Situ Rawa Gede, the Enchantment of a Beautiful Lake with Various Playgrounds in Bogor

Ticket price: IDR 20,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Sirnajaya, Kec. Sukamuka, Kab. Bogor, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Bogor not only has natural attractions in the form of waterfalls, but also a beautiful lake called Situ Rawa Gede. This tourist location is increasingly popular with the many facilities and games provided by the manager. This lake or swamp in Sukamakmur District is the result of cooperation between youth and local residents, as well as the government which provides full support to become a tourist location.

Many visitors come from various regions to enjoy the beauty of these tourist attractions, especially when the weekend arrives. Of course, you also don’t want to be left behind by the others, do you? For that, make sure to visit when you happen to be in the City of Rain. You can also make a special schedule to visit the place. It is certain that you will not be disappointed if you are indeed a true connoisseur of natural scenery.

At a glance, the history that is known, the 7.3 hectare lake is located near residential areas and factories. Previously there was never the slightest plan to become a tourist spot. Even garbage and factory waste always pile up and decorate the ‘landscape’ at that location. At the initiative of the environmentalist youth group, they proposed to make it a tourist destination that you know today.

Rawa Gede Situ Attractiveness

Rawa Gede Situ Attractiveness
Image Credit: Instagram khairunnisa

Not just a lake, of course, this tourist spot which was inaugurated in 2019 has its own charm which makes it more and more visited by tourists. Of course it is natural for any place that is used as a natural relaxation. However, for a lake, what are the attractions of Situ Rawa Gede? Here’s a review that we managed to summarize!

1. Natural Scenery

As a nature tour, of course, it provides stunning natural scenery. You can enjoy the calm lake water which barely moves at all. Several aquatic plants also adorn the lake by standing upright in the middle and on the banks. Behind the lake, you see a hillside with a green expanse of plants that adorn it. Suitable to be used as relaxation to unwind after being busy with daily work. The atmosphere is quiet and calm even though it is near residential areas and factories.

There is a deck or deck of wood that is very long and can be used as a means of walking in the middle of the lake. The deck starts from the edge of the lake to the other side of the lake. The deck construction is quite safe because there is a drum as a support so it doesn’t sink. In addition, the existence of a wooden foundation also provides strength so that it remains safe even though many people walk on it.

2. Rides and Games

The lake, which was once a slum, is not only used as a tourist spot to enjoy the scenery. There are lots of fun games and rides there, such as duck bikes, sailing by boat around the lake, and also swimming. You and your family can mingle while enjoying the beauty of nature and also have fun playing at these tourist sites. For example, water bicycles that can be filled by two people in one rental. Of course, with children or a group, you can relax while circling the lake which is quite wide.

Boat rides are also quite a concern and are the main attraction of Situ Rawa Gede. With a reliable skipper from local residents who are trained, you are invited to go around the swamp more quickly. This is because the boat uses an engine, where the speed is certainly far from the duck bike. However, this time you are mixed with other visitors in one boat.

3. Low Prices

Many tourist sites also provide rides that are no less exciting, but not as exciting when you look at the price. Here, you can get quite cheap prices when compared to other places. Not because of a discount or discount, because basically the price is cheap. Both for the entrance ticket and also the games that are inside. This is of course a special attraction for tourists, especially if their goal is just simple refreshing.

Location Address and Route

Rawa Gede Situ Address
Image Credit: Google Maps 99’99% 02N

To be able to get to the location of Situ Rawa Gede is quite difficult because the place is hidden behind the hillside. But you recorded the full address in Sirnajaya, Sukamakmur, Bogor, West Java which can be used as a question to local residents when it is difficult to get it. The route that must be passed is also not easy, although you can get to the location directly by vehicle.

When you are coming from the direction of Jakarta, please pass to Jagorawi then exit the toll road and take the Citereup toll road. After exiting the toll road, you continue the journey that leads to Sukamakmur district. Note that there is a District office, from there you continue your journey until you find a typical hilly road until you arrive at the location. It’s easier for those coming from Bogor, just take the route that passes through the Sentul area and enters the Citereup area. Next, just take the main road that leads to Sukamakmur district.

Prices and Entrance Tickets

The price of Situ Rawa Gede
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After arriving at the location, you can immediately enjoy the beautiful scenery in Situ Rawa Gede. But of course you can’t enjoy the exciting rides and games that are there. Therefore, prepare 20,000 rupiah for an entrance ticket to enjoy it. In addition, there is also a parking fee of 5,000 rupiah for two-wheeled vehicles and 10,000 rupiah for four-wheeled vehicles or cars.

Operational hours are open every day for 24 hours, so you can linger at these tourist sites. You can even go camping by paying an additional ticket of 10,000 rupiah. Cheap enough compared to other places that provide the same facilities. For rides and games such as boat rides and duck bikes, you are also required to pay again at a specified fee.

Interesting Activities to Do

Activities at Situ Rawa Gede
Image Credit: Google Maps Yuda Ble

It is true that this location is still under development at the moment. However, you can do interesting activities like other tourist attractions. That’s what you came to the location for, right? Especially if it weren’t for the activity at Situ Rawa Gede.

1. Swimming

What does it mean to swim in the lake? Of course not, for those activities it is prohibited because it is very dangerous. Swimming in question is in a special swimming pool for visitors who want to enjoy the scenery while having fun or sports. The swimming pool was built right next to the lake with boundaries like swimming pools in general. Occasionally lake water can enter the pond because the boundary is not too high, in fact the height is exactly the same as the lake water level.

Besides relaxing or swimming in the pool, you can also get health therapy in the fish pond. The pond contains small fish that are specifically used as therapeutic materials. Just put your feet in the pool, let the fish do their job by biting and eating the dead skin cells on the feet. Don’t worry, the bite doesn’t hurt, it hurts more than an ant bite because it just tickles. The fish pond in Situ Rawa Gede was built next to the swimming pool described above.

2. Sailing and Fishing

An interesting activity that also gets a sailor-like sensation is sailing. There are two options for doing this activity, namely riding a duck bike or a boat that has been prepared. Of course what is meant is open to real sailing, right! It’s just that using a boat and cruising the lake, it can be said to be a small sail.

If this one is not in a figurative sense, but actually the real activity. Fishing is an activity that requires patience. You can also do it in this vast lake in Bogor. Please bring your own fishing equipment, because you won’t find any rental places at tourist sites. Only bait is available because it is used to feed the fish in the lake. The types of fish that live in the river are tilapia, tilapia, and cork fish.

3. Tent or Camping

Interesting Activities at Situ Rawa Gede
Image Credit: Google Maps Angga Afriansyah

Camping in the forest is common, it’s also common in the mountains, how about camping on a lake? Haven’t you? For those who are curious about the sensation of camping in the open in the form of a lake, you can do it at Situ Rawa Gede. As with fishing, you are required to bring your own equipment for camping. Because, place beautiful tour does not provide tent rental facilities or the like.

The fee of 10 thousand is only used as registration, let’s say it is for renting land overnight. The distinctive sounds of lake animals are ready to become friends in one night, of course you don’t want to miss it. Especially with the sound of the trees when the wind blows, it’s quite spooky to be alone. But of course you don’t want to enjoy all the beauty and charm that is given to you alone, do you?

4. Photo spot hunting

Vacation activities are certainly not complete if you don’t take selfies or selfies. There are many beautiful spots typical of Situ Rawa Gede which can be used as a viewpoint or background. For example, when you are on the crossing deck, you can take the background in the form of a high hill beside the lake. There is a special place which is usually used as a favorite foot for tourists. This place is in the middle of the bridge or deck. You can take the right angle so that the deck is not visible, as if it were standing on the water.

Its location close to the waterfall is also often used by visitors to capture holiday moments. Few travel, either when entering the main location or when leaving it. Like a waterfall, the natural panorama that is presented is certainly very beautiful surrounded by shady green trees.

Facilities Provided

Rawa Gede Situ Facility
Image Credit: Twitter Mohamad Shopan

Don’t underestimate the facilities available even though this lake has just been inaugurated and is still in the development stage. You can use parking locations, toilets, and also a prayer room as needed. Of course the parking area and toilets are not free, meaning you have to spend a certain amount of money when you want to use them.

Don’t worry if while at the tourist location your stomach is hungry or just thirsty after being tired of playing. Many food stalls are lined up neatly with almost the same menu. The difference may be from the taste of each food provided. Or maybe you just want to rest? There is also a place that can be used in this case in the form of a hall or a wooden building which is specifically for a place to rest.

It is clear from the explanation above that Situ Rawa Gede is a tourist attraction in the form of a lake. Therefore, make sure you maintain the safety of yourself and family members or entourage. Obey all regulations in place, because these regulations are made to prevent things that are not desirable.