Sudirman Street Day and Night Market, Unique Culinary Destinations in Bandung

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 10.00–22.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Gen. Sudirman, Karanganyar, Kec. Astanaanyar, Bandung City, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market is one of the most famous culinary places. Lots of young to old people already know the existence of this culinary center. Moreover, the menu that is sold still has a distinctive taste.

The place, which already has a large area of ​​land, also uses a Chinese style design. Visitors can find dozens of beautifully lit lanterns. Even the seats have different paint colors.

Tourists almost never get tired of tasting food in the Sudirman Street Day area. Usually there are also some people who deliberately take photos with the Chinatown building in the background. Going on a culinary tour makes it a fun vacation if you are in Indonesia Bandung.

The Attraction of the Sudirman Street Day and Night Market

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market, Unique Culinary Destinations in Bandung
Image Credit: Google Maps Wong Hok Sen White Poseidon

1. Culinary Places

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market is known as a complete culinary hunting place. Travelers can pamper their stomach with a menu of main meals and quite a lot of light snacks. The food served does have a very delicious taste. Moreover, all the menus offered have been cooked cleanly.

The hits tour also sells non-halal food such as pork. But don’t worry, there’s still a lot of halal food there. There are even a variety of cold and warm drinks ready to pamper guests. You can invite friends or family to enjoy culinary offerings when you stop by Sudirman and Night Market.

2. Instagenic Photo Objects

Photography lovers will definitely not be disappointed when they choose to visit this beautiful destination. Instagenic photo objects have been scattered in every tourist corner. Even the photo backdrop is different from other destinations because it offers magnificent lights and buildings. Travelers often enjoy free time by tasting various culinary delights and hunting for photos there.

You are welcome to come at any time because both during the day and at night the atmosphere of the Sudirman and Night Market looks beautiful. The outdoor area definitely makes tourists happy when taking photos. Moreover, tourism is already known as a place that offers instagramable spots. So stopping for a while there is perfect while carrying a camera.

3. Aesthetic Building Design

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market offers a very aesthetic building concept. This area is indeed crowded with a number of traders serving different menus. However, the seller did not make the concept of tourist buildings ugly. You can choose food while passing a number of vendors without fear of being crowded.

There are already 3 areas with different concepts. The first area has semi-permanent carts and permanent containers selling various halal culinary delights. Then another corner sells non-halal food and delicious snacks. The design of the building also takes the Chinatown concept which is equipped with wall lights and several lanterns.

Address and Route to Location

Address Sudirman Street Day and Night Market
Image Credit: Google Maps Aulia Helda

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market is located on Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Bandung, West Java. This culinary hunting ground is still in the middle of the city which is not infrequently passed by various transportation and vehicles owned by visitors. The road to Sudirman and Night Market from the center of Bandung only takes around 10 minutes.

Motorists who have brought a car or motorbike will definitely get to this charming tour faster. Guests can walk from Jalan Bangka to Jalan Jawa. Go straight until you find a T-junction and head to Jalan Aceh. Turn left until you enter Jalan Wastukencana, then turn towards the Jalan Gardujati area which is getting close.

Travelers can come at any time, but usually in the late afternoon the road to the tour looks jammed. Bandung native visitors can cover there from the route closest to home. Meanwhile, tourists who come from outside the city can find a signboard or see the route from the navigation on Google maps.

Anyone can visit Sudirman Street Day and Night Market without paying an entrance ticket. At the front, you can see kiosks or carts selling various culinary menus in three different areas. Guests who like to hunt for various foods can prepare a budget that is more than at home. However, the cost of eating there is still relatively cheap.

Travelers can enjoy food offerings ranging from satay, pork, meatballs, noodles, capcay, fried rice, vermicelli, and many more. Prices start at IDR 25,000 depending on each menu you choose. Then there are also snacks such as sticky rice durian pattaya which are guaranteed to be delicious and have pocket-friendly prices.

At the front you can also see a vehicle parking lot that has a cheap ticket fee. Motorcycles are priced at IDR 2,000 and four-wheeled vehicles are only IDR 5,000. The budget for enjoying culinary and just relaxing in the area still fits in everyone’s wallet. You don’t need to hesitate anymore to invite close relatives to visit this hit place.

Interesting Activities at the Sudirman Street Day and Night Market

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market activities
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1. Enjoy Culinary

Various kinds of ready-to-eat food have been offered by many traders. You can choose any culinary as you wish because there are not a few selling stalls around. Usually, guests often buy more than one culinary because they want to taste a variety of other dishes. In addition, culinary can also be taken home if you are full.

2. Relax

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market is suitable as a place to relax. Even though culinary tourism is still close to the main road, visitors can still unwind for a while. Pampering your stomach while relaxing and enjoying the surrounding atmosphere will definitely make you calmer.

3. Capture the Moment

The photos you want to get in the culinary area have a variety of backgrounds. The design of Sudirman and Night Market is indeed very captivating. Guests can capture the moment while enjoying culinary offerings in the area. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a digital camera to record videos and take pictures of each photo.

4. Seeing the Corner of the City

Other Activities Sudirman Street Day and Night Market
Image Credit: Google Maps Annisa Seliani

This hit destination is seen close to the city center which is often crossed by various two- and four-wheeled vehicles. For travelers who want to see a corner of the city when it comes day or night, they can sit for a while in the seats that have been provided. The atmosphere of the beautiful city of Bandung certainly makes the heart happier and the visit feels at home.

5. Drive around

There are countless carts or containers belonging to traders. Travelers who have come can immediately walk around to see all the menus offered. Vendors in the area usually sell different menus. The vast land and surrounded by beautifully decorated carts will definitely make getting around fun.

6. Overnight

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market is close to a number of hotels or lodging places. Staying at one of these hotels makes some visitors even happier. Usually tourists from out of town prefer to stop by for a while by staying near Sudirman. Then at night they often cover buying culinary delights.

7. Gathering with Relatives

The land in Sudirman and Night Market is known to be quite extensive. Even the design of Chinese-style buildings in every corner of the tour looks beautiful. This place can not only be used as a spot to taste Bandung’s specialties. Guests can also make hits tour This is a place to gather with relatives when there is free time.

Facilities Available in the Night Market Area

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Ecan Mey

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market already has a number of adequate facilities. Travelers can find facilities around the destination because there are quite a lot of them available. The dining area is quite comfortable because it is equipped with tables and chairs. Even the seating seemed to be spread out and there were enough of them to accommodate every diner.

Toilets that are so spacious and clean are available on tours. There are no places of worship in the area, but guests can look across to find a prayer room. The culinary center is definitely the main facility that is often found on every corner. You can even see a number of carts guarded by traders with varied menu choices.

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market also provides special land facilities for vehicle parking spots. The place can accommodate cars, buses and motorcycles. Photo spots are certainly in areas with backgrounds that spoil the eye. Then lodging facilities are not so far from this culinary place because there are many hotels there.

Sudirman Street Day and Night Market is always busy every day. This tour, which serves a variety of food and drinks, is often chosen as a relaxing spot. The unique tourist design by taking the concept of Chinese style is sure to make everyone happy when taking pictures. So from that just come there while inviting close family.