Savana Tegal Panjang, Enchantment of the Stunning Savana in Bandung

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 08.00-23.00 WIB, Address: Neglawangi, Kec. Paperari, Kab. Bandung West Java; Folder: Location Check

Savana Tegal Panjang is a tourist attraction that is currently starting to hit. Not without reason, of course because it has a lot of beauty that other tourist objects don’t have. Actually this time it is not a tourist spot, but rather a nature reserve protected by the local government.

As the name implies, this place is a vast expanse of grassland. As far as the eye can see there is a soothing green color to the eye. Visiting here is guaranteed not to make you bored because there are many exciting activities that can be done. In addition, the air is also cool, there is almost no pollution from factory smoke and motorized vehicles.

Please note, this savanna is located in Bandung, precisely in the District Kertasari. Surely many know that Bandung is a district that has many tourist destinations. The cool weather makes this area more popular with tourists from all over the archipelago.

The Attraction of the Tegal Panjang Savana

The Attraction of the Long Tegal Savana
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Even though it is not an official tourist attraction, the fact is that Savana Tegal Panjang has many attractions that cannot be underestimated. This attraction is the reason why many tourists visit. Starting from the collection of animals in it, the cool air, to the amazing natural scenery.

1. Collection of Savana Animals in Tegal Panjang

The first attraction is the many wild animals that live in this protected forest. Most of them are protected birds, such as the almost extinct Javanese eagle and tiger. Apart from that, there are also wild boars whose voices can only be heard from afar. At certain times you can also often see forest goats with their unique horns.

Some of the wild animals in the Tegal Panjang Savana are protected, so visitors are not allowed to destroy or poach. Because there are some that are wild animals, it is recommended to be careful. In this place it is also permissible to set up tents and camp, but you still have to maintain your own safety because there are many wild animals.

2. Stunning Natural Beauty

It cannot be denied that the main attraction of this tourist attraction in Bandung is its enchanting natural beauty. Savannah which means wide meadow is very clearly seen here. Not just any grass, of course, but sedge grass or reeds that reach the waist of an adult.

The beauty of the Tegal Panjang Savana can be seen from various angles. For example, from a distance it looks like a valley with its distinctive terraced contours. This is due to differences in the color of the grass that is visible due to the bias from sunlight. Apart from being green, on the one hand you can see a yellowish color which is quite beautiful and never tires of pleasing the eye.

Not a few tourists who equate its beauty with the meadows in Europe. Maybe you will also think the same after visiting and observing everything in the location. Although there are other opinions, at least they still cannot get rid of their unusual beautiful charm.

3. Natural and Beautiful Atmosphere

Savana Tegal Panjang is far from urban areas, it can be said that the location is close to the countryside. This makes it a beautiful and natural-looking place. Almost every point of its location has never been touched by ignorant human hands. The air is cool, cold, and the atmosphere is very beautiful.

Interestingly, there is a small river in the middle of this meadow. The river makes the atmosphere more beautiful, suitable for use as a healing medium. From up close, the melodious sound of the river flowing was heard quite clearly, which was blocked by small rocks. In addition to the eyes that are spoiled by her charm, the mind is clearer and far from stress.

Address and Route to Location

Address Savana Tegal Panjang
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If you are interested in visiting Savana Tegal Panjang, please go to Neglawangi Village, Kertasari District, Bandung Regency, West Java. That’s where this hits tourist attraction is located. To reach it, you can use any type of vehicle, but it is still recommended to use a private vehicle.

But what is clear, you have to continue the hiking trip on foot upon arrival in the countryside. There is no road access to tourist sites, there are only footpaths. It’s quite far, at least it takes 6 hours to arrive at the location. The journey is getting more difficult because the typical contours of the mountains that climb always accompany your journey.

Previously, you had to head to Neglawangi Village first to visit Savana Tegal Panjang. This village is about 65 kilometers from the center of Bandung, which can be reached in 3 hours by motorbike or car. The most recommended route is to head to Ciparay, then take the road that leads to the Tirta Raya Swimming Pool.

Continue the journey to Jalan Raya Pacet, then to Jalan Raya Cibeureum. After that, all you have to do is direct the vehicle to the Tarumajaya Village Monument. The journey continues up to the Neglawangi Village Office, this is where you have to park your vehicle and continue your journey to the destination tourist object.

Even though it is very far, the walk to Tegal Panjang Savana is very pleasant. This is because during the trip always accompanied by natural beauty. For example, the tea plantations that you encounter when you start climbing. After that, heading into the denser forest, you can feel the green scenery and the calm atmosphere.

It’s important to note, you don’t need to pay anything while you’re here. The reason is, this unofficial tourist attraction is free and does not charge anything. It’s just that you need to take care of SIMAKSI as the main requirement for climbing. In addition, there is also a parking fee which is usually voluntary.

Interesting Activities in Tegal Panjang Savana

Tegal Panjang Savana Activities
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Due to the difficulty of climbing that must be done, not all tourists can visit Savana Tegal Panjang. Most of the visitors come from students and nature lovers. The goals and activities vary, some want to do research or just want to enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature.

1. Tracking to the Location

The first activity that should not be missed because it is very interesting is tracking to the location. This activity is considered very interesting because during the trip, natural beauty always accompanies it. The vast expanse of the rice fields and plantations of the residents is very clearly visible, so beautiful and soothing to the eye.

2. Enjoying Natural Scenery

Next is enjoying the natural scenery, including activities not to be missed. It could even be said that the main purpose of tourists coming to visit Savana Tegal Panjang is to enjoy its charm. The green and beautiful scenery is even more complete with a small river flowing in the middle of the meadow.

3. Camping or Camping

Camping or camping is a mandatory activity when visiting exotic tourist attraction here in Bandung. The reason is, you are not likely to travel up and down in just one day. Besides that, it’s incomplete if you haven’t witnessed the enchanting sunrise that is so beautiful.

4. Photo spot hunting

This tourist object does not have a special spot for photography activity. However, because its beauty can be seen in all directions, it means that almost all location points are suitable as photo objects. You just need to determine the right background, whether you want to take meadows, hills or rivers.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Tegal Panjang Savana Facility
Image Credit: Facebook Hendra Messa

Because Savana Tegal Panjang is not an official tourist attraction, there are not many facilities that can be found. In the main location there are no facilities that you can use. Some facilities are only found in the village where you start climbing. It’s not that much either, just a parking lot and a simple stall.

That’s what we can say about the hits tourist attraction in Bandung which has amazing natural beauty. Although minimal facilities, does not mean this place is not suitable to visit. As with visiting mountains and other hills, visiting Savana Tegal Panjang is expected to bring sufficient supplies.