Putri Kencana Waterfall, Enchantment of Beautiful Waterfalls & Exotic Natural Pools in Bogor

Ticket price: IDR 25,000 Operational hour: 07.00-17.00 WIB, Address: Karang Tengah, Kec. Babakan Madang, Kab. Bogor, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Natural tourist destinations always attract the attention of travelers. The beautiful natural charm and cool air without pollution make you feel at home when visiting it. One of them is Curug which is another name for a waterfall. In Bogor, West Java, there is no shortage of tourist attractions in the form of waterfalls that offer stunning natural beauty. Call it the Putri Kencana Waterfall in Karang Tengah Village, Bogor. This waterfall is able to attract many tourists to visit it with amazing natural panorama.

Located far from cities and residential areas, you can be sure that this waterfall with a height of no more than 7 meters is still natural and beautiful. As proof, you can see the lush vegetation that surrounds it as if it enveloped its existence. So don’t be surprised when you decide to visit the location, the road that must be passed is quite difficult. But for those who like the challenge of tracking during the trip, this is actually a plus in itself.

The water is clear with a turquoise color, almost like glass so you can clearly see the rocks underneath. The water comes from the flow of the Sadon River, which is a river in Bogor which also flows through other waterfalls such as Leuwi Hejo and Curug Barong. Overall, it is certain that you will not be disappointed if you visit there, especially since there are many attractions and fun activities while at the location.

The attraction of Putri Kencana waterfall

The attraction of the Putri Kencana waterfall
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Every natural tourist object must have its own charm, as well as this waterfall in Bogor. There is a reason why every day is filled with many local and foreign visitors. For those of you who are curious and want to imagine it a little, here are the attractions of the Putri Kencana Waterfall that we have managed to summarize.

1. The Beauty of Putri Kencana Waterfall

It cannot be denied, the main reason for tourists coming to the location is to enjoy the natural charm offered by this waterfall which is surrounded by cliff walls. The two walls flanking the stream cannot be said to be tall or short either. The height is 7 meters, so you can say that the rock is medium in size. The existence of a large stone with an imperfect round shape characterizes it. The stone is located slightly on the edge, just before the water descends into the pool.

The flowing water goes down in a pond with turquoise water. Maybe you will be amazed when you first see it. Moreover, the rocks under the water are clearly visible. At first glance from a distance, you think that the pool has no water. The depth of the pool which is directly under the water is about 5 meters, so it is not recommended to swim there if you are not an expert. However, you can play in the water in a pond which is located some distance from the lake which is directly under the waterfall. Not too deep, one might even say very shallow because it is only limited to the ankles.

On the right and left of the waterfall, right above the cliff, you will be spoiled with beautiful green views from shady trees. The trees are of various types, there is also a bit of grass that complements the green color that is seen. You can come to the waterfall from two directions, namely below and above. But it is highly recommended to start from the bottom because that’s where the pool is located which is quite shallow with rocks in it.

2. Myth and History

Surely you agree that the naming of a place often has its origins, as well as the Putri Kencana waterfall. The name was taken because some residents had met a beautiful princess who passed by using a golden carriage. It is said to be a princess because indeed the woman is wearing clothes like a kingdom. Meanwhile, the time to pass through the waterfall is right on Thursday night, or commonly known as Friday night.

True or not, what is clear now is that you already know him by that name. Apart from that, Indonesia is also rich in history and myths, so it’s not surprising that these stories have been passed down from generation to generation and passed down to posterity. One thing that makes me wonder is that many tourists don’t seem to care about the story and it doesn’t scare them either. The beauty and charm given by the waterfall seem to cover up the history and myths believed by local residents.

3. Curug series

Attraction Owned by Putri Kencana Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Gugun Gumilar

The next attraction is not inferior to the two mentioned above, namely the existence of a series of waterfalls or Leuwi. On the way to the main waterfall, you will find four other waterfalls that are no less interesting. Once the oars of five waterfalls have passed, that is the proverb that is suitable for use. The other four waterfalls and Leuwi in question are Leuwi Pariuk which is a river and a small waterfall. The water flows directly into a shallow pool, only up to the ankles of adults. The water is clear decorated with large and small stones that spread around the pool.

Leuwi Demang and Leuwi Baliung are the next series that you will find. It is wider in width than the first, but the height is low enough that you can stand next to the waterfall easily. The pool as a container for flowing water is also not too deep, although it can be said to be a little deeper than the first. For adults who set foot in the pool, certainly not to sink thighs.

After continuing the journey from the third waterfall, Curug Love is ready to await your arrival. Love is said not because of its overall shape, but only the water that flows down before it hits the pool. This happens because there is a rock in the middle of the waterfall which slightly separates the water, so that when it almost goes down into the pool it forms a heart-like shape.

Address and Route to Location

Curug Putri Kencana address
Image Credit: Google Maps Haryoadji Abdurrahman

The three main attractions of the Putri Kencana Waterfall above almost make sure that you want to visit it. Therefore, make a good note of the address in Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java. You can arrive at the location for approximately 30 minutes by motorized vehicle from the city of Bogor to the east. Of course, if you are right in choosing the route of travel.

If you are coming from the direction of the Jagorawi Toll Road, please exit through the Sentul City gate. Take the road that leads to Jungle Land by turning left. Please turn right before entering the Jungle Land gate, continue a little journey then turn left. Please follow the signposts at the location until you arrive at the location. Even though it looks easy, you should be careful, especially if you meet another vehicle. This is because the road is quite narrow with many sharp turns and steep cliffs.

Arriving at the tourist site, you cannot immediately see the existence of the waterfall there. Please park the vehicle and buy an entrance ticket, then continue tracking by walking for about 500 meters. As with mountain roads, it is not difficult to pass. Especially if all the roads that are passed are still not paved, alias in the form of soil and rocks. It’s not difficult to find the location of the waterfall because there is a path that can be used as a guide. Arriving at the location, your tiredness will surely pay off with all the natural beauty that cannot be described in words.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Princess Kencana waterfall tickets
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Earlier it was mentioned that you have to buy a ticket to enter the location of the Putri Kencana Waterfall after parking the vehicle. Tickets that must be purchased are not expensive, for one person only 25,000 rupiah. Meanwhile, motorized vehicles must pay their own parking fee, 5,000 rupiah for two wheels, and 10,000 rupiah for cars. Even though in total, the price is quite decent in exchange for the exciting experience you get.

Regarding operating hours, this waterfall, which offers a variety of exciting activities, can be visited between 07.00 – 17.00 WIB. You can come at any time, even if it’s a national holiday or a big day. However, try to visit it in the dry season. Besides being safer in terms of travel, the water in this waterfall is clearer during the rainy season. Especially if it weren’t for the swift currents of water that make it cloudy when it rains.

Interesting Activities to Do at Putri Kencana Waterfall

Activities at the Putri Kencana Waterfall
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Not only the natural panorama of the forest combined with the waterfall that can be obtained when visiting the Putri Kencana Waterfall. There are many interesting activities that can be done, some of which are related to water, but some are not. Here’s more information!

1. Swimming and Playing Water

What are the fun things to do when visiting tourist objects that are still related to water? Of course swimming or just playing water right? You can do both while in this beautiful waterfall. The sensation of cold mountain water certainly makes swimming more enjoyable, for those who feel cold, of course.

For those of you who cannot swim, there is a shallow pool where you can play water. For children it is also recommended to play water in a shallow pool so that unwanted things don’t happen. Especially for those who like to swim, you should stay alert because the depth of the lake can drown adults if you’re not careful.

2. Body Rafting

Even though the size of the Putri Kencana waterfall is not too wide, you can still use it for body rafting activities. It’s quite exciting because it’s not a rubber boat that is used to go down the river, but with rubber tires that can only be used by one person. The manager provides tire rental, all you have to do is pay according to the price specified.

Balance, that is the essence of this activity which is also known as river tubing. Quite a lot of tourists do it because it’s really fun and not too dangerous. The water flow is not so heavy that it is safer, moreover there are life jackets and helmets that can be used.

3. Camping

Judging from the operational hours of Putri Kencana Waterfall, maybe few people know that visitors can also do camping activities. For this one, you must get permission from the manager first. If you don’t bring a tent, they also prepare one at a rental price of 25,000 rupiah per tent. However, be aware that if the weather is not friendly, you may not be allowed to stay overnight to enjoy the natural atmosphere nearby Beautiful waterfall this is at night.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities at the Putri Kencana Waterfall
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Even though it is only a nature tour in the form of a waterfall, you are not lacking in the facilities provided. Free facilities that can be used are places of worship and places of rest in the form of huts. As for those who pay, there are toilets, food stalls, parking lots and several rental items such as buoys and camping tents.

Waterfalls with various attractions and exciting activities like those at Curug Putri Kencana in Bogor should not be crossed out on the list of tourist visits. Therefore, immediately make a schedule to visit it. However, you still have to pay attention to safety and a fit body condition. The reason is, the tracking field that must be taken cannot be said to be easy.