Samas Beach, an Exotic Marine Paradise Rich in Enchantment in Bantul, Jogja

Ticket price: IDR 4,000 Operational hour: 09.00–17.00 WIB, Address: Sogo Sanden, Srigading Village, Kec. Sanden, Kab. Bantul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

Exploring tourist destinations in Indonesia seems never ending. In one tourist object in the form of a beach, for example, you can find lots of it in various provinces with their own beauty. One of the most popular and never empty of visitors is Samas Beach Bantul. The natural panorama from the sea with strong winds is its own characteristic. The wind also brings big waves to the beach which is also a beautiful sight.

Bantul is one of the regencies in Yogyakarta with amazing tourism potential in the form of beaches. Of course, you know Parangtritis with its exotic natural scenery. This maritime destination can be said to be a beach that almost matches the beauty of the beach located in Parangtritis Village, Kretek. Some tourists who have visited even consider Samas Beach to be the second Parangtritis.

Samas Beach does not only offer the unique beauty of the beach, but also the uniqueness that is the main attraction for tourists. It’s not much different from what you can find on other beaches. But this time you can enjoy the beauty of the Lagoon and River Delta. For local residents, the existence of the Laguna and Delta brings its own blessings because it is where the fish gather. As for tourists, the promising natural panorama provides a special attraction.

The attraction of Samas Beach, Bantul

The attraction of Samas Beach, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps Achdiat Septiawan

You must also know that every tourist location has its own charm. This is the reason why many visitors come. Samas Beach is the same way, there is an attraction that makes it unique and different from the others. What are the attractions that characterize it? Here are some of the most interesting!

1. Enchantment of the Lagoon

Above, it was mentioned a little that there is something different about this beautiful beach, namely the existence of a lagoon. Local residents gave it the name Pengklik Lagoon which empties into the Opak River Delta. The river was formed due to natural processes, namely sea water abrasion. Calm water currents without waves is the main attraction, where the incident was caused by a barrier in the form of a mound of soil from the abrasion.

2. Black Beach Sand

If in other places you can find white sand on the beach, this time it’s different. Samas Beach has fine black sand which is commonly used for building materials. Actually, almost all beaches in Jogja have this type of sand. For example, at Parangtritis beach, you can find quite a wide stretch of black sand. Even wider than that of Samas beach.

For children, this type of sand is an attraction for him. The texture is soft and easy to shape. They certainly can easily make buildings or whatever they want. Not a few adults who also try to play sand to fill their spare time while on vacation.

3. Turtle Conservation

Attraction Has Samas Beach Bantul
Image Credit: Google Google Maps Deasy A. desiliani

Not many beaches are found that are also Turtle Conservation. Maybe even the only one in Yogyakarta. Indeed, this beautiful beach in Bantul is often visited by these shelled animals when laying their eggs. That’s why Rujito came up with an interesting idea, which is to make turtle hatcheries and release them after they hatch.

It is said to be an attraction because visitors can help release the turtles to go out to sea. If you are interested in doing this, please come in the afternoon because the activity is carried out in the evening. The goal is to avoid predators that frequently appear during the day.

4. Samas Beach Bamboo Bridge

Right at the Clicking Lagoon Location, there is a long bamboo bridge. This place is usually used for those who want selfie photos. The width is only 1 meter with a length of about 200 meters. It is unique because the bridge juts into the sea so that tourists seem to be above sea water. To enjoy or enter the bamboo bridge, prepare 5,000 rupiah.

Location Address and Route

Address Samas Beach, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps Christina Devi

It is not difficult to find the location of Samas Beach because it is not far from the southern causeway. The complete address is Sogo Sanden, Srigading, Sanden, Bantul, In Yogyakarta, please see the map for the exact location. The route is also easy, not far from Parangtritis beach, about 4 km and can be reached in 10 minutes by car.

For those of you who are in downtown Jogja, please take the south direction to Jalan Brigjen Katamso. Continue the journey until you arrive at Jalan Parangtritis and go straight until you find the T-junction on Jalan Cepit – Tembi. From that point, please take the south direction to get to Jalan Bantul. Please continue the journey to get to this beautiful beach area because the location is not far when you arrive at the last point.

Price of admission

Samas Beach Bantul Tickets
Image Credit: Google Maps Norbertus Yuni Artanto

Nothing is expensive for a class of tourist object in the form of a beach, as well as Samas Beach, Bantul. Visitors only need to pay an entrance ticket of 4,000 rupiah, both adults and children. Meanwhile, renting a parking area is only charged 5,000 for cars, and 2,000 for motorbikes. Besides all the costs mentioned, there is another optional fee for those who wish to enter the bamboo bridge and flower garden. The costs that must be incurred are 5,000 rupiah each. Not expensive right?

Interesting Activities to Do

Activities at Samas Beach, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps Icunk Obid

It’s not complete if you haven’t done interesting activities while on vacation. In almost every beach, all activities are not much different. Activities on the beach are certainly still related to its appeal. For example, when on a bamboo bridge, you can walk along the bridge while enjoying the fresh air typical of the beach. Apart from that, here are activities that can be done at Samas Beach!

1. Playing Sand and Water

Black sand is not only an attraction, but also an interesting activity. Visitors usually compete to build interesting objects, such as sand castles, houses, and even just make underground tunnels. This activity can be done by all ages, both children and adults, or men and women.

In addition, playing in sea water can also be an alternative activity. Occasionally the greeting of the waves that creep on the beach makes the atmosphere even redder. Especially when the wind is strong, usually the waves that roll on the beach are higher. However, you still have to pay attention to safety, it is not uncommon for big waves to drag to the middle of the beach.

2. Relax in the Flower Garden

Tired of playing on the shores of Samas Beach? Not far from the location, there is a beautiful garden with flowers dominated by sunflowers. Uniquely, this garden filled with beautiful flowers is actually only used to protect chili plants around the site. It’s just that when it gets more and more crowded, the owner takes the initiative to plant more flowers and charge fees for those who want to enter to enjoy its beauty.

If you are interested, please come to Tegalsari Hamlet, Srigading, Sanden District, Bantul Regency. The area of ​​the park is quite enough to spend the rest of the time after enjoying the beauty of this beach. The beauty is increasingly seen when the flower formation is adjusted to the color. There is an elongated one with all the yellow, followed by a white next to it. There are also small plots with colorful flowers. Red, yellow, purple and white are the colors that you can see in the Bantul flower garden.

3. Floating Culinary Tourism

Enjoying the dishes in the stalls is definitely normal. What about floating culinary? This is also the difference between Samas Beach and other beaches. Visitors can enjoy typical dishes from fish caught by fishermen. No need to be afraid of waves because the shop is built semi-permanently on a tree.

It’s even more interesting with a stall design that is similar to a gazebo. So you can clearly enjoy the beauty of the sea without any obstacles. Likewise with the beach breeze that sometimes makes the atmosphere drift. No need to be afraid of the price because it is still affordable for the lower middle class.

In the same place, you can clearly enjoy the beauty of the beach when you are at the viewing post. It’s not too high, but enough to see the open sea from a prettier point. Apart from that, there is also a children’s playground which is definitely safer than playing on the beach.

4. Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise

Fun Activities at Samas Beach, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps Mytha Nura

Activities are more complete when you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. Please note, not all the beach presents a beautiful natural panorama like this. It depends on the stretch and direction of the coast, because there are also beaches whose east and west are covered by land or islands next to them.

If you want to enjoy the sunset at Samas Beach, please come in the afternoon before dusk. Conversely, if you want to witness the beauty of the sun’s orange rays when it rises, please come before the time the sun appears. However, you can enjoy everything when the weather is sunny and not cloudy.

5. Photo spot hunting

In terms of capturing moments when on vacation, almost every tourist does it. It can even be said that a vacation is wasted if you don’t have a memento in that regard. Moreover, there are many beautiful spots that can be used as exciting moments during the holidays. You can also share on social media if needed.

The beautiful spot in question is the bamboo bridge. Not many think about taking pictures with that point. Even if the point of view is taken correctly, the photos will certainly be beautiful and will not disappoint when uploaded to social media. Another beautiful spot is definitely the sunflower garden. The beauty of the colorful flowers is too dear to be missed. With various poses, you can use the beautiful flower garden background.

Available Facilities

Samas Beach Facilities, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps I just want to know

Every well-managed tourist spot certainly has adequate facilities, you can get the same thing when you are at Samas Beach. Facilities such as toilets, prayer rooms, and parking lots are ensured. besides that, there are also inns that are ready to be used as a place to rest if you come far from tourist sites. The place is not too far from the beach location. So you can come back anytime if you are not satisfied to enjoy its beauty.

What’s on Samas Beach, Bantul, is sure to be interesting to enjoy. Both in the form of activities and facilities. The attraction is extraordinary and supported by adequate facilities. It’s just that because it’s a beach, you should be vigilant, especially for those who bring children under age. The south coast is known for its strong winds and big waves which can be dangerous.