Putri Palutungan waterfall, an exotic waterfall full of myths in Kuningan

Ticket price: IDR 20,000 Operational hour: 08.00-17.30 WIB, Address: Cisantana, Kec. Cigugur, Kab. Kuningan, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Filling the holidays by visiting tourist objects is indeed very interesting to do, especially those that provide the beauty of waterfalls or waterfalls. In the Regency Brass, West Java, there is a tourist destination in question, the name is Curug Putri Palutungan. The beautiful and enchanting natural panorama makes it never empty of visitors. Not only on weekends, but every day is sure to be crowded with visitors. The flow of clear water comes from the Ciremai mountains, so you can be sure of its freshness. This beautiful waterfall has a height of about 20 meters with a fairly heavy flow of water. However, the water that is stored in the pool does not really feel the current. This is due to the large size of the pond so that it can withstand the swift flow of water. The water in the pool then flows again into the next pool, before passing through the stone steps first. The name Putri Palutungan Waterfall was taken because it was once used as a habitat for monkeys or apes. Lutung, that is the basic word used in the word Palutungan which means monkey. Meanwhile, there is the word Putri because previously this waterfall was used as a bathing place for a noble child from the Netherlands called Noni. The Dutch who lived in the Kuningan area at that time believed that bathing their daughters in the waterfall would make them beautiful in the future.

The attraction of Putri Palutungan waterfall

The attraction of the Palutungan Kuning Princess waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Cep Hadedi

It should be noted, Putri Palutungan Waterfall has another name which is also known by some people. These names include the Princess Waterfall, Siputri Waterfall, and Ciputri Waterfall. All other names have the word Putri which turns out to have a story behind the name, of course apart from those mentioned above. Apart from the name that is known, there are several attractions that make it always crowded with visitors.

1. The Beauty of the Palutungan Princess Waterfall

The main reason for tourists coming to the location is because of its beauty. From a distance, it is clear that the rushing water flowing down into the pool resembles a princess wearing a dress. This is what is meant by one of the origins of the name, which always uses the word Putri. For those of you who are unsure, please take a picture with a sharp camera at the right angle. The flow of water coming from Mount Ciremai previously passed through the cliff wall. The wild plants that grow around don’t want to show the existence of cliffs on both sides of the Putri Palutungan Waterfall. When the sun shines its light on the waterfall, its beauty is even more stunning with a perfect orange glow. Splashes of water that are sometimes carried by the wind also complement its beauty.

If you come when it rains or after, there is a natural panorama that makes people laugh for anyone who sees it. Not long after the rain stopped, the beauty of the rainbow appeared clearly before our eyes. The rainbow seems to decorate the top of the waterfall with its seven distinctive colors.

2. The Myth of the Benefits of Curug Water

The next attraction of Putri Palutungan Waterfall is from a myth that is still believed by local residents. This myth is also inseparable from the existence of a rainbow and the name Putri it bears. It is said that after it rains, the rainbow that appears is believed to be the path of an angel who descended from heaven. Their main goal is to clean themselves in the waterfall pool. For that reason, many believe that bathing in a waterfall can bring many benefits. The benefits are believed to cure various diseases, both mild and severe. There are also those who believe that it is very easy to get a mate or a job after bathing in the pool. Apart from this belief, this waterfall in Cisantana Village is indeed worth a visit because of its natural panorama.

3. Incredible Natural Scenery

Not only the beauty of the Putri Palutungan Waterfall is the main attraction, but also the nature around it. Dense plants of various types are never out of sight. Big and small rocks not only adorn the waterfall, but also the entire location. This natural panorama can also be found in other tourist spots in the form of waterfalls, but of course not all of them. The existence of wild animals that are easy to find during the trip is the main attraction.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Putri Palutungan Kuningan waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps N Rissa Hadikusumah

Even though the written address is very clear, namely at Cisantana RT.07 / RW.03, Cisantana, Cigugur, Kuningan, West Java, but access to the location is not as easy as imagined. At first it might be easy because you can use a vehicle to go to the parking lot. However, it takes another trip to get to the location. For those coming from Cirebon, please pass Jalan Raya Cirebon – Kuningan. Before arriving at Kuningan Terminal, there is a turn that leads to Cigugur, please take that road. Continue the journey until you arrive at the Cisantana Village area with a slightly uphill road. Not far from that point, you will find the Palutungan Campground area, to be precise, after passing Mount Ceremai National Park Resort.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Princess Palutungan Kuningan waterfall ticket
Image Credit: Google Maps Danang Sutowijoyo

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the beauty of Putri Palutungan Waterfall. One adult is charged 20,000 rupiah, while children are 10,000 rupiah. This price is only for entrance tickets to the location, there are still other costs incurred. The fee in question is the use of parking facilities, where a motorbike is charged at 3,000 and a car is 5,000 rupiah. The location is open every day with operating hours from 08.00 to 17.30 local time.

Interesting Activities to Do at Curug Putri

Putri Palutungan Kuningan waterfall activity
Image Credit: Twitter Love Old Cars

It’s incomplete if you don’t do exciting activities while traveling. Especially if the place you are visiting is a waterfall, of course there is a lot to do. Almost all activities are still related to water, this is of course natural. To make it clearer, here are the interesting activities that tourists usually do when visiting Palutungan Princess waterfall!

1. Swimming and Playing Water

The freshness of the water and its clarity make anyone unable to resist wanting to feel the cool sensation. For tourists who come to the location, it is certain to do this activity, whether it’s swimming or just playing in the water by the pool. Visitors who are experts in swimming can test their skills in the main pool because the depth is decent. However, it is not recommended to be directly under the waterfall because the current may be strong enough to bring adults into the whirlpool.

2. Fun Camping with Family

Its location at the Palutungan Camping Ground makes camping activities very possible. Enjoying the beauty of nature while under a tent is something you can do with your family. This activity indirectly introduces children to the outdoors. Those of you who come with a group can also do this activity, which can test teamwork to make it better. If you come to Putri Palutungan Waterfall without preparing a tent, the manager provides a rental place for this purpose. Of course it’s not free, it’s just that it’s still cheap compared to the exciting sensations and experiences one gets with nature. For scout tents, a rental fee of 100,000 rupiah is charged, while the Doom tent is priced at 150,000 rupiah. All rental prices are for the duration of one night.

3. Riding an ATV

Fun Activity of Putri Palutungan Kuningan Waterfall
Image Credit: Twitter Qun Susanto

Still in the same area, there are exciting activities that can boost adrenaline and balance. The activity in question is driving around on an ATV. You must know that it is not easy to control the vehicle, especially if the terrain is not flat, aka the typical contours of the mountains. Vehicles which are also these facilities are also rented out at varying prices, depending on the duration you use them.

4. Hunt for Photo Spots with Natural Enchantment

Do not forget the activities that are also used to capture moments, namely photography. This time it’s not just a makeshift photo, but with a stunning natural panorama. Not many photo spots are provided, most of them are wild spots. However, almost any scene is very good as a backdrop. For example, when you take the background from the Palutungan Putri Waterfall. Try to take the right angle so that the waterfall looks like a princess in a white dress.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Princess Palutungan waterfall facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Sin Helina Ayu Tamela

Each tourist attraction certainly provides supporting facilities for the convenience of visitors. You can also get these facilities when you visit Beautiful waterfall in Brass. Some of the mandatory facilities that you can use are toilets in fairly good condition and running water. In addition, there is also a large and safe parking lot so you don’t have to worry about the vehicle you are using. There is also a prayer room and it is located not far from the main tourist attractions. Stalls that provide a variety of food are also easy to find around the location. You can take advantage of these facilities to recharge the lost energy after tired activities. It can also be used as a relaxing place to enjoy fresh air with a glass of hot coffee or hot tea. There are lots of interesting things to discuss from Putri Palutungan Waterfall in Kuningan. It would be nice if you visited the location to treat your curiosity, as well as get a pleasant holiday sensation. Don’t forget to bring a group, both family and friends or relatives so it’s not boring.