Rote Island – 15 Tourist Attractions You Must Visit

Rote Ndao Island or commonly called the Roti Islands is the southernmost region of Indonesia which is rich in beach tourism, sasando music, palm-leaf cultivation, to Ti’i Langga traditional hat.

This area is the largest island among the other islands which form a unit in Rote Ndao Regency. News of its beauty and exoticism has traveled overseas, making it one of Indonesia’s natural tourist areas that cannot be missed. Interested in visiting? Let’s look at the important information and travel guide first!

History of Rote Ndao Island

The history of Rote Ndao Island cannot be separated from the influence of the Dutch government which wrote this area with the name Rotti or Rottij which later became the word “Bread”.

However, many local people have difficulty pronouncing the letter “R” and more often pronounce it with the name “Lote”.

While other people more often refer to the area as “Lolo Deo Do Tenu Hantu” or “Dark Island”. There are also those who call it “Nes Do Male”, meaning “Withered/Dry Island” and “Lino Do Ne” which means “Silent Island”.

However, the name of Rote Island continues to change from the Dutch colonial era to the Portuguese based on various historical sources.

Until finally the local government formalized the name Rote Ndao Island for this area because it was considered more familiar to residents East Nusa Tenggara.

Tourist Attractions on Rote Island, Kupang

Thousand Mouth Bay of Rote Island
The Beauty of Rote Island (Photo by

Known by the nickname Beach Paradise in the Indonesian Ocean, Rote Island has a variety of interesting tourist attractions that you may not know about. The following is a list of choices of tourist attractions on the island of Rote, Kupang, which has a brief Advontura especially for you!

1. Thousand Mouth Bay of Rote Island

This bay or beach area is a small island which is usually a stopover when on holiday island hopping or activities around the island. By using a wooden boat, tourists can see firsthand the beauty of the natural surroundings and the very distinctive rock cliffs.

In addition, this Rote Island tourist location has been crowned as international tourist destination by Governor Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat by adding four cottages just yesterday in 2020.

Through the fourth addition cottages Recently, it is hoped that tourists will be more satisfied with their vacations and the surrounding community can also improve their own economy.

2. Telaga Nirwana Beach, Rote Island

This Rote Island tourist spot is one of the leading areas that is always much sought after. This is certainly not strange, because the natural scenery of mangrove forests, heart-shaped rocks, accompanied by clear sea water makes anyone feel calm when visiting here.

The sea water also tends to be calmer than other areas and is suitable for swimming or kayaking. It is located in Southwest Rote District, precisely in Kotalai Hamlet.

3. Dombo Beach

Dombo Beach is also often known as Salaek Dale. Unlike other areas, its waters face the Australian open seas and provide a very beautiful view at dusk.

This beach is surrounded by white sand, mangrove forests that are arranged, beauty that is still maintained and water that tends to be calm even though facing the open sea.

4. Red Lake on Ndana Island

This island is the southernmost tip of Indonesia which is only inhabited by the TNI’s Outer Island Security Task Force.

In it, you can find a Red Lake with solid salt clumps on the edge. The red color looks very pretty because it reflects the shadow of the clouds above the sky.

5. Tolanamon Beach

This area is quite hidden and is in South Rote. Visitors who want to come have to travel about two hours from Ba’a City to Inaoe Village.

The name Tolanamon is taken from its shape like a bay that is pointed towards the shoreline. Even though the journey that must be taken is quite long, your tiredness will immediately pay off when you arrive at this beach flanked by green cliffs.

6. Flagpole Beach from the Dutch Age

As the name implies, on the beach there is a flagpole that stands firmly on a cliff and flutters facing the Savu Sea.

This area is one spot favorite photos of visitors or photographers. To be able to take pictures at the pole, you have to walk to cross the shallow waters and rise above.

For your safety, it is recommended to wear shoes that are not slippery and comfortable because the texture of the coral is quite sharp.

7. Bo’a Beach

For sports lovers surfing, this area may already be familiar to your ears. Located in Bo’a Village, West Rote District, this beach has a different exoticism from other areas.

The ideal wave roll, is the second largest wave roll after Hawaii. Making this area the location for international surfing competitions every year from October to September.

In addition, visitors are also spoiled with the natural beauty of the beach which is still maintained, which is supported by various complete facilities.

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8. Nemberala Beach

Apart from Bo’a Beach, the tourist spot on Rote Island which is the main destination for domestic and foreign surfers is Nemberala.

Nemberala Beach has waves that tend to be high, thus attracting surfers to come and conquer it. In addition, the sunset views in this area are always beautiful and epic every time.

For Advontua friends who want to visit, there is no need to worry about the facilities available. Because this beach is equipped with various resorts and restaurants that will make your holiday experience even more comfortable.

9. Do’o Island

This small island is a paradise for lovers diving. The underwater scenery is no less beautiful than Bunaken National Park or Raja Ampat Beach. Besides trying to dive, not a few surfers come to try the waves from this island.

10. Sulimatan Baths

The Selamatan bath is a freshwater pool located in Edalode Village, Pantai Baru District. Unlike other tourist destinations, this area leaves a cool and fun water playground in the middle of a plantation.

11. Oeseli Beach

Even though it is often referred to as a beach, this area is actually more like a lagoon because the water does not empty into the sea.

In addition, many people call it the Lake of the Dead Sea, not because of its high salt content, but because of the cliffs around it, which makes it difficult for the wind to enter and keeps the water still.

For those of you who are curious, you can visit East Rote District, or more precisely, Sotimori Village. To reach this area, visitors can depart from Nerembala for 20 kilometers or one hour by car.

12. Oesosole Beach

For those of you who like quiet beaches, Friend Advontura when visiting Oesosole Beach on this one. Located 5 kilometers from the town of Ba’a and a journey time of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, this area is rarely visited by many people and feels more like a private beach.

Uniquely, in this area there is a very cute heart-shaped rock. Even when the water recedes you can play on the reef and see firsthand the small fish swimming in it.

Apart from that there are lots of pine trees around and you can use them for shelter, unfortunately there aren’t many food vendors here. So, it is advisable for visitors to bring their own provisions and trash cans.

13. Batu Pintu Beach

Being a paradise for exotic Indonesian beaches, don’t forget to visit Batu Pintu. A unique beach with a large rock that resembles the entrance to the beach.

Even though there are lots of rocks, the sand is quite fine and doesn’t hurt your feet. The view offered is no less beautiful because the rocks actually add to the majestic impression of this beach.

14. Stairs 300 Mando’o

For lovers of photography from a height, this area can be one of the tourist destinations on Rote Island, which is a shame not to be missed.

From the top of this hill, visitors will be spoiled with excellent panoramas in the form of stretches of blue sea, solid rocks and green forests.

To go to this area, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 3,000 per person and IDR 1,000 for motorbike parking.

15. Termanu Stone

Apart from the 300 Mando’o Stairs, you can come to Batu Termanu to enjoy views of the savanna with green trees and blue ocean from a height.

The view will also be even more beautiful when the sun starts to set, because you can see such a magnificent orange hue from up here.

This area is a natural tourist attraction and does not yet have other supporting facilities. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare your own food and trash cans.

Map of Rote Island, NTT

Based on the map of Rote Island, NTT is bounded by the Sawu Sea to the north and west, the Indian Ocean to the east and the Pukuafu Strait to the east.

To reach the tourist attractions of Rote Island, NTT, you can use boat transportation at Tenau Harbor and Bolok Pier.

At Tenau Harbor, you can use the Express Bahari fast boat which will dock at Ba’a Rote Pier which is close to downtown Rote Island for a 1 hour 50 minute journey. Ticket prices vary from IDR 178,000.00 for the VIP class and IDR 168,000.00 for the Executive.

However, for those of you who want to save money, you can take a ferry at Bolok Harbor which takes 3.5 hours and stops at Pantai Baru Pier, which is farther from the center of Rote Island. Ticket prices start from business class Rp. 63,000.00 to economy class Rp. 59,000.00.

Hotels in Rote Ndao Island

Hotels in Rote Ndao Island
Lodging on Rote Island (Photo by

For those of you who want to get a more satisfied holiday experience, staying can be one of your choices. There are quite a number of hotels on Rote Island with various facilities and varying prices.

Following are some of the hotel options on Rote Island that Advontura recommends, including Mulia Bungalows Nerembala, Ovabaluk Bungalows, Narrow Joglo House, Nembrala Now!, Maduna Resort, Loedi Bungalows Rote Island and so on.

To stay at the several hotels on Rote Island above, you can prepare funds ranging from Rp. 600,000.00 to Rp. 2,000,000.00 for two people in one night.

Thus our discussion about Rote Ndao Island this time. Hopefully the information above can be useful for those of you who want to become family vacation destination. See you on other interesting travel discussions!

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