guide and tell the history of each building at a rate of IDR 50,000.00.

Enjoy the Sunyaragi Cave Exciting Ride

In an effort to preserve and promote these tourist attractions, managers also build various exciting rides which is suitable for children, millennials and adults.

Some of the rides that you can try include flying bicycles, flying balloons, flying swings, archery and flying fox. Ticket prices for rides range from IDR 10,000.00 to IDR 20,000.00. However, because it is currently in a pandemic, maybe some of the rides cannot operate.

Location of Sunyaragi Cave, Cirebon

This cave is located in Sunyaragi Village, Sunyaragi Village, Kesambi, Cirebon City. For those of you who are confused, the place is on the side of the by-pass Brigadier General Dharsono.

For those of you who use public transportation, you can travel only 1.5 kilometers from the Harjamukti terminal and 5 kilometers from the Cirebon train station.

Cirebon Sunyaragi Cave Entrance Ticket

The fare for the entrance ticket to the Sunyaragi Cirebon Cave is Rp. 10,000.00 per person. You also have to prepare a parking fee of IDR 3,000.00 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000.00 for private cars. The available parking area is also quite large.

Sunyaragi Cave, Cirebon
Sunyaragi Cave Cirebon (photo by

Cirebon Sunyaragi Cave Opening Hours

Sunyaragi Cave opening hours start at 8.00 am and start closing at 17.30 pm. For those of you who want to come, it is recommended to come in the morning or evening.

This is because this tourist spot is in an open place and the weather conditions in Cirebon City tend to be hot and sunny during the day.

Tips for Visiting Taman Sari, Sunyaragi Cave, Cirebon

Bring Hats, Sunglasses, Water and Sunblock

This tourist spot is an open area, considering the hot weather conditions during the day you can prepare yourself by bringing a hat or head protector, sunglasses, water or wearing sun block before leaving.

Come Morning or Evening

In order not to get too hot, you can come in the morning or evening.

Take Care of Trash and Yourself

This place is an Indonesian national cultural heritage, so maintaining cleanliness together is a must. Keep your trash until it meets the trash can. And also don’t forget to remain polite and respect whatever you encounter.

Thus our discussion of a cultural and historic site called the Cirebon Sanyuragi Cave tour. Hopefully the information presented above can be useful for those of you who are looking for a vacation destination. See you in the discussion of other interesting archipelago tours!

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