Sade Village, Get to Know the Traditional & Cultural Villages of the Sasak Tribe in Central Lombok

Sade Village or known as Sade Village is a village inhabited by native people of Lombok Island. These natives come from the Sasak tribe.

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 08.00 – 19.00 WIB, Address: Rembitan, Kec. Pujut, Kab. Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara; Folder: Location Check

In Indonesia, you can easily find tourist attractions in various regions, even as far as West Nusa Tenggara. One of the tourist attractions that is thick with the culture and tradition of the island of Lombok is Sade Village.

Sade Village, also known as Sade Village, is a village inhabited by native Islanders Lombok. These natives come from the Sasak tribe. This village was then used as a tourist village by the tourism office because many are very traditional and display uniqueness.

This village still adheres to the uniqueness of indigenous life and the authenticity of the Sasak tribe. In fact, it is located next to the highway so this is a unique attraction. Then, what kind of attractions and activities can tourists find in this place?

The Attraction that Sade Village Has

Attraction in Sade Village
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Before visiting this tourist village, it’s good to know some of the attractions this place has, including:

✦ Lombok Traditional House

One of the uniqueness of traditional villages compared to other villages can certainly be seen from the houses owned by local residents. Most of the houses in Sade Village are traditional houses made of dried weeds or palm fiber.

As for the walls, they come from woven bamboo so they are very thick with oriental and traditional. Not only that, the floor of the house in this place is not made of ceramic, aka ground.

This house is the special characteristic of the Sasak tribe. When viewed from its shape, it resembles a stronghold but is slightly in the shape of a house with a triangular roof on it. The interior of the houses in Sade Village are generally almost the same, having 3 plots.

The front is for the parents’ and son’s rooms. While the second plot, is the kitchen and girls’ room. Finally, a small room for mothers when giving birth.

The unique thing about this place is that each house is built according to the time that local people think is good. Its construction based on warige board culture. Usually, to build a house, the community first needs to ask the traditional leader who has the ability to determine the day.

✦ Unique Citizen Activities

Not only from their homes, but the people in the village also have unique traditions so that tourists can experience experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

One of the unique traditions is mopping the floor of the house with buffalo or cow dung. The purpose of applying this animal dung to the floor of the house is because it is believed to provide warmth and avoid mosquitoes.

Even though it is covered with dirt, tourists will not smell a pungent odor or only slightly, so this is one of the unique features of this place.

✦ Typical Lombok Weaving

The local people in Sade Village have a habit of weaving so tourists can find lots of woven products made by the local people. The weavers come from both young and old women.

In fact, some are still teenagers and children can already do it well. The manufacturing process is also still traditional, namely using thread spinning tools and dyeing the thread using natural materials.

Address, Route Location and Entrance Ticket

Sade Village address
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The location of Sade Village is in the Rembitan area, Pujut, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The route to this location is quite easy because you don’t need to go through difficult terrain. This village is near the roadside so you can enter the village directly without having to go through narrow alleys or winding roads first.

  • The location is in the eastern part of Embung Ruje and also close to Embung Mengkene. After arriving at Embung Mengkene, the time it takes to get to this village is a maximum of 1 hour using Google Map.
  • From Lombok international airport to this tourist spot it only takes 20 minutes with a distance of 8 km so it arrives faster.
  • The route to the Sade Village location is in the same direction as Seger Beach or Tanjung Aan Beach so that tourist trips can be maximized to various places in the Lombok area with not too far distances such as to this beach and to rural locations.

Then, how much is the entrance fee for Sade Village? The fact is that tourists can visit this place without paying money or for free.

However, changes can also occur at any time by paying a fee to enter if the village manager enforces it. Therefore, tourists must prepare more money as a precaution to enter this tourist spot.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities in Sade Village
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Sade Village presents a variety of exciting activities for both refreshing and educational tours. Check out some interesting activities that can be done in this place.

1. Enjoy the atmosphere of Sade Village

For those who are tired of living in the city, then this tourist attraction can be an option to calm the mind. The beautiful rural atmosphere will make tourists more peaceful and serene. Here, you can see various traditional houses that spoil your eyes so that your mind becomes calmer.

2. Studying the Culture of the Sasak Tribe

The next activity that can be done is to study the culture of the Sasak tribe. Residents in this village have unique behaviors so that this can increase their insight and love diversity.

3. Buy and Learn Typical Lombok Weaving

Tourists who go there can also buy woven products in the village so that they can be used as unique souvenirs. In addition, you can also learn how to make it as an interesting educational tour.

If you want to know how to make it, all you have to do is find a house that sells this typical Lombok cloth, then ask if you can see the process. The process of making this woven cloth is still traditional.

Some residents also still wear traditional clothes that are generally worn everyday. Thus, tourists can while learning how the culture is owned by the Sasak tribe.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities at Sade Village
Image Credit: Google Maps Difa Rozaliana

The facilities in this place are classified as many that can be exported. An example is a resident’s house with a population of 700. Once there, tourists will be immediately welcomed

There, it is equipped with a view of the houses lined up and there is also a resting place to sit. There are also places of worship such as prayer rooms because the majority of the population there adhere to Islam.

If you want to defecate, you can use the bathroom which is also available. Then, there are also stalls to just drink coffee or eat typical food there. If you want to stay overnight, there are also inns on the main road not in this village.

The facilities available in this place are still the same as traditional villages in general. So, don’t expect too much to get modern facilities. Even so, the place is worth a visit.

Sade Village is a Lombok tourist destination that is suitable for tourists who like a rural and traditional atmosphere. In this place, there are many activities carried out so that they can enrich cultural insights and prefer Indonesia’s diversity.