Ranau Lake Tourism From Locations, Mysteries to Lodgings

Lake Ranau Oku Selatan has become a tourism icon of pride for the people of South Sumatra and Lampung. Its location behind the hills at the foot of Mount Seminung offers a beautiful natural panorama.

This tourist area is the largest on the island of Sumatra after Lake Toba and holds a variety of natural wealth that is a pity to pass up. If you are interested in visiting? Let’s first look at the important information below!

South Lake Ranau Oku

This lake is a volcanic lake because it was created from a large earthquake and volcanic eruption which then produced a large, deep basin.

Just like Lake Toba, there is a land in the middle, namely Marisa Island which is the center of hot springs. So that this area becomes one of the favorite destinations for tourists who come.

This lake has a depth of up to 228 meters and an area of ​​125.9 square kilometers. The water is clear blue with green hills surrounding it.

Because Lake Ranau is located in the hills with Mount Seminung on the east side, the atmosphere here is cooler and more comfortable. Therefore, many visitors feel at home in this area.

Its beauty shines even more when the weather is sunny, because the blue color of the lake will be more clearly visible than when it’s cloudy.

In addition, you can enjoy lots of freshwater fish production in a fresh condition because local fishermen often sell their catch directly to the nearest restaurant. Because it has just been caught and cooked, the taste is so unique and different from other places.

Types of fish that are commonly caught and that you can order directly include tilapia, kepar, kepor and harongan. In addition, visitors can also enjoy various coffee commodities which are the main producers of the surrounding community.

Thanks to its beauty and natural wealth, many people come from within the island of Sumatra to Jakarta. However, if you prefer a quiet holiday, it is recommended to visit other than holidays.

South Ranau Oku Lake

Lake Ranau is located on the border of two districts namely, West Lampung and South Ogan Komering Ulu (Oku). So that this area has 2 gates for visitors to enter, namely Muara Dua Pier on the east side and Banding Agung Harbor on the west side.

The location according to state administration is in Bandar Agung Ranau, Banding Agung, Ogan Komering Ulu Regency, South Sumatra.

If you are from Palembang, the distance that needs to be covered is around 326 kilometers or 7 to 8 hours of travel by motorized vehicle. It tends to be further away than other starting points.

Meanwhile, from Bandar Lampung, Advontura’s friends covered a distance of about 281 kilometers with a travel time of 5 to 6 hours by motorized vehicle.

However, your trip will be faster if you come from the city of Batu Raja, which only takes about 2 hours to travel with a distance of about 130 kilometers using a motorized vehicle.

Your long trip will certainly not be boring because the views of the beautiful countryside and the expansive waters of the Musi River will accompany you during the trip.

This tourist area is open from 8 am to 5 pm with an entrance ticket price of IDR 10,000 per person.

South Lake Ranau Oku Tour

Ranau Lake Tour
Rana Lake (Photo by nativeindonesia.com)

Saving a lot of potential, the tourist area of ​​Lake Ranau Oku Selatan prepares a variety of exciting activities that await tourists. Here’s a selection of fun activities!

Swim While Enjoying the Beauty of the Lake

The clear and blue water is always tempting to try. For visitors who come, you can try swimming by the lake or the swimming pool provided.

If you want to swim in the pool, you can come to Water park Banding Agung is on the outskirts of the lake. Even though it is limited by walls, views of the lake and hills can still be seen clearly.

Meanwhile, if you want to try swimming directly on the edge of the lake, you can visit in the morning or evening when the water tends to be calmer and safer.

Soak in Hot Springs

This hot spring pool is at the foot of Mount Seminung, to be precise, on the south side of the Muara Batu Pier. To reach this location, visitors must board the ship first.

The hot spring itself comes directly from the mountain which flows into the lake. Therefore, this bath is believed to have many benefits because it contains lots of minerals.

Try Subik Tuha Waterfall

One of the other popular destinations is a waterfall located in the lake area. This area can be found by passing the road on the outskirts of the lake.

The height reaches 25 meters with a width of 3 meters and is located at an altitude of 560 above sea level, making the flow very clear and the environment still beautiful. Even around the waterfall there are still lots of green moss.

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Challenge Yourself in Ranau Rafting

From the Banding Agung Pier, there is a river that originates from the lake and has a very challenging current.

Banyu Selabung River, can be reached for 10 minutes. Starting in Rantau Nipis Village to Brotherku Ilir District. Visitors can also choose the type of flow and flow.

For those of you who like big and long currents, you can try it on a big rubber boat with friends.Meanwhile, for those of you who prefer to relax, try a river with a small current and short flow too.

Enjoy the View on Sesebik Hill

Sebeb Hill is spot relax with best view view point. This vehicle is also relatively new because it was opened in mid-2020.

Facilities that you can enjoy include a long substation in the form of a tower and a bridge over a tree. This area also has several inns that can be tried.

Playing Ria at Waterboom Ranau

This water playground is in the Surabaya Team area, Banding Agung. The shape is quite unique because it resembles a ship that is stopped at the pier.

The pond water itself is sourced directly from the lake, so its clarity is guaranteed. Not only that, the visitors can still enjoy the natural beauty of the hills.

Flower Garden in Bukit Mutiara Garden Tourism

Before arriving at the lake tourism area, you can stop by flower garden which is on the edge of the provincial road.

Here, visitors are pampered with the beauty of flowers planted in such a way. The facilities provided are also quite complete starting from relaxing huts, cross-legged tables, canteens, prayer rooms and bathrooms.

Ranau Lake Festival

This festival is an annual event that aims to preserve and celebrate the rich culture around. Shows that are usually displayed include art performances, traditional dances, singing traditional songs and so on.

Legend of Lake Ranau Oku Selatan

South Lake Ranau Oku
South Lake Ranau Oku (Photo by kaganga.com)

The origin of Lake Ranau Oku Selatan comes from a violent volcanic eruption which then created a large basin and was drained by water from existing rivers.

When it has become a lake, many plants live around it. That plant is called Ranau and makes its name as it is today.

However, the origin of Lake Ranau cannot be separated from the local folklore which has been passed down from generation to generation. One of the legends of Lake Ranau is the story of the Golden Dragon.

The folklore of Lampung Danau Ranau tells of a golden dragon who likes to kidnap humans and the livestock of the residents. Until one day Rakian Sukat managed to beat him even though he had to get a serious illness in return.

But Rakian Sukat finally chose to meditate by the lake to cure his illness. The Golden Dragon again appeared before him.

But instead of wanting to kill him, the Golden Dragon helped cure Rakian Sukat’s disease. From then on, the residents believed that anyone who wanted to do evil around the lake would be punished by the Golden Dragon.

This folklore from Lampung, Lake Ranau, is passed on to every generation as a reminder to always maintain the balance of nature.

Lodging at Lake Ranau Oku Selatan

After being developed for several years, this tourist area already has good lodging with complete facilities and access to beautiful natural scenery.

Rates per night are also not too expensive, starting from IDR 250,000.00 to IDR 400,000.00. Some of Advontura’s recommendations for accommodation on Lake Ranau include Wisma Pusri Varita, Seminung Lumbok Resort, Aulia, Permata Hotel, Putri Azzura, Banga Putih Homestay and so on.

Thus our explanation about Lake Ranau Oku Selatan this time. Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who want to find your next family vacation spot. See you on other Archipelago tourism discussions!

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