Salman ITB Mosque, a Unique Mosque with Philosophical Architecture in Bandung

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Jl. Ganesha, Lebak Siliwangi, Kec. Coblong, Bandung City, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Salman Mosque ITB Bandung has a long history that is quite complicated in the construction process. Those of you who were teaching students at that time would know this. In contrast to mosques on other campuses, which are currently very easy to build, because mosques are common on any campus.

In Indonesia, all campuses or universities have mosques. Its function is not only as a place of worship, but also for other activities related to religion. In addition, not a few students use it as a place to gather and discuss things about the subject.

In fact, the existence of a mosque on campus is not specifically for university students. Most of them are open to the public, meaning that anyone can visit them. For example local residents, or those who are on their way and want to stop by to fulfill their obligations. However, the administrators are still held by students and other related parties.

The Attraction Owned by the Salman Mosque ITB

Attractiveness of Salman Mosque ITB
Image Credit: Facebook Salman Mosque ITB

There are no shortage of mosques in an area, especially for a sub-district class. Salman ITB Mosque has an attraction so it is more visited for those who want to get peace of mind. Several things about the architecture of the building and its long history are also interesting to discuss.

1. The First Mosque on a State Campus

The mosque, which is located across from the ITB campus, is one of the first on a state campus. The construction process did not run smoothly, it took a lot of struggle. At that time it was quite complicated to get a permit to build a place of worship because it was considered divisive.

There was even a saying that the communists would apply for a permit for Red Square if a mosque permit was approved. In addition, students who pray are considered strange by their friends and are referred to as ‘Arab Camels’. Prior to the existence of the Salman ITB Mosque, students who wanted to pray Friday had to be willing to walk long distances to the Cihampelas Mosque.

Fresh air began to be felt after the arrival of General AH Nasution in 1964. At the end of the visit he suggested that there should be at least one mosque as a place of worship and a center for exchanging information for students. Those who were pro with the construction of the mosque immediately agreed and made a proposal to the rector.

Unfortunately, this effort did not run smoothly because the chancellor who served at that time firmly refused. No Fear, No Planting, maybe that is the determination of the committee for the construction of a place of worship which is currently known as the Salman Mosque ITB. They continue to struggle by lobbying various parties.

As time goes by, more and more support. Not only from students, but also from lecturers, including at that time a non-Muslim lecturer named Drs Woworuntu and Prof. Roemond who are Dutch nationals. Because the rejection had already occurred at the highest campus body, efforts were made by seeking the president’s approval.

At that time the president who served was Soekarno, he was also a graduate of ITB. Although at first the committee had doubts, but in fact their efforts paid off. Without thinking twice, President Soekarno immediately gave his support. Not only that, he also gave a name based on one of the Prophet’s companions, namely Salman Al Farisi.

2. Philosophical Design Architecture

The Salman ITB Mosque was not built haphazardly, almost all of its parts have quite deep meaning. An example is the minaret which is located in front of the main part of the mosque. This dance is tall and strong, a sign that every Muslim must have a strong stance and should not be easily influenced.

Made of concrete, this tower has almost no ornaments to decorate it. Not without reason, the meaning of the philosophy is to tell us to live simply and plainly. The height exceeds the main building of the mosque, the shape is rectangular without tapering at the roof.

Don’t be surprised if you see that the Salman ITB Mosque is not like the shape of a mosque in general. The reason is, there is no dome found here, instead there is a cup-shaped roof. Just like people who are praying, indeed the meaning is telling us to always pray to God Almighty.

The inside is no less interesting, especially the walls. There are streaks or longitudinal lines, horizontal and vertical position. The vertical line indicates the relationship between humans and God. While the horizontal line is nothing but the relationship between fellow human beings. Both must be maintained properly and balanced to get peace of mind.

3. Comfortable and Beautiful Atmosphere

The next attraction of the Salman ITB Mosque comes from the atmosphere, which seems comfortable and beautiful. This is because the location is surrounded by various shrubs. The green scenery is so clearly visible from a distance, or when you see it from above. The gardens around the mosque not only add to the beautiful impression, but are also beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

The area of ​​this mosque is actually very wide, it’s just that the main mosque building is not much different from mosques elsewhere. The other part is a field with green grass, usually used for religious outdoor activities. Anyone who comes here is guaranteed to feel at home for a long time, just like in the Bandung area in general.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Salman Mosque ITB
Image Credit: Google Maps Syriac

The location of the Salman ITB Mosque is definitely on the ITB campus or the Bandung Institute of Technology. Local residents will have no trouble finding it, because it is quite famous. It’s different with residents outside Bandung, some don’t know where to go. The complete address is at Jalan Ganesha No. 7, Lebak Siliwangi, Coblong, Bandung, West Java.

The distance from the center of Bandung or from the main square is about 5 kilometers, very close, of course. This distance can be covered in just 20 or 25 minutes of travel at an average vehicle speed. Assume that you are currently in the main square, please head to Jalan Otto Iskandar Dinata, then to Jalan Suniaraja.

Take the direction that goes to Bandung Indah Plaza, then onto Jalan Ir H Juanda. Stay on the main road, then please head to Jalan Rhino Singa and Jalan Ciungwanara. After arriving at the T-junction, turn left onto Jalan Ganesa, you have arrived at the ITB campus complex. The position of the mosque is on the left, please park the vehicle to be safe.

If you are still having trouble finding the location of the Salman ITB Mosque, you can use a digital map application. Just type the destination in the search field, then take the closest route. You can also use the guide signs as a benchmark or ask local residents, but this time only when approaching the location.

Anyone can visit and be in this mosque, so it’s not only for Muslims. As long as it does not interfere with any activities that are being held, including prayer. There is no charge while at the mosque, even for the price of parking it is also free. Instead, you must maintain order and cleanliness at all times.

Interesting Activities to Do at the Salman Mosque ITB

Activities of Salman Mosque ITB
Image Credit: Twitter Ismail Ali Harahap

What comes to your mind when you hear the word mosque? Of course worship and other religious activities of course. Salman ITB Mosque is also not free from these activities, but there are several others. The following are activities that are commonly carried out while at this worship location!

1. Congregational Prayer

It is better if you come to this mosque to pray first. Even though it’s not yet time for the obligatory prayers, you can pray sunnah prayers in honor of the mosque as ordered. Prayers here are guaranteed to be more solemn because the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. The air is natural that enters through a small gap in the wall.

2. Listen to the Study

Not infrequently the Salman ITB Mosque is used for Islamic study activities, you can follow it if it happens to be held. Usually, Islamic studies at this mosque are often held on Fridays or Saturdays when student activities are no longer busy. Lecturers come from various places, depending on the schedule at that time.

3. Study and Discussion

If you come and there are some students who gather and open books, their activity at that time is studying and discussing. Indeed, the Salman ITB Mosque is often used as a gathering place for studying, not infrequently it is just chatting casually with friends. Exchanging information is commonplace here.

4. Gathering

As said before, magnificent mosque it is open to the public. Not only among students, but also residents around the campus and those who are on a trip. There is nothing wrong if you mingle when you happen to come to the location. Gathering is one of the teachings of Islam that should not be abandoned, besides that it can make acquaintances.

Facilities Available in the Mosque Area

ITB Salman Mosque facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Aditya Ahmad

The facilities of the Salman ITB Mosque are quite complete, even though it is not actually a tourist attraction. when compared to mosques in other locations it might be said to be much more complete. Not only toilets and parking lots, but there is a canteen not far from the location. In addition, every morning and evening free coffee and tea are provided.

Visiting a place of worship is not just for sightseeing. Another goal is to strengthen faith and get closer to God. Because the Salman ITB Mosque has a unique building and a long history, it’s not wrong if many are curious and want to see it in person.