Rows of Wonosobo Tours That Are Very Famous and Must Be Visited

Bored of vacations just there? Maybe now Moms and Dads are trying other tourist destinations, such as the Wonosobo tour.

Wonosobo itself is one of the districts in Central Java which has many amazing tourist attractions. There are lots of tourist destinations that are dominated by nature tourism, such as mountain tourwaterfalls, lakes, hills, and others.

No wonder many people often make Wonosobo a “healing” place.

So, so that Moms and Dads don’t get confused looking for tourist attractions in Wonosobo that are on the rise, let’s check out the following recommendations for tourist attractions in Wonosobo!

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Wonosobo Tourism Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for Wonosobo tours that will spoil your eyes and must be visited:

1 . Dieng Crater

Dieng Crater

Photo: Dieng Crater (

The first Wonosobo tourist spot that Moms and Dads can visit is Dieng Crater. This tour will present an amazing natural view of the crater.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people make this tourist spot their favorite destination.

Dieng Crater has an area of ​​200 meters and its volcanic activity is still active. Therefore, Moms and Dads need to be careful when visiting this place.

2. Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau

Photo: Dieng Plateu (

Dieng Plateau is a tourist area in Wonosobo which provides various natural tourist attractions, such as the Color Lake, Pengilon Lake, and others. This place is also often referred to as the Land above the Clouds.

Many tourists come here to witness the beauty of the scenery there. So it’s not surprising, every year there are always many tourists flocking to visit this place.

So, if Moms and Dads are traveling in Wonosobo, don’t forget to stop by this tourist spot, okay!

3. Seroja Hill

Seroja Hill

Photo: Seroja Hill (

The tourist attractions in Wonosobo that you can visit next are Seroja Hill. From this hill, you can see the view of Menjer Lake from a height that spoils your eyes.

Here Moms will also be presented with a view tea plantation broad.

To be able to get to this location, Moms need to travel quite tiring. Even so, all the fatigue will pay off sweetly when you arrive at the Seroja Hill location with beautiful views.

4. Color Lake

Telaga Warna lake

Photo: Telaga Warna (

Want to witness other amazing scenic tourist spots? Moms need to visit the Color Lake.

This place is a small lake that has various colors due to the reflection of sunlight that penetrates to the bottom of the water.

This Color Lake looks even more beautiful to watch at sunset or at sunrise. To get to this location was not so difficult. Because, the location point is already available on Google Maps.

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5. Mount Prau

Mount Prau

Photo: Mount Prau (

Mount Prau Wonosobo is a tourist spot in Wonosobo which is certainly no stranger to the ears of the tourists travelerespecially those who are fond of hiking and trekking.

Well, climbing Mount Prau is often used as a trial ground for beginner mountain climbers because this mountain has a height that is not too high.

It is recorded that the height is only about 2,565 meters above sea level and the track is also not too difficult.

7. Top of Sikunir Hill

Sikunir Peak

Photo: Sikunir Peak (

The peak of Sikuir Hill is a Wonosobo tourist attraction which is included in the Dieng Wonosobo tourist area. This is a hill that presents Panorama which is amazing.

Sikunir Hill only has a height of 2,200 meters above sea level and is still under Mount Prau.

However, the tourist spot of Bukit Sikunir Dieng is a tourist spot that is always hunted by nature lovers and sunrise connoisseurs.

In this place, Moms and Dads can enjoy the beauty sunrise the yellowish color that adorns the Wonosobo sky is so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

8. Arjuna Dieng Temple

Arjuna Temple

Photo: Arjuna Temple (

Arjuna Dieng Temple is a tourist spot in Wonosobo, Central Java, which is included in the Dieng tourist area complex.

This is a Hindu religious heritage temple in the 7th century. The Arjuna Temple complex consists of 5 temples, viz Arjuna templeSemar temple, Sembadra temple, Srikandi temple, and also the Puntadewa temple.

This Arjuna temple tourist spot is one of the tourist attractions in Dieng which is often visited and used as a choice for family tourism.

9. Tambi Tea Plantation

Tambi Tea Plantation

Photo: Tambi Tea Plantation (

If Moms and Dads want to see a stretch of tea gardens that spoil their eyes in Wonosobo, come to Tambi Tea Plantation.

Tambi Tea Plantation is located at an altitude of about 1400 meters above sea level (mpdl). So it’s no wonder, Moms can see the view of the tea garden which is shrouded in mist.

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10. Lake Menjer

Menjer Lake

Photo: Menjer Lake (

Apart from Telaga Warna, Wonosobo also has another lake that is no less amazing, namely Telaga Menjer.

This is a lake that was formed from the eruption of Mount Pakuwaja and is now a tourist spot that is often used as a fishing spot.

The location is in Garung, Wonosobo Regency.

11. Sikarim Waterfall

Sikarim Waterfall

Photo: Sikarim waterfall (

Still confused about what tourist attractions to visit in Wonosobo? Try Moms to just come to Sikarim Waterfall.

There Moms can see the sights waterfall charming.

Well, to get to this waterfall, you need to go down a road that is quite winding and broken. Therefore, it is better for Moms and Dads to use a special motorbike tracking.

Arriving at the location, the trip had certainly paid off with the stunning views and air of the waterfall.

12. Sewu Hole

Sewu Hole

Photo: Sewu Hole (

Sewu Hole is a tourist spot in Wonosobo that has its own allure for tourists. At first glance this tourist spot is similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, America.

There are many rocks neatly arranged with a nearby reservoir. This place is very suitable as a photo spot instagramable.

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Those are some Wonosobo tours that you can visit. Where are you going to visit first?