Rengganis Ciwidey Crater – Entrance Ticket, Address & Hotel

Rengganis Ciwidey Crater or often known as Cibuni by the local community is a quite unique holiday destination.

Located in the middle of a tea plantation, this area offers beautiful natural scenery with a combination of trees and a collection of hot spring pools.

Not just as family vacation destination, many of the visitors who come here to do treatment. Want to know more information? Let’s see the explanation below first!

A Glimpse of Bandung’s Rengganis Crater

Bandung rengganis crater tour
rengganis crater (Photo by

Historically, Bandung’s Rengganis Crater was formed from ancient Sunda volcano eruption that existed millions of years ago. Even today the crater is still active.

Thanks to the eruption that occurred millions of years ago, the land around it became very fertile. It has even been used as a tea plantation area. The view of this stretch of green carpet can also be seen clearly from the top of the hill.

Not only that, the air around it is still very clean and cool. The water and mud that is here is also believed to be very beneficial for health. So that many visitors soak in hot springs or smear their bodies with natural mud.

Rengganis Ciwidey Crater Agrotourism

Being one of the favorite tourist destinations for Bandung residents, the agro-tourism area of ​​Rengganis Ciwidey Crater offers various vacation spots that are suitable for you and your family.

The following are some exciting activities that you can try when visiting the agro-tourism area of ​​Rengganis Crater, Bandung, which Advontura has prepared for you!

Bathe in a Hot Shower

One of the holiday spots that is the prima donna of this place is the hot shower which is believed to be efficacious for curing various diseases.

The water itself contains sulfur which is good for relieving skin inflammation or pain. Shady trees and cool air will make you feel at home here. But don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.

Soak in the Pool of the Heart

For those of you who feel dissatisfied with bathing in hot showers, Advontura friends can try soaking in this heart pool.

Actually this vehicle is an artificial pond, but the water still comes directly from Mount Sunda Purba. So do not lose the benefits and uniqueness.

Take a photo at the Smoky Rock

This smoking stone is indeed unique, because even though it originated from the eruption of Mount Sunda Purba millions of years ago, the smoke still exists today.

Because of its uniqueness and the thick white smoke that emerges from behind the rock, this area is famous among photography lovers. So if you are visiting here, don’t forget to take photos.

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Bandung Rengganis Crater Entrance Ticket

Tickets to enter Bandung’s Rengganis Crater are quite cheap, which is enough to pay Rp. 5,000.00. As for the parking fee, you are only charged a levy rate of Rp. 10,000.00 for cars and Rp. 5,000.00 for motorized vehicles.

Rengganis Ciwidey Crater Address

Based on the official administration system, the address of Rengganis Ciwidey Crater is in Patengan Village, Rancabali sub-district, Bandung Regency, West Java.

This area is open from 8 am to 5 pm. As a note for those of you who want to visit, avoid coming home too late so you don’t get caught in the fog.

Travel route

The route to this area is easy. You just have to come to the Ciwidey area in Situ Patenggang and walk straight for 2 kilometers.

After meeting the entrance ticket counter, visitors still have to walk 1 kilometer or approximately 5 minutes of travel before meeting the crater area directly. Before that you are required to park the vehicle in Cibuni. Apart from using a private car, this area can also be reached using public transportation such as buses.

Available Facilities

To ensure the comfort of the visitors who come, the management has prepared several supporting facilities. Such as showers to circulate hot water for those who want to relieve fatigue, gazebos at several points, places of worship, various stalls or shops, toilets to lodging.

In addition, there are also special motorcycle taxis that are ready to take visitors who are not strong enough to walk to the crater.

Nearest Accommodation

For those of you tourists from out of town who want to stay around this holiday area, there are several lodging recommendations that you can try.

Some of them are RedDoorz near Happy FAM Ciwidey, Glamping Lakeside Rancabali, Ciwidey Pesona Alam Lodging, Argapuri Resort, RedDoorz @Jalan Raya Pangelan and so on.

To stay at some of the inns above, you can prepare a fee starting from IDR 150,000.00 to IDR 350,000.00 in one night for 2 people.

Other Nearby Attractions

Ciwidey white crater
White Crater (Photo by

Apart from playing around in this crater area, you can also enjoy various other tourist destinations around this area. Like Situ Cileunca, White craterCiwidey Mushroom Hill, Situ Cisanti and Situ Patenggang.

Thus our explanation this time about Bandung’s Rengganis Crater. Hopefully the above article is useful for those of you who are looking for a tourist destination to spend vacation time with family and relatives. See you in another discussion!

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