Situ Ciburuy, a natural tourism object full of history in West Bandung

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 08.00-23.00 WIB, Address: Ciburuy, Kec. Padalarang, Kab. West Bandung, West Java; Folder: Location Check

It cannot be denied that Indonesia is a country rich in tourism. This is proven by the existence of many tourist attractions in Indonesia with different attractions from one tourist spot to another. Including the Padalarang area, West Bandung in West Java, there are various tourist attractions, for example Situ Ciburuy.

Tourists who like to explore nature are very suitable to choose Bandung as a holiday destination because Bandung is a storehouse of natural attractions. Ranging from hills, lakes, forests, mountains, to beaches in Bandung. The Padalarang area, for example, which is a tourist spot, presents the natural beauty of the lake which is so beautiful.

Its natural beauty is no less when compared to other popular lakes in Indonesia. The name Situ Ciburuy lake is not very popular among tourists, but not a few tourists are curious about the natural beauty of the lake. This lake, which was once neglected, has finally become the prima donna for Padalarang residents.

The attractiveness of Situ Ciburuy

The Attraction of Situ Ciburuy
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1. Has Its Own History

Just like other lakes in Bandung, this lake also has its own history. Based on its history, the lake is a legacy of King Siliwangi who was once famous for the magic and magic of the white tiger. In the beginning, Situ Ciburuy was an arena for fighting champions from Java.

This lake is formed as a result of two rivers where the end of the river is Ciburuy Village. So that this tourist spot in ancient times had an important role in prestigious events in its era. One of the events in question is the lottery tradition which was held in 1942, before Indonesian independence.

This event was held near the location of Situ Ciburuy and aims as a ceremony to reject reinforcements. The ceremony is usually combined with a fishing tradition known as the ‘Lottery’. Shows and entertainment events such as ronggeng, drums, and wayang golek are often added to this event.

However, currently the Lottery tradition is rarely held. The ceremony of rejecting reinforcements is by catching fish. What is unique about fishing activities is that the fish in the lake are very easy to get by the local community. Meanwhile, it is difficult for newcomers to get fish in the lake.

2. Has a Unique Name Meaning

The name Situ Ciburuy is quite unique to hear, so many tourists are curious about what the location is like. The meaning of Situ is lake, and Ciburuy refers to the name of the village. Named Ciburuy because the lake is two small rivers where the ends meet each other in a village called Ciburuy.

In 1918, there was a dam at the confluence of the two rivers and the water was used to irrigate the rice fields. Over time, the water in the dam is getting higher and then inundating the 41 hectare area. Because of that, this place formed a lake.

Uniquely, the highest land in the middle of the lake is not flooded, forming a small island. The lake water is so clear and surrounded by trees that it looks very beautiful and cool to look at. This 8 hectare lake is utilized by the local community as a source of their livelihood.

Situ Ciburuy is used for raising fish to the tourism sector. When the water is in high tide, tourists can take a boat ride around the lake. Meanwhile, when the water has started to recede, the surface of the lake is usually used for playing football and for agricultural land.

3. Situ Ciburuy Has Been Revitalized and Designed to Be Better

The lake area is undergoing revitalization and arrangement to make it better than before. The design of the revitalization and arrangement program had started since 2019 but was stopped due to the pandemic. The program will then be continued in 2021 through two stages. Every stage is done very well.

The first stage is dredging the mud and then continuing with the construction of a plaza or landscape. Then the second stage is the arrangement of buildings and borders there. Apart from that, work was also carried out in the form of providing clean water, asphalting, and priority data collection.

The revitalization and arrangement program also carried out minor works such as repairing roofs, repairing fences that were tilted in shape, arranging RTH (Green Open Spaces) in the form of parks in lake areas, and so on. These minor improvements are targeted to be completed before the soft launch event in early July 2022.

An inspection of Situ Ciburuy conducted by the secretariat and a team of experts from the Citarum Harum Task Force resulted in a statement that the availability of lake water depends on the season. The storage capacity in the lake for irrigation is about 4 million square meters and the catchment area is approximately 6.3 kilometers.

Address, Route Location and Entrance Ticket

Situ Ciburuy address
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The location of Situ Ciburuy is at West Java West Bandung area, Padalarang to be exact. The lake whose name is adapted to the name of the village of Ciburuy has become one of the Padalarang tourism icons after revitalization and arrangement at a number of points. To get to this natural lake, tourists can use motorbikes or cars.

Tourists coming from outside the city can go through the Padalarang Timur toll gate then follow the road on Jl. Blooming Ciburials. Straight through Jl. Raya Cianjur-Bandung until it meets the West Bandung Regency BPN office on the left. Go straight a little then take a left onto Jalan Sirnasari. Next pass Jl. Sadang Corner, follow the road to Situ Ciburuy.

This tourist area is open every day from Monday to Sunday for 24 hours straight. However, tourists are advised to visit only in the morning until the afternoon. There is an entrance ticket to be able to enjoy the natural scenery at this tourist spot, which is IDR 7,500 for children and adults. Meanwhile, rent boats of various colors, namely IDR 15,000.

Interesting Activities to Do at Situ Ciburuy

Situ Ciburuy activities
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1. Riding a Boat Around the Lake

In the middle of the lake there is a small island that tourists can visit by boat. Tourists need to spend a budget of IDR 15,000 to rent boats of various colors to go around the lake and stop by the island in the middle of the lake. The boats are on the shores of the lake and can be rented by tourists.

One boat can be boarded by a maximum of 10 people. No need to worry because the local people are in control of the boat. Boats can be boarded to get around Situ Ciburuy and tourists can enjoy the breezy air while taking pictures on the boat.

2. Enjoy Culinary Servings

Another interesting activity that tourists can do when visiting this tourist spot is to enjoy culinary offerings. Even though it was not maintained, the management carried out a revitalization and arrangement program for a number of points on the lake. One of them was the arrangement of food stall facilities.

In the area around the lake there are food stalls that sell culinary dishes typical of the lake in the form of fish. The fish which is caught directly from the lake tastes very fresh and tourists can choose according to their wishes regarding processed fish dishes. For the taste itself, there is no need to doubt because it is very delicious.

3. Photo hunting

The exoticism presented by Situ Ciburuy has succeeded in hypnotizing tourists who come to visit. Therefore, tourists who come to this lake certainly don’t miss the opportunity to hunt as many photos as they like. The existence of a small island in the middle of the lake is an interesting photo object for tourists.

In addition, the boats that line the shores of the lake make lake panorama looks more beautiful. Green trees also add to the exotic side of the lake. The natural beauty of the lake feels so natural with the clear lake water that blends with the boats on the shore and shady green trees.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Situ Ciburuy facilities
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After reopening in early July 2022, this revitalized lake is even more beautiful to look at. Various facilities have been laid out very nicely, such as the arrangement on the front of Situ Ciburuy in the form of the construction of a park with the name of the lake written on it. Then also carried out the construction of various adequate public facilities.

The development in question is such as the construction of docks, mosques, restaurants, food stalls, souvenir stalls, and so on. In fact, local people who have visited this lake feel pangling with the new face of this tourist spot after the revitalization and arrangement program carried out by the manager.

The architecture of the building is now modern and looks so majestic. Parking lots and boat rentals are also available there. In carrying out the program, the management cooperates with the governor and also the ministers by carrying out two stages. The lake that was once neglected is now a tourist icon that is a source of pride.

Situ Ciburuy is a tourist spot with natural nuances and is located in the Padalarang area, West Bandung. Tourists visiting West Bandung can try to come to this tourist spot because the face of the lake is getting better compared to its old face. Don’t forget to bring a camera when visiting this exotic tourist spot in Padalarang.