Simamora Island, Enchantment of an Exotic Island with a View of Lake Toba in Humbang Hasundutan

Has anyone ever heard of Simamora Island? Small island around the popular Lake Toba.

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Address: Tipang, Kec. Bakti Raja, Kab. Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra.

Those who have previously visited Lake Toba will know very well that this tourist spot has many islands. Starting from the largest, such as Samosir Island, to the smallest, one of which is Simamora.

The island even has its own characteristics. In the form of a very dazzling green mound. In fact, many say its presence makes the Regency even more beautiful Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra increases. Want to try here? Read the short review first below.

The Attraction of Simamora Island

Attractions on Simamora Island
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Actually, what are the attractions of Simamora Island? Is it like the islands in Indonesia in general? This island has unique things that make tourists feel interested in visiting it, such as:

1. From a Distance Similar to a Tortoise

The first attraction is that when you look from afar, the islands around Lake Toba actually look like turtles. As previously mentioned, Simamora has a characteristic green mound like the animal’s shell.

2. An Uninhabited Island

Who dreams of going on an adventure to an uninhabited island? Why not just go to this Simamora Island. The reason is not because the condition of the area is relatively small. However, more on the topography of this island which is somewhat unfriendly to live in.

While you are there, you will find lots of hills with trees. Besides that, there are so many expanses of rocks that almost dominate the island area.

3. Used to be a Buffalo Farm

Another interesting thing is that in the past, Simamora Island was used as a place for buffalo farming by local residents. Uniquely, the buffalo there have superior abilities in swimming.

This is an advantage in itself and may be the hallmark of buffalo breeders on the island. Especially when they want to sell their buffalo livestock. The buffalo will swim alone, while the owner will board the ship. You might still find views like this when you visit Simamora.

4. Has a Beautiful and Beautiful View

Apart from the facilities which can be said to be incomplete, Simamora Island in fact has its own charm for tourists. There, you can find beautiful scenery from the green of the hills, shady trees, to the blue of the lake. Maybe it will be a valuable experience of a lifetime.

5. Martoba Tradition

The charm of Simamora Island seems endless. As one of them, until now there is still being used by the local community to carry out the “Martoba” or “Mardoton” tradition.

A kind of fishing tradition that still uses traditional methods. When visiting the island, you may be able to see first hand the traditions of the local community.

Address and Route to Location

Simamora Island Address
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Until now, Simamora is still the prima donna among travelers. For those of you who also want to try visiting it, of course you have to know the location of the tour first. This island is located in Tipang Village, Batikraja District, Humbang Hasundutan Regency, North Sumatra.

You can start the journey from downtown Medan to Simamora. The required mileage is approximately 214 km. You need at least 6 hours 45 minutes to get to the location.

The route that can be passed is from Jalan Jamin Ginting with a distance of about 59.1 KM. If you go this way, you need 2 hours and 10 minutes of travel time. Continue through the road until you enter the Barusjahe road area for 19.3 km.

After that, please direct your vehicle to Jalan Kabanjahe Brand with a distance of 46 km. After arriving, point the vehicle back to Port III, approximately 50.8 km away.

Continue the journey by taking the Pollung-Persingguran route for about 20.2 km. Finally, to get to Simamora Island, you have to use a canoe, because you have to cross the lake.

Travel Expenses to Simamora Island

After knowing the information about tourist sites, of course you are wondering whether to enter this beautiful tour you have to pay a fee? Because there is no official manager, until now a specific entry fee has not been determined.

However, you may have to set up more funds to pay for a fishing boat or canoe. They usually rent out their boats for tourists who want to cross to see Simamora up close.

For now, the boat rental rates are indeed wise for you to negotiate with the fishermen there. Also prepare money to buy food or drinks, because there are also special restaurants there. In addition, you can also use it for overnight accommodation if needed.

Interesting Activities to Do on Simamora Island

Interesting Activities on Simamora Island
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After coming to Simamora Island, what can you do there? Don’t worry, because visitors can do a number of exciting and interesting activities. Some examples include:

1. Enjoying the Beauty of Simamora Peak

From the top of Simamora Island, visitors can enjoy the impressive natural beauty. The view of Lake Toba looks beautiful and unique. Apart from that, you can also see the beauty of the Siamak Pandan valley and Timpang Village from a height.

2. Picking Mangoes

Don’t get me wrong, if you happen to go there and it coincides with the mango season, it will definitely be the best experience. Visitors may take mangoes that are fruiting as much as they like until they get bored.

3. Swimming

If you have come to Lake Toba, it is clear that it is incomplete without swimming. Including when you visit Simamora. Around the island the water is very clear and calm, so it is safe to use for swimming.

4. Camping

Do you want to try spending the night on Simamora Island? You can too, because at the peak there happens to be a special spot for camping. Don’t forget to prepare your own equipment and supplies from home first. It must be very nice to be able to spend the night at the top of Simamora under the sky and stars and accompanied by the crashing waves and the distinctive sound of insects.

5. Visit Batu Gaja Restaurant

Not far from natural attractions, you can see a restaurant called Batu Gaja. If there is still time, it’s a good idea to stop by there too. After being around, you might already feel hungry.

The menu at the Batu Gaja restaurant is fairly complete. Starting from seafood such as tilapia, gourami, grouper, squid, and many more. Everything is processed into a variety of delicious and tempting dishes.

6. Stay at nearby inns

Don’t really like staying at the top of Simamora? Take it easy, you can spend the night while resting at this Batu Gaja hotel. The rates are fairly cheap, starting at only 300 thousand.

7. Fishing

Anyone like fishing? On Simamora Island, there are quite comfortable fishing spots. Many visitors can get various types of fish. Starting tilapia fish, tilapia, and still others.

Facilities Available in the Island Area

Facilities on Simamora Island
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Regarding the facilities, it is still not qualified until now. The local community and the government are still working together to make this beautiful tour comfortable to visit.

Hopefully in the future Simamora tourism can be more developed. With the addition of facilities so that visitors who come are also increasing from time to time.

Those are some interesting things about the famous Simamora Island in Humbang Hasundutan. This tourist destination might be a reference for your next vacation.