Sirombu Beach, a Beautiful Beach which was a Silent Witness to the 2004 Aceh Tsunami in West Nias

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Sirombu, Kec. Sirombu, Kab. West Nias, North Sumatra.

Sirombu Beach is one of the tourist destinations in the Nias Islands and is famous for its beautiful beaches and exotic waves. This makes the beach famous to foreign countries, so many visitors come.

In the past, this beach was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami and in the past this area was a bustling city filled with shops. However, since the natural disaster hit, along this coast, only a few shops remain intact.

Even some of the ruins of the buildings are weathered and covered with weeds, but Sirombu Beach in the Regency West Nias. now getting up and back to offer beauty. Even the local government is building supporting facilities again so that tourists and local residents can be empowered again.

The Attraction of Sirombu Beach

Attractions at West Nias Sirombu Beach
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Every tourist spot has its own charm, and Sirombu Beach is no exception. The beach which was destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami is now back on its feet and offers several attractions that will not be forgotten for anyone who visits. Here are some things that make this place interesting.

✦ Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise

In addition to the beautiful and charming panorama in this place, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunset. Of course this is one of the special attractions offered at this beach, you know, this place has beautiful beaches and sand that can be used for relaxing.

You can see firsthand how the sun sets and appears from one place. It’s so beautiful, the sky that changes color when the sun sets, is perfect for evening children who want to relax in the afternoon with loved ones while watching the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

✦ Have a Complete Water Ride

Furthermore, another attraction offered from Sirombu Beach is being able to play water rides. Usually Nias people will do recreation with their families and enjoy one of the most visited tourist attractions, namely water rides.

Then what are the water rides that we can play, there you can play surfing or sirfing for beginners. Because the waves in this place tend to be calm, so many novice surfers play here. But still you have to be careful and play with reliable people.

✦ Being a Silent Witness to the 2004 Tsunami

This beach, which is located in Sirombu District, actually has another attraction, apart from its beautiful beaches and directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. This beach also has history and is a silent witness to the tsunami that occurred in 2004.

The ruins of the buildings on Sirombu Beach have overgrown with weeds which have become iconic and photo spots for visitors. Not infrequently those who come deliberately want to see the remains of the ruins and traces or seek information about events 21 years ago.

✦ Culinary at Pondok Ikan Bakar Hutagalung

One of the other attractions that you can enjoy in this place is culinary seafood such as grilled fish, sweet and sour crab and others. But what is one of the favorite places for tourists when visiting is eating at the hutgalung grilled fish hut which is located on the coast.

This wooden hut is one of the spots that you must visit when you come to Sirombu. Especially for you seafood lovers, there are also many other types of seafood dishes that you can try, you know. The price is cheap and the taste is good.

Address and Route to Location

Address of West Nias Sirombu Beach
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After knowing what attractions there are at Sirombu Beach, of course you will be interested in coming. So, if you want to visit this one tourist spot, you can come to Sirombu Village which is 13.8 km from the center of Lahomi City or 30 minutes’ drive to be precise in Sirombu District, West Nias Regency, North Sumatra.

To get to this place is actually very easy if confused visitors can search on Google maps. But the exact position of this beach is on the Sirombu tourist route and not far from Gu’u Beach, Toziro Beach, RPJ Resto Beach and Lake Bawa. The entire Region is widely known and known by the appellation aekula.

In order to get to this place you can take the route from where you live to Gunungsitoli. Then continue the journey to Lahomi and if you take the Via Gusit route, it will take 3 hours via Ononamolo, Siana’a Village on Jalan Fabaliwa. Then continue to Jalan Tetesua and see the sign on the left.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

Before you visit Sirombu Beach, of course you have to know in advance how much it costs or the entrance ticket. So you can prepare before going how much budget you have to prepare. The price of admission to this beach is only Rp. 5,000.

Very cheap isn’t it, while other tourist attractions offer expensive prices for entry tickets. But this beach actually offers a relatively cheap price so anyone can come. As for the parking fee, it starts from Rp. 2,000 per unit of vehicle.

But for the rest you have to pay for other expenses yourself and in fact almost all tourist attractions in Sirombu can also be enjoyed free of charge. Visitors from outside or tourists are also given the same entrance ticket price. But for lodging and homestay the costs are different.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities at West Nias Sirombu Beach
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after knowing how much the entrance ticket costs to this place, you can also do some interesting activities on Sirombu Beach. Of course, you can do some of these activities with loved ones and can be an inspiration when you’re confused about what to do.

1. Surfing

For those of you who like to play in the water or enjoy water tourism, surfing can certainly be the right choice. Moreover, this ride is very challenging and allows you to feel a real vacation, this beach has calm waves, so many visitors play in the water.

2. Staycation

Apart from enjoying water rides, it turns out that you can also staycation at Sirombu Beach because there are several inns that are intended for visitors who want to staycation. It will be very exciting if you come with friends, in the morning you can immediately see the sunrise on the beach.

3. Enjoying the evening air on the beach

The atmosphere in the afternoon on the beach is addictive and almost everyone is happy to see the sky changing color. It’s really beautiful because moments like this are very romantic and for couples you can really try to enjoy the afternoon at Sirombu Beach.

Available Facilities

Facilities at West Nias Sirombu Beach
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If you think that there are no adequate facilities on this beach because it is in the countryside, of course you are wrong. Because this beach is fairly modern, equipped with guaranteed public facilities. Some of the facilities provided in this place are:

  • Spacious toilet and prayer room
  • Cottage to relax
  • Lots of culinary
  • Large parking area
  • Watercraft rental equipment

So, those are various interesting things about the charming Sirombu Beach in West Nias. Hopefully you can add references to your next vacation destination.