Setu Patok, Natural Tourism Object with Historical Stories in Cirebon

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: district Mundu, Kab. Cirebon, West Java.; Folder: Location Check

Attractions that are cheap and still worth visiting are a dream for some tourists. If you are currently in Cirebon, please stop by Setu Patok. This is an alternative tourist attraction which is still a lot of visitors. In fact, every day there are always people who come, it will be more crowded on holidays.

Cirebon is one of the regencies in West Java which has beautiful natural charm. Visiting here is guaranteed not to be boring, because there are many tourist objects that are used as destinations. From its geographical location, Cirebon has many enchanting natural attractions. Waterfalls, mountains, hills, and even a lake make for good destinations.

Setu Patok is one of the lakes in question, its location at the foot of Mount Ciremai makes it have cool air and beautiful views. Here, there are many activities to do, especially for children. The reason is, this tourist attraction in Cirebon is equipped with a game ride called Ciwalk.

Setu Patok’s Attractiveness

The Attraction of Setu Patok
Image Credit: Google Maps Muhammad Saefuddin

What makes a tourist attraction always crowded with visitors is because of the attraction it has. For tourists, knowing the attractiveness of a tourist object is very important. The reason, of course, is to get a quick overview before heading to the location.

1. History of Setu Patok

Before discussing the other attractions of Setu Patok, we will first discuss the history or origins of this lake. In Indonesia, every place has a history that has been passed down from generation to generation. Regarding whether it is true or not, we still have to respect what the local people believe until now.

The existence of this river or lake cannot be separated from the condition of the Mundu area, the location of this tourist attraction, which is prone to flooding due to the overflow of the Naggela River. Local residents are confused about how to overcome this problem that always occurs. Until in the end, a community leader named Kiai Ento Rujitnala built a dam.

He is a descendant of King Luwung who was respected by the local people at his time. In the end, he built a dam large enough to contain the overflow of the Naggela River. But unfortunately, because of the large amount of water that entered, the dam could not accommodate it until it finally broke.

There was no other way that had occurred to him until he finally made a contest. The history of Setu Patok cannot be separated from this contest, where he promised marriage with his beautiful daughter to anyone who could overcome this problem. Muqoyyim Seya, he is the young man who first tried this contest.

Still using the dam built by Kiai Ento Rujitnala, Muqoyyim Seya then made stakes at several points. Connect the stakes with a thread to form a circumference. Then he asked the cleric and local residents to pray and provide a solution, until finally a strong dam was formed to this day.

2. Beautiful Natural Scenery

The next attraction of Setu Patok is the beautiful natural scenery. Here, almost all the scenery looks refreshing green. Only part of the river that looks brown, but still clean. The combination of green scenery with calm lake water looks so perfect.

Visiting here is not only for entertainment, but also as a healing activity from daily activities. Apart from the green scenery and calm lake water, another view that can be seen is Mount Ciremai. Even though it’s not very clear, it still looks exotic and amazing.

3. Game rides are available

Attraction in Setu Patok
Image Credit: Google Maps Hanza Nadila

Most of the visitors who come to Setu Patok are from families. The other few are couples of young men and women who want to spend their vacation time. Usually, families invite their children because there are lots of fun rides here.

As said before, there is a special area called Ciwalk. This is where visitors can later use the various games provided. ATV is one of them, where the terrain that must be traversed is quite challenging. Besides that, there is also Paintball which is very exciting if played with a group or group.

4. Strategic location

No matter how good a tourist attraction is, if the location is remote, it is likely to be empty of visitors. Setu Patok is not the case, apart from the attractions mentioned above, the location is also strategic. Visiting tourist attractions in Cirebon is guaranteed not to be difficult because of its location in the city center.

Address and Route to Location

Setu Patok's address
Image Credit: Google Maps Ofik Taufik

In order to get the exact location of this natural tourist attraction, we deliberately discuss it in a special chapter. Although strategic, not all tourists who want to visit know the exact point. To make it easier, record the complete address in Setu Patok Village, Mundu District, Cirebon Regency, West Java.

From the city center, the distance you have to travel is about 12 kilometers. Close enough of course, because you only need at least 30 minutes to reach it. Of the many routes, the most recommended is via Jalan Kalijaga. If unsure, use the Google Maps application or other digital maps.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Setu Patok Entrance Ticket Prices
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Visiting Setu Patok is guaranteed not to make a hole in your pocket or even go bankrupt. The reason is, there is no entry ticket price that applies here, so you can say it’s free. Fees are only required for tourists who bring private vehicles. Please prepare 3,000 rupiah for those who bring motorcycles, and 5,000 if you bring a car.

Apart from these costs, you also have to prepare a budget if you want to try the rides provided. Prices vary, depending on the vehicle you choose. At least, the cost that must be spent for one ride is 20,000 rupiah. Please visit anytime here, but it is more advisable on holidays because it is quite crowded.

Interesting Activities to Do at Setu Patok

Interesting Activities at Setu Patok
Image Credit: Google Maps cho_soep

When you want to visit a tourist attraction, there are many calculations that must be done. It’s not just knowing the attractions, locations, and ticket prices. Apart from that, you also have to know what activities are interesting to do while at the location.

1. Picnic While Healing

Setu Patok is one of the tourist attractions in Cirebon which is suitable for picnic activities. For those who are lazy to do other activities, relaxing here is highly recommended. Not just relaxing of course, but also while enjoying the natural scenery. Mount Ciremai, shady trees, and calm river water are suitable as healing media.

2. Trying the Game Rides

The next activity is to try the games provided. Indeed, not so much when compared to other tours that specifically offer rides. However, the existence of ATVs and Paintball may be enough to fill the time during the holidays. Especially for children, this activity is guaranteed to make them happier.

3. Fishing

Fishing is another interesting activity in Setu Patok that you shouldn’t miss. Indeed, there are no big fish here, because some of them are inhabited by freshwater fish such as tilapia, tilapia and snakehead fish. But fishing is guaranteed to make you feel more comfortable and not boring because you can enjoy the natural scenery around the location and breathe fresh air.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Setu Patok Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Hidayat Angga Nugraha

What about the facilities provided, are they complete? Don’t worry, this tourist attraction is well managed so there are many supporting facilities. First is the parking lot which is quite large and can accommodate hundreds of vehicles at once. Toilets are also here, as well as food stalls which are neatly lined up along the entrance.

It cannot be denied that Indonesia is a paradise for tourists. This is because there are many tourist objects that can be visited, even spread evenly in each region. Setu Patok is just one of them which has a lot of charm. This tourist spot is suitable as an alternative vacation for those who have a thin budget.