Romantic Beaches, Exotic & Romantic Marine Tourism in Serdang Bedagai

Romantic Beach in Serdang Bedagai has a unique charm that distinguishes it from other beaches. This beach uses the concept Feel the Heaven of North Sumatra.

Ticket price: IDR 30,000, Operational hour: 07.00–20.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Tengah Beach, Sei Naga Lawan, Kec. Perbauan, Kab. Serdang Bedagai, North Sumatra; Folder: Location Check

Romantic Beach is one of the beaches suitable for couples to visit. This beach has a different concept from other beaches. The concept highlighted is to provide a comfortable and romantic atmosphere in accordance with its name.

So, this place is quite unique and suitable to be visited to unwind with your partner. The atmosphere of this beach is also quite comfortable and there are many beach decorations with attractive creative designs that add to the attractiveness of tourists.

The allure that a romantic beach has

The Attraction of Romantic Serdang Bedagai Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Tina Lim

Romantic Beach has a unique charm that distinguishes it from other beaches. This beach uses the concept Feel the Heaven of North Sumatra. In other words, the experience from this beach is quite unique and makes tourists go to heaven because of the beautiful panorama. The attractions of this beach are:

✦ Romantic Places of North Sumatra

As the name implies, Romantic Beach has a beauty that is suitable for family vacations or with your partner. In this place there are many interesting photos with the concept of love so it looks so romantic.

For example, a monument with a heart shape. Furthermore, there is also a monument with the words Marry Me, My Heart, I Love You, etc. This makes it look more romantic, so it is often used as a place to celebrate certain moments with your partner until pre-wedding.

Locations for pre-wedding photos in this place include stone bridges, mangrove forest settings, to beautiful beaches. It doesn’t stop there, there is also a gazebo decorated with gray, pink and white to take pictures and rest with a romantic feel.

✦ Enjoy Fresh Seafood

For those who are interested in food, then try to enjoy fresh seafood on this beach. The fish is taken directly by fishermen so that the taste is even better and delicious.

The price itself is also quite affordable so you can enjoy culinary tours in peace. Tourists can also see directly when fishermen are fishing on the coast so they can see the excitement well.

✦ Photos with Various Valentine’s Spots

The last attraction provided at Romantic Beach is a safe and clean beach that makes tourists feel at home. Many like the photo spots that are cool and full of love.

This interesting photo spot allows couples to capture romantic moments supported by this beautiful ornament. This beach can leave a deep impression on everyone who comes to visit it.

So, don’t forget to capture the moment with a photo so that the moment becomes more beautiful and can’t be missed.

Address and Route to Location

Serdang Bedagai Romantic Beach Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Romantic Beach

Romantic Beach is on Jl. Central Beach No. 20 Sei Nagalawan. This address is included in the Kec Perbaungan, Kab. Serdang Bedagai, North Sumatra. Access to this beach is also quite easy to pass.

To go to this beach, you can use the Sumatra highway. Then, get off at the Buluh Cell Intersection and enter Dusun II which is on the Sei Nagalawan Village route.

If tourists depart from the city of Medan, they need to travel about 2 hours to get to this beach.

However, you need to be careful when you get to this beach, you have to go through a sandy and slightly rocky road. To go to the location it will be more comfortable if you use a private vehicle to get to this beach.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

If you want to enter Romantic Beach, you will be charged a ticket fee of IDR 30,000 to IDR 40,000. Tourists can buy these tickets either online or offline. If you want to pay online, you can directly visit the official website.

Then, there is an additional fee for parking, which is IDR 20,000 for cars and IDR 10,000 for motorbikes. Complete packages with food are also provided for those who come with groups.

The package options on this beach are as follows:

  • Standard package: ticket IDR 35,000 per adult. Meanwhile, children are charged a ticket of IDR 25,000 per child. Tourists also get free snacks and drinks. However, this price does not include gazebo rental.
  • Special packages: packages that must be booked in advance by the manager. So, later the price will be adjusted according to tourist demand. By using this package, you will also get free food and drink and a gazebo. However, there are several terms and conditions to get this special package.

Interesting Activities to Do

Serdang Bedagai Romantic Beach Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Moonstrxr

The following are interesting activities that can be done by tourists visiting Romantic Beach.

1. Enjoy the Beautiful Ocean View

The sea water on this beach is spelled out very stunning. The color it emits has shades of light blue to dark so it makes the sea clear.

While the waves themselves are not so heavy that it can be enjoyed for swimming. This beautiful sea also has an attraction that really makes a tourist destination always remain and is never lonely.

2. Enjoying the View of the Mangrove Forest

Not only the beach, around this Romantic Beach is a mangrove forest with white sand. Tourists can also unwind by looking at the view of the sand being hit by the blue waves of the ocean.

The sound of the waves crashing along with the view of the mangroves makes the heart calmer.

3. Enjoy Culinary to Bring Souvenirs

In exotic beach There is a restaurant that serves a typical culinary tour. One of the foods that characterize the beach is, of course, the fresh seafood and young coconut ice.

Tourists can enjoy all the food under the mangrove trees so it looks beautiful. This beach makes people who come more happy. In addition, this seafood is still relatively fresh so it can also be brought as souvenirs if it is not too far from traveling home.

4. Camping on a Romantic Beach

This beach also provides camping facilities so that many tourists also do it on holidays. There are tents and mats that can be provided from this place.

You can bring your own lunch or food that you can enjoy there. Eating while enjoying the view in this place is a beautiful and relaxing experience, especially if you are with your beloved family.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Serdang Bedagai Romantic Beach Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Cunz Lawrence

The facilities at Romantic Beach are quite complete and numerous. Among them is that there is lodging for tourists who want to stay a few days in this place. In addition, there are seafood restaurants that can be enjoyed to get the uniqueness of beach tourism.

Every weekend and holiday, tourists also often find live music in this place. In addition, there are also toilets, camping grounds, umbrella huts, prayer rooms, and WiFi available. Another interesting thing is that there are 13 small mosquito net houses for relaxing on the beach.

There are also gazebo rentals with various interesting photo spots that can be taken to capture the image.

Romantic Beach is the best tourist attraction in Serdang Bedagai to unwind and is suitable for taking Instagrammable photos.