Sikidang Dieng Crater – Legend, Location & Ticket Prices

Sikidang Dieng Wonosobo Crater or also known as Sikidang Dieng Banjarnegara Crater is an area that must be visited if you visit the Dieng Plateau.

Slightly different from other craters which are at the top of a volcano, this crater is located on a flat land area so that visitors are more free to enjoy the natural phenomenon of erupting mud and its natural atmosphere which is no less unique.

However, this crater does not only offer its natural charm but its various cultural diversity. Interested in visiting? Let’s follow the important information below first.

Legend of the Sikidang Dieng Wonosobo Crater

The name of this crater is taken from the name “Kijang” in Javanese, namely “Sikidang”. It is called Kijang because of the condition of friends who have been jumping around for about 4 years. This crater is also inseparable from its legend.

The legend of the Sikidang Dieng Crater tells of a wealthy prince who wants to marry Shinta Dewi’s daughter, named Prince Kidang. Unfortunately, this prince took the form of a deer and made Shinata Dewi surprised and put forward conditions before marrying him.

Shinta Dewi asked Prince Kidang to make a well in one night, but because she was worried that the conditions would be fulfilled and she would have to marry the prince. Shinta Dewi buried the well and Prince Kidang was buried alive.

Feeling betrayed, Prince Kidang was angry and cursed Shinta Dewi’s offspring to have dreadlocks hair. Because of this anger, a new crater was formed which was named Sikidang Crater.

Sikidang Dieng Crater Tour

Sikidang Dieng Crater
Sikidang Dieng Crater

Sikidang Dieng Crater Tour is vacation area flagship in Mount Dieng. The uniqueness of the crater, the ease of access and the all-white natural conditions are the main attraction.

Around the crater, you will find a bridge that is bordered by a fence so you can take a leisurely walk and take fun pictures. That’s not all, there are many other interesting activities that Advontura has briefly prepared for you! Let’s checkhis.

Cooking Poached Eggs in a Small Crater

One of the main activities that you must try when visiting here is trying to cook boiled eggs in a small crater provided specifically for visitors.

You only need to prepare chicken/duck eggs, plastic and wood/bamboo. Put the egg in the plastic and hang the plastic on the wood/bamboo then dip it in the small crater provided. It doesn’t take long, in 5 minutes your eggs are ready to eat.

You can bring eggs from home or buy eggs that have been provided by the local community. Not only eggs, you can try boiled potatoes which are sold by local people.

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Posing Around the Crater

This crater is one of the craters that is still active but still safe to visit. You can take a walk around the crater with the existing bridge. However, you are strictly prohibited from walking out of the fence that has been installed because the ground around tends to be fragile.

For those of you who want to have printed photos for keepsakes, here there are also photography and photo printing services at fairly cheap prices.

Try the Playground

The rides here are no less exciting, there are bicycles, trail bikes, ATVs, flying fox and horses. For those of you who want to test your guts, you can rent a trail motorbike at a rental fee of IDR 50,000 per 30 minutes.

Enjoy Dieng Typical Food

If you visit here, don’t be afraid of hunger because there are various food stalls around this area. The menu that must be tried is Purwoceng drinka typical Dieng body warmer.

Buy Dieng Typical Souvenirs

The Dieng area is famous for its superior agricultural products. Here you can hunt for various agricultural products which are of course fresher and cheaper than in other places. In addition you can buy edelvis flowerbaju dieng, shall and solid sulfur as souvenirs.

Dieng Culture Festival

Every year, Dieng residents will celebrate the Dieng Culture Festival. A celebration of Dieng children’s dreadlock cutting. Usually this festival is held in the middle or end of the year, according to what the children want when they cut their hair.

In this festival you can witness the sacredness of Dieng culture and enjoy various entertainments. Such as Traditional Rituals, Jazz Above the Clouds, Clean Dieng Action and so on. To take part in this festival you can pay an entrance ticket of IDR 360,000 per person.

Location of Sikidang Dieng Crater

The location of the Sikidang Dieng Crater is actually in Banjarnegara Regency. Precisely in Batur District, Banjarnegara Regency, Central Java. It is 23.2 kilometers or about 1 hour 1 minute from Wonosobo.

Sikidang Dieng Crater Entrance Ticket

The entrance ticket for Sikidang Dieng Crater as of January 1, 2021 is Rp. 20,000.00 per person. By paying for this one entry ticket, you can already enjoy the Arjuna Temple and Bima Temple Areas.

Sikidang Dieng Crater Opening Hours

Before the pandemic, this area was very busy with visitors. This area was also temporarily closed due to the booming visitors during the pandemic.

Currently this tourist area is open from 7 am to 5 pm. However, there are some new protocols and some special lines opened during the pandemic.

Visiting Tips

sikidang dieng crater
Sikidang Dieng Crater Tour (Photo by

This crater is an area with sulfur gas that is strong enough to be toxic, for that it’s a good idea to follow some of the following visiting tips.

Wear a Mask or Mouth Cover

Before visiting, prepare a mask or mouth covering to protect yourself from poison gas. This is very important for your safety during your visit.

Follow the Existing Signs

Because the crater area is active, the soil conditions around it tend to be fragile and dangerous. So understand and obey the existing signs and never walk past the existing barrier.

Keep Garbage and Clean

Where the earth stands, there the sky is upheld. This area is indeed a tourist area, but that doesn’t mean you can act as you please. Keep clean and respect your surroundings.

That’s all for our discussion of the Sikidang Dieng Crater. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to visit or are confused about finding a vacation spot. See you on the discussion of other Indonesian tourist destinations!

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