Rambak Beach, Beautiful Beach with Stunning Sunset Treats in Bangka

Ticket price: IDR 3,000, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Parit Padang Village, Kec. Sungai Liat, Kab. Bangka, Bangka Belitung Islands; Folder: Location Check

Every tourist destination in the form of a beach always offers the natural beauty of the ocean, as well as Rambak Beach. Its location far from the city makes it still natural with amazing natural panoramas. This beach is one of the main destinations for tourists when on vacation, especially for those who are close to the Bangka Belitung Islands.

Actually, not only this beautiful beach which is a tourist attraction on the island fart. However, because of the beauty it provides, most visitors choose it to be a relaxing place to spend vacation time. The natural scenery from the trees on the beach side, rocks, sand, and blue sea water seem to blend together and deliberately provide a beautiful view. Especially if the sand in this location is rarely found on other beaches, the texture is soft like flour with a brownish color.

Even more interesting if the position of Rambak Beach is directly facing the South China Sea. So you can enjoy a panoramic view of the open sea which is cut off by mirage lines. You can’t get views like this anywhere else, even though they are both beaches. On the beach, there are many rocks of various sizes that also provide beauty. Uniquely, it is not a rock like a beach, but in the form of neatly arranged granite stones.

The Attraction of Rambak Beach

Rambak Beach Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Onedes Sipahutar

Every visitor who comes to a tourist location in the form of this beautiful beach is sure to be fascinated by its attractiveness. Not just one or two, but there are some that you should know. For those of you who want to visit but are still unsure, some of the attractions of Rambak Beach below might make up your mind!

1. The Natural Beauty of Rambak Beach

As said before, the location of this beach is far from urban areas, so it is still natural. Some of the granite rocks on the beach even have a unique shape. There is a large rock on top of which there is another rock, then the rock supports other rocks. With this position, the two stones cannot fall because they stand in balance.

While the soft sand stretches as far as 2 kilometers so that it can satisfy anyone who looks at it. Some tourists take the time to walk on the beach and set foot on the sand. Indeed, the lips of Rambak Beach are long enough to make it look even more exotic.

The atmosphere is more natural when the shady trees on the beach wave because of the wind. Coconut trees, that’s a typical beach plant that can also be found on the beach with this extraordinary charm. Far from the shoreline, various types of leafy plants are also found and their distinctive green color is visible.

2. Long Shoreline

It was briefly discussed earlier that the beach in the Bangka Belitung Islands has a very long coastline, about 2 kilometers. With this length, tourists are free to walk along the beach. Especially if the waves are not that big, so you are safe without worrying about being hit by sea waves.

The stretch of the shoreline is increasingly complete with charming sand. Occasionally, the soft sand is carried out to sea from the returning waves. The foam of the waves when they touch the sand is also very beautiful and an additional sight for anyone who visits. This atmosphere is suitable for relaxation and clearing the mind.

3. Place to See Sunrise and Sunset

Rambak Beach stretches wide on Bangka Belitung Island, making it a suitable place to see the sunrise and when it sets. An attraction like this is certainly able to attract tourists who come from various locations, not only local residents, of course. Even most of the visitors who come want to enjoy this beautiful natural panorama.

Even though you can see it every day when the weather is cool, it’s still not boring. Especially if sometimes the view you get is not the same, depending on the weather and also the clouds that also adorn it. For example, if a cloud comes closer to the sun, the color gradations produced are more stunningly beautiful.

Address and Route to Location

Rambak Beach Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Fernando Lian

Visitors who are interested in enjoying the natural panorama of Rambak Beach, please go to Parit Padang Village, Sungailiat, Bangka Regency, Islands Bangka Belitung. The distance from the capital of Bangka Belitung, Pangkalpinang, is about 30 kilometers using a motorized vehicle. With that distance, it will take about 1 full hour at average speed.

Because the location is still hidden and there is no access to public transportation, it is better to use a car rental or private vehicle. For those who use a rental, of course there is no difficulty getting to the location because they can immediately tell the driver. Likewise, when using a private vehicle, you can easily find the location with the help of Google Map. Make sure your departure point is in the center of the Sungailiat sub-district to make it easier.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Rambak Beach Ticket Prices
Image Credit: Google Maps Fernando Lian

As with other tourist attractions, there is an entry fee that you have to pay. However, at Rambak Beach it is classified as very cheap, only 3,000 rupiah for one visitor. The price is of course very cheap, let alone the many exciting practices that are usually obtained. In addition, visitors who enter are also free to carry out any activity, as long as safety is prioritized.

Apart from paying for the entrance ticket, there are also other costs that must be incurred. The fee in question is for vehicle parking if you use a private vehicle. Cheap enough for a tourism class, only 5,000 rupiah for a car, and 2,000 rupiah for those who use motorbikes.

Interesting Activities to Do at Rambak Beach

Rambak Beach Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Fauzi Wise Permadi

You can do various positive activities when visiting a tourist attraction in the form of a beach. Its wide location allows every visitor to do activities like when on vacation. However, there is something special when you visit Rambak Beach, such as the following activities!

1. Fun Swimming and Water Play

On this beautiful beach, you can swim as much as you like with a very wide expanse of sea water. No need to be afraid of the waves coming because the size is not too big. There are not too many coral rocks, more dominated by soft sand and small rocks. Thus, of course, the feet are safer from sharp rock scratches.

If it is not possible to swim, either because you cannot or are not proficient, playing in water is no less interesting. You can sit relaxed on the beach while waiting for the waves to slowly approach. This activity is even more fun when done together, either with friends or family.

2. Sunbathe and Relax on the Beach

Visiting Rambak Beach does not have to swim or play in the water. Other activities that are no less interesting are sunbathing and relaxing while enjoying the natural scenery around. The beach breeze makes the atmosphere more serene and refreshing. If you don’t want some parts of your body to be exposed to the sun, please use an umbrella. You can get an umbrella from renting it to the manager, along with all the seats.

3. Take a walk along the shoreline

The stretch of the shoreline as far as 2 kilometers, of course, is very suitable for casual walking activities. Many tourists also do this activity because it is quite exciting. The waves that come from a distance creep slowly to the shoreline and hit the feet, giving a special sensation. To make it even more exciting, don’t let your footwear get in the way of the comfortable soft touch of beach sand.

4. Enjoying the Beauty of the Sunrise

Interesting Activities at Rambak Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Come on Revelation

One of the attractions of Rambak Beach which can also be used as an interesting activity is the panoramic sunrise and sunset. This activity is very interesting to do, even though it is only passive. The sun that slowly disappears from the reach of the eye seems to give a beautiful impression for a full day. Please come in the afternoon to enjoy this amazing natural panorama.

For those who want to enjoy the sunrise after a long absence of appearing all night, make sure you come earlier. You will get a sensation of beauty from the radiance that slowly rises but surely. It not only illuminates where you set foot at that time, but also warms your body and atmosphere.

5. Hunt for Photo Spots with Natural Enchantment

Whether you’re swimming, sunbathing, or even enjoying the panoramic sun, don’t forget to capture the moment. Activities like this are mandatory when on vacation. It’s useless if you go to beautiful and beautiful locations like Rambak Beach, but there are no mementos in it. Another spot that can be used as a beautiful background is the granite rocks on the edge pretty beach this.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Tambak Beach Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Erna Vitrawati

Even though the cost is very low as a condition for entering this beautiful tourist location, the facilities provided are quite adequate. Call it the existence of a prayer room as a place of worship for Muslims when the time comes. There is also a toilet that can be used to clean yourself or change clothes. The parking lot is also quite large for those of you who come by private vehicle.

When you are hungry or want to enjoy local culinary delights, there are many stalls available not far from the beach. Generally, tourists hunt for young coconut ice while on this beautiful beach. Unfortunately, there are still not many lodging places close to the location.

Those are some interesting things from Rambak Beach that we can convey. With all this information, it is hoped that you will no longer doubt its beauty and immediately visit the location. At the very least, you can use this information as a reference for your next travel destination.