Simpang Lima Monument, Banda Aceh’s Iconic Monument which is Full of History

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Sri Ratu Safiatuddin, Peunayong, Kuta Alam, City of Banda Aceh, Aceh; Folder: Location Check

Indonesia has been known as a country that has various historical stories because there used to be a number of countries that colonized the country until they became independent in 1945. One of the historical heritages that deserves to be remembered and cared for is the Simpang Lima Monument.

Several regions in the archipelago have monuments that are equally named Simpang Lima. However, the historical story of each monument in a number of areas is of course different. Although different, the monument is an iconic symbol of an area. You can find the Simpang Lima monument yourself if you go to the area Banda Aceh.

The uniqueness of the shape of the monument which has modern building art is an advantage possessed by the Simpang Lima Monument. The building on the monument presents a philosophical meaning as well as an interesting historical story. For this reason, it is only natural for tourists visiting Banda Aceh to feel curious about this monument.

The Attraction of the Simpang Lima Monument

The Attraction of the Simpang Lima Monument
Image Credit: Google Maps Mngthm

1. Have 4 Concept Explorations Based on Location Context

Axis oriented (axis) has a meaning as a manifestation of the shape of the Simpang Lima Monument which is in the form of 5 intersections and is on a protocol road which is not always busy. The protocol roads are Jalan Teungku Angkasa Bendahara, Jalan Sri Ratu Sfiatuddin, Jalan T. Panglima Polem, Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro, and also Tgk.HM Daud Beureuh.

The concept of an urban oasis is shown in the landscape form of a small garden and also a fountain. These two elements provide added value because the presence of a fountain and small garden is expected to reduce the temperature or climate around the monument and be more controlled.

Then, the concept of multi-purpose sculpture is embodied in the form of this monument which emphasizes aesthetic and functional aspects. With the design of this monument, there is a more comfortable space when residents want to express their aspirations or demonstrate. City landmarks become icons in Banda Aceh City.

2. The main pillars of the monument are 5 pieces

The Simpang Lima Monument has 5 main pillars and this refers to the Pillars of Islam. It’s no secret that Banda Aceh is known as an Islamic city and has strict or different religious rules from other cities. Thus, the pillars of this monument were realized on the basis of the concept of the five Pillars of Islam.

The five main pillars are towering and stunning. The design of the monument shows a lot of visualization and is dynamic when viewed from various angles. The pillars of Islam are the basic idea of ​​building the main pillars of the monument because the principles of the City of Banda Aceh are indeed habluminallah and habluminannas.

In this way, the shape of the monument is transformed into a habluminallah symbol with a conical upward shape. Meanwhile, the concept of habluminannas is embodied in the form of a monument which can be witnessed from the shape of its feet, like an endless transformation when viewed from above.

3. The design concept uses elements of city identity

Regarding the design, the Simpang Lima Monument refers to the identity elements of the City of Banda Aceh which can be seen in the garden lights and the level of the monument. The design of this monument is associated with the city’s anniversary, so it is something that is very meaningful to the community. There are 22 garden lights, the same as the anniversary of Banda Aceh City.

Meanwhile, there are 4 levels of monuments which are the anniversary of Banda Aceh City, namely April. If you pay close attention, this monument has an aesthetic and iconic design with a modern and dynamic concept. Thus, this monument is not only a city landmark but also a city public space.

Address and Route to Location

Address of the Simpang Lima Monument
Image Credit: Google Maps Dardiri Dardak

The location of the Simpang Lima Monument is located in Banda aceh, more precisely, namely at the Simpang Lima Jalan Sri Ratu Safiatuddin No.1. This monument has a distance of about 900 m when measured from the location of the Baiturrahman Great Mosque. Those of you who come from outside the area and are curious, then you can come to the Simpang Lima roundabout.

The Simpang Lima is an intersection between Jalan Sri Ratu Safiatuddin, Jalan Panglima Polem, Jalan T. Nyak Arief, Jalan Angkasa, and Jalan Pante Pirak. The position of the monument is at the intersection roundabout and can be visited by four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles. The location is so strategic, making it easy to access.

From the mosque to the monument connected by a bridge where tourists can see the high and charming view of Bukit Barisan. An application that can be used to facilitate your journey to the location of this monument is Google Maps.

You don’t need to worry anymore if you want to visit this monument which was built in 1994. That’s because this monument has the form of a monument or not a monument and its location is at the Simpang Lima roundabout, of course tourists who will come don’t have to pay anything at all.

Interesting Activities to Do at the Simpang Lima Monument

Simpang Lima Monument Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Husnul Khaleil

1. Photo Hunt

The Simpang Lima Monument in Banda Aceh has indeed undergone a number of changes in its shape. But the design and shape of the monument is now really conceptualized. That way, those of you who are visiting from outside the area will certainly want to stop by to do photo hunting activities in the area around the monument.

Therefore, items that you should not miss when you are going to visit this monument are smartphones or cameras. The photos there can be used as memories historical tour in Banda Aceh which is very interesting.

2. Enjoy the Beautiful Architecture of the Monument Building

Of course, you should enjoy the shape of the monument which currently looks artistic. At night, the building looks lit up because in that area there are several letters that can be lit and lights. No wonder so many tourists are amazed by the monument at night.

Those of you who want to witness it up close, please head to the monument building. But you have to be careful because the location is in the middle of a crossroads. There are many vehicles passing through the intersection.

3. Relax While Eating Food

Those of you who just want to relax to enjoy the atmosphere in the city of Banda Aceh, can come to the monument. Tourists can also relax while eating snacks, but still have to maintain cleanliness.

Facilities Available in the Monument Area

Simpang Lima monument facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Niyyatinur Efendi

The Simpang Lima Monument itself is not a monument that tourists can enter. However, the government there has collaborated with a trusted architect to build the monument by providing a number of facilities. That way, it can be said that this monument is friendly for tourists who come.

The facilities offered are such as a mini garden and a pond with a fountain which makes the atmosphere at the monument look fresher and more beautiful. In addition, there are also stairs that tourists use to get to the base of the monument. The steps are also not so high, so it’s easier to pass.

Other facilities in the monument area are the provision of several lights surrounding the monument building. This is so that when night falls, the monument building will still look bright and alive. There is an inscription “BANDA ACEH” which can be lit at night and can be used as a photo background.

Even though it is not a monument, the building of the Simpang Lima Monument is very artistic. That way, it can become a tourist attraction for tourists who come from outside the region or abroad. This monument is indeed a pride and even an icon in the city of Banda Aceh.