Recommended 7 Sabang Tourism Options, From Beaches to Coffee Shops!

Do Moms still remember National anthem entitled From Sabang to Merauke? Being one of Indonesia’s wealth, Sabang, which is famous for its 0 kilometer point, offers Sabang tours that can spoil the eye.

Quoted from Sabang City Government official websitethis city is located in the westernmost region of Indonesia and is a city part of the Aceh Province.

The city of Sabang has a very strategic location because it is on the route of international shipping and flight traffic. The geographical conditions of Sabang City make this city have various tourist attractions and potentials.

Sabang has many locations natural tourism beautiful and enchanting, so it is crowded with tourists.

If you are interested in visiting Sabang for a vacation, here are the newest and most popular Sabang travel recommendations!

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Popular Sabang Tourism and Must Visit

If you visit Sabang City, here are recommendations for the latest Sabang tourist sites that you can make a choice of tourist spots with your family:

1. Iboih Beach

Ibooih Beach Tourism Sabang

Photo: Ibooih Beach Tourism Sabang (

Iboih Beach is a tourist attraction in Sabang which also functions as a port. This beach has charm of the beauty of sea water which is very clear and charming underwater panorama.

The beautiful underwater panorama makes this beach a spot snorkel choice of tourists. You can see various kinds of small fish around this coastal waters.

Around the beach there are inns, Moms can enjoy the sunset view from the inn rooms.

In addition, Moms can enjoy culinary seafood around the beach. One of the famous culinary menus is octopus satay.

Iboih Beach is located on Pulau Weh and is very easily accessible to tourists. Travel time to Pulau Weh from Banda Aceh is about 30 minutes.

Moms can cross to Pulau Weh by ferry with a crossing fee of around IDR 25,000 for one trip.

If Moms use fast boat or fast boat, then the fee will be around IDR 90,000 for one trip.

2. Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island Aceh Sabang

Photo: Rubiah Island Aceh Sabang (

Rubiah Island is one of Sabang’s tourist attractions that fans must visit Marine tourism. Moms can invite the children to play on the beach or go around the island by boat.

This island has Panorama which is very amazing and the beauty of the underwater panorama.

This island with an area of ​​​​approximately 2600 hectares stores various types of fish and marine biota and is diverse Coral reefs.

Moms can try snorkeling and see the underwater beauty of Rubiah Island.

Various types of fish that you can find in the waters of this island include Flag fish, Kepe-Kepe fish, Bali Princess Fish, color fish, Sergeant fish, Major fish, Grouper fish, Blue botana fish, and many more.

3. Laot Men Waterfall

Tourism Sabang Waterfall Male Laot Aceh

Photo: Sabang Tourism, Men Laot Aceh Waterfall (

Sabang Tourism The Pria Laot Waterfall is one of the popular tourist attractions in Sabang. Waterfall it is located in the middle of a forest and has very beautiful views with fresh water.

The air and its environment make tourists who visit this location feel at home for long. The distance of this tourist attraction is only about 12 kilometers from Sabang City.

This waterfall has an approximate depth of 1.5 meters and a pool width of about 10 meters. In this pool you can swim or play in the water with moon fish.

The water that falls in this waterfall is not too heavy so you can feel at home playing in the water for a long time.

4. Aneuk Laot Lake

Sabang Tourism Aneuk Laot Lake

Photo: Aneuk Laot Lake Sabang Tourism (

Aneuk laot lake is a tourist attraction in Sabang that you should not miss. The lake, which has an area of ​​about 3.75 hectares, has a panorama that is no less amazing than the view of the beach or waterfall.

As the name implies, this tourist attraction in Aceh is in the middle of the city of Sabang, in the Aneuk Laot village to be precise. In this place, Moms can enjoy the beauty of the afternoon or sunset while eating typical dishes from the City of Sabang.

This lake with easy access can spoil your eyes because the water is very clear and bluish. With an entrance ticket price of IDR 10,000, Moms can relax while swimming and playing in the water.

5. Zero Kilometer Monument

Sabang Tourism Zero Kilometer Monument

Photo: Zero Kilometer Monument for Sabang Tourism (

A visit to Sabang City is not complete without visiting the Zero Kilometer Monument. This monument is a marker of the zero point of the western part of Indonesia.

At the top of the monument, there is a statue of the Garuda Pancasila bird clutching the number zero.

The Zero Kilometer Monument was inaugurated on September 9, 1997 by Try Sutrisno, who was then Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.

On the ground floor, you can see the inscription of the Zero Kilometer Monument. On the second floor of the monument there are two inscriptions showing the method of measuring the zero point geographic coordinates.

Sabang Tourism is located in Iboih Ujong Ba’u Village, Sukakarya District. This monument is surrounded by the Sabang Tourism Forest area and is approximately 5 km from Iboih Beach.

Along the way to the Zero Kilometer Monument, you will be spoiled by the beautiful views of the surrounding area, such as hills, beaches and forests.

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Latest Sabang Tourism

Apart from the existing or popular Sabang tours, there are several newest tourist destinations that you can include in your list tourist options when visiting the tip of the island, namely:

6. Taman I Love Sabang

Sabang Tourism Park I Love Sabang

Photo: Sabang Tourism Park I Love Sabang (

Taman I Love Sabang is a tourist spot in Sabang which was built in 2015.

This park has lots of greenery and a variety of interesting photo spots, such as the words “I Love Sabang” which can be a sign that you have visited the city which is the zero point of western Indonesia.

Moms can visit this park to relax with family. In the afternoon, you can witness the beauty of the sunset from this park.

Sabang Night and Culinary Tours

Not only natural tourism, when you visit a city, you have to look for it typical culinary the area. Likewise in Sabang City, one of the culinary tours is:

7. Jaya Beach Coffee Shop

Sabang Tourism Jaya Beach Coffee Shop

Photo: Sabang Tourism Jaya Beach Coffee Shop (

If Moms like drinking coffee, then this Sabang tourist spot is perfect for Moms. However, the difference is that in this tourist spot you will feel a different atmosphere from drinking coffee in a big city cafe.

Aceh’s typical coffee has its own delicious taste. Coffee lovers should not miss tasting Aceh’s specialty coffee while visiting this region. Pantai Jaya Coffee Shop is a must visit coffee shop.

In this shop, Moms can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the beach and sunset views.

Jaya Beach Coffee Shop is located in Ie Meulee, Sukajaya District, Sabang City. This shop serves three types of coffee, viz black coffee, coffee milkand sanger coffee.

This shop also provides customers with roasted coffee that you can make as souvenirs or to enjoy at home.

This coffee shop is open from 05.30 to 20.00, so you can taste coffee until the evening while enjoying the night atmosphere around Sabang.

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Those are recommendations for 7 Sabang tours that you shouldn’t miss when visiting this city. Hopefully Moms can find the tourist destinations that Moms want, okay!