Sermo Reservoir – Entrance Tickets, Locations & Exciting Activities 2021

The Special Region of Yogyakarta is also known as the city of students. The city of Jogja is also often targeted by tourists, both local and foreign, because it presents amazing tourist locations. One of them that you can try is Sermo Yogyakarta Reservoir.

This reservoir, which is located in the Kulon Progo Regency area, is the only reservoir in Yogyakarta Province. For visitors who are nature lovers, you will surely be amazed by the natural panorama that is presented in this reservoir.

Everything will be more perfect if you visit this tourist destination to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with your friends, family or partner. Are you curious about what the Sermo Kulon Progo Reservoir tour looks like in full? Come on, read this article to the end.

Sermo Kulon Progo Reservoir Tour

The Sermo Reservoir is a reservoir with an area of ​​157 hectares, which was built in 1994. This reservoir was built by damming the Ngrancah River, and finally began operating and was inaugurated by President Soeharto on November 20, 1966.

This reservoir, which can hold around 179.50 cubic meters of water, has various functions ranging from providing clean water to industry and PDAM, irrigating rice fields, rowing competition arenas, training for the Air Force Academy, until now it is used as a tourist location in Jogja. .

It is not wrong that this reservoir area is used as a tourist spot. Because the combination of clear green lake water, lush trees around and the reflection of sunlight on the surface of the water, makes the natural panorama of Sermo Reservoir look so beautiful.

Coupled with the background of the reservoir which is surrounded by hills and the dashing Menoreh mountains, it will certainly amaze you even more when you are here.

Apart from enjoying the natural charm that is presented, visitors can try several other interesting activities, including the following:

Instagramable Photo Spots

In addition to the scenic beauty of the Sermo reservoir that you should capture. There are also various here instagenic photo spots what you can try starts from Wild Roots, Water Bamboo Garden, Pethu Hill, Munggur Park, Pring Kuning Park, Sri Tinon Gumuk, Floating Island, Pandang Viewpoint to Jangkang Hill.

Even more perfect if you take photos in the afternoon. With a background of interesting spots coupled with the beauty of the reservoir which is complemented by the sunset. It will definitely make your photos look so amazing.

When you want to visit the photo spots above, make sure you bring extra money. Because some of these spots visitors will be charged an additional fee ranging from 5 thousand to 10 thousand rupiah.

Tour in Sermo Reservoir
sermo reservoir (Photo by Ig @fadliadisadli_

Around the Reservoir

If you are bored just taking selfies, visitors can also do other interesting activities, namely going around the reservoir area by using the Getek Boat. By pedaling the boat while going around the reservoir and feeling the breeze, it will make your vacation day even more enjoyable.

However, if you are too lazy to pedal a boat, you can try another alternative, namely renting a motorized boat. Visitors do not need to be tired of rowing a boat to get around the reservoir.

Relax in the Gazebo

Stop for a moment to relax in the gazebo of the Mushroom House or the Stage House while chatting with family, friends or partner, the perfect thing to make your tiredness and tiredness disappear.


For those of you who have a hobby of fishing, Sermo tourism is the right choice. Here visitors can find various types of freshwater fish, but what is the prima donna among anglers in this reservoir is Red Devil Cichlid fish.

Camping at Sermo Reservoir

For visitors who are not satisfied just seeing the beauty of this reservoir in a day. You can also try camping activities in the camping ground area in the area around the reservoir that has been provided.

Because of its very strategic location, you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset in this reservoir more perfectly. As soon as you wake up you can also feel the freshness and coolness of the air, complemented by the charm of the morning sun that appears behind the Menoreh mountains.

It will definitely be an unforgettable day and even more fitting if you do camping on New Year’s Eve with your friends. It’s sure to be fun.

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Opening hours

Visitors can visit the tourist site of the Kulon Progo reservoir every day. With opening hours from 07.00 to 17.00. However, the camping ground area itself is open 24 hours. You can comfortably spend the night and enjoy the beauty of the natural panorama in this tourist area.

Entrance Ticket to Sermo Kulon Progo Reservoir

The ticket price for entering the Sermo Reservoir can be said to be very affordable. You only need to pay a ticket fee of Rp. 5,000/person, while children only pay Rp. 2,000.

However, visitors who bring their vehicles are also subject to a parking fee of IDR 2,000 for 2-wheeled vehicles, IDR 3,000 for 4-wheeled vehicles and IDR 5,000 for tourist buses.

Location of Sermo Yogyakarta Reservoir

For those of you who want to visit this one tourist destination, Sermo Reservoir is located on Jl. Lkr. Sermo, Sremo Lor, Hargowilis Village, Kokap District, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55653.

This reservoir tourist destination is approximately 34 km to 37 km from the center of the Special Region of Yogyakarta and takes approximately 60 minutes to arrive at the point of the reservoir tourist location.

The road to the Sermo Jogja Reservoir

Camping in Sermo Reservoir
Camping in Sermo Reservoir (Photo by Google Maps – Tsalits Nugroho )

The route to Sermo Reservoir can be said to be very easy to reach, whether you are using a motorbike or a car.

If you want to go to this location using public transportation, visitors can choose the available Trans Jogja bus. Once you arrive at the terminal you can use a motorcycle taxi or other local vehicles to arrive at the point where the reservoir is located.

But if you use a private vehicle. From downtown Jogja you can head to Jalan Wates, then walk for a few kilometers until you find a statue of the white horse west of the square.

From there you can follow the directions that have been provided to arrive at the location point Kulon Progo tour this.

Sermo Kulon Progo Reservoir Facility

In this tourist area, it is also equipped with several adequate facilities. The Sermo Jogja Reservoir facility is made to provide a sense of comfort for every visitor who comes.

The facilities provided range from prayer rooms, parking areas, trash cans, public toilets, seats, boat and fishing equipment rentals, gazebos to stalls selling various food menus that you can find in this tourist area.

Thus the information about Sermo Yogyakarta Reservoir tourism. Hopefully the information above is useful for those of you who are looking for references to tourist destinations to spend the New Year’s holidays. See you in the discussion of other exciting tourist destinations.

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