Puncak Atta’awun Mosque, Religious Tourism Destination in Bogor

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Jl. Raya Puncak – Gadog, South Monument, Kec. Cisarua, Kab. Bogor, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Atta’awun Puncak Mosque, for those of you who often cross Jalan Raya Puncak Gadog in Bogor must have seen the splendor of the building from this place of worship. Its beauty is so striking from other buildings, one might even say very beautiful. Apart from that, he has a lot of uniqueness so that anyone’s eyes will definitely be fixed on him.

As with mosques in general, the main function of this building is none other than a place of worship. However, because of its beauty and strategic location, not a few people who pass by stop by and enter it. In addition to worship, there are also those who just rest while on the way.

There are also those who take both of them, namely resting after performing the obligatory prayers according to the time. The natural beauty around the location is an additional attraction, the cool and peaceful atmosphere is guaranteed to be felt right away. This mosque is surrounded by green views of rice fields and residents’ plantations, the viewpoint is very clear and so beautiful.

Atta’awun Puncak Mosque Attraction

Atta'awun Puncak Bogor Mosque Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Atta’Awun Puncak Mosque

Even though it is only a public mosque that anyone can visit, the Atta’awun Mosque has its charms. It’s no wonder that this place of worship is always crowded with visitors, both for worship, leisure, and other related activities.

1. History of the Atta’awun Mosque

It’s incomplete if you don’t discuss the history of a building that has many benefits. This place of worship was formerly called the Al-Muttawien mosque and was a building owned by PT Gunung Mas. The initial purpose of its construction was as a place of worship for employees and employees who worked at the factory.

Built in 1987, this mosque has a land that is not so wide. Problems often occur on Fridays, where the place is not fit to carry out Friday prayers. This is because not only PT Gunung Mas employees pray at this mosque, but also local residents.

In 1990, to be precise, land expansion began and was completed 9 years later or in 1999. At that time, the name was changed to Atta’awun Puncak Mosque with all the uniqueness and beauty of the architecture. Because the construction costs were not only from PT Gunung Mas, the company donated it to the local government.

The total cost of renovating and expanding the mosque’s land reaches 36 billion rupiah. Apart from receiving donations from PT Gunung Mas, the local government and local residents also contributed and sought funds. The name of the Atta’awun Mosque is taken from the condition of the construction in question, which means piety and working together in goodness.

2. Beautiful Natural Scenery

The next attraction is from the natural beauty around it, as well as from the beauty of the artificial garden in the mosque’s foyer. Not far from the location, visitors can easily see the natural beauty of the green plantation residents. The steps resembling terraces are also very clear which are active rice fields owned by residents.

Meanwhile, the other beauty is from the hills that surround the location of the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque. Almost all natural beauty is presented in a green color that soothes the view. With an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level, the weather here is very cool and some visitors even consider it cold.

When the weather is sunny, all the beauty that is owned looks so clear. Even when it’s cloudy or the weather doesn’t support it, the surrounding beauty is still visible from the clusters of clouds that look so exotic. In addition, the beauty of the artificial gardens around the mosque is no less interesting, many visitors take the time to capture the moment.

3. The unique architecture of the Atta’awun Mosque

The architecture of the Atta’awun Mosque looks very unique because it is not like a place of worship for Muslims in general. This mosque has a blend of Middle Eastern and Javanese buildings that are almost perfect. If most mosques are synonymous with domes, this time you won’t find them here.

The roof of this mosque is shaped like a mushroom, there are quite a lot of them. Each room or part of the building has a mushroom-like shape with a different size. The largest mushroom dome is in the main building, while the surrounding mushroom domes are smaller in size.

Not different from mosques in other places, the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque also features a fairly high tower. This towering building is not made to look like a mushroom. Meanwhile, the Javanese concept of the building can be seen from the small pond that surrounds the mosque. The existence of this pool aims to wash the feet with a deep philosophical meaning.

The intended meaning is none other than anyone who enters the mosque must be clean. The pool is shallow, because its function is only to wash the feet. The water in this pool is obtained from a small river that flows around the mosque. Uniquely, this water is never dry and always flows even in the dry season.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Atta'awun Puncak Bogor Mosque
Image Credit: Twitter Explore West Java

Actually it is not difficult to find the location of the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque because the location is very strategic. The address is also clear, which is located on Jalan Raya Puncak Gadog No. 90, Tugu Selatan, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency, West Java. It’s just that for residents outside Bogor, it will be difficult because they are not familiar with the access roads or routes.

This mosque is in one direction with Puncak Pass, sure to be a tourist attraction and at the same time a place for lodging that is never empty. So you can make it the main benchmark when visiting this mosque. From Bogor Square, the distance required is around 30 kilometers, on average it takes 1 hour.

Please use the Jagorawi toll road because it’s quite easy to find, besides that it’s also faster. After exiting the toll gate, continue the journey to Jalan Labuhan. From this point, the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque is not far away, you just need to head to Jalan Raya Puncak and follow the main route.

Follow along the main road while looking around, as there are several signs that you can use as a guide. Don’t be surprised if the trip can take longer than expected, because getting closer to the location is getting jammed. But don’t worry, because the natural beauty around is ready to spoil you during the trip.

Don’t forget to open the car window to feel the cool natural air that you don’t get in cities. If there are no motorized vehicles, this peak area is guaranteed to be free of pollution. The reason is, almost all the way the green color of various vegetation is obtained so beautifully.

Just like places of worship elsewhere, the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque is open every day without ever closing. Its strategic location as a place for passing motorists increasingly supports its operating hours. You can come anytime to worship and rest while you are here.

No need to pay, because this mosque is not actually a tourist attraction. It’s just that for those who bring motorized vehicles, prepare change to replace the parking lot. In addition, costs are needed to enjoy the variety of culinary delights around the mosque. This applies to those of you who run out of supplies or deliberately don’t bring from home.

Interesting Activities at the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque

Atta'awun Puncak Bogor Mosque activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Theo Petrozza

Even though it is not a tourist attraction, there are many activities that can be done while at the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque. The main activity is worship, but there are many other activities that visitors usually do while they are here.

1. Prayer Worship

It is highly recommended that if you are at a mosque, whether we are discussing this time or at another mosque, try to do it with the intention of worship. The worship in question is none other than prayer, you can pray in congregation if the time comes. If you miss it, it doesn’t matter if you pray alone or find other visitors with the same intention to join the congregation.

2. Enjoying Natural Scenery

After you pray or do the main worship, then you can do other activities as you wish. Among the many activities, what most visitors look forward to while at the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque is enjoying the natural scenery. rice fields, gardens and rivers are the main sights here.

3. Relax While Resting

For those who are on their way to the main place, this mosque is ready to provide comfort. That is, you can take a relaxing break in this public and open place. There are many places to go, which are definitely not inside the mosque. In the foyer of the mosque, that’s where visitors usually choose the time to rest while relaxing.

4. Culinary Tourism

The location of this mosque is very strategic because it is around tourist attractions in Bogor. So don’t be surprised if along the way there are many stalls or restaurants that provide various mainstay menus for each. You don’t have to go far, there are also many shops around the mosque, you just have to choose according to your taste.

Facilities Available in the Mosque Area

Facilities Atta'awun Puncak Bogor Mosque
Image Credit: Google Maps Kang Ensap

The Atta’awun Mosque has adequate facilities, even more complete than mosques in general. The first is the toilet next to the ablution area. In addition, there is also a large parking area for those who come with motorized vehicles. As discussed above, there are also many food stalls around the location.

The mosque is actually used as a place of worship for Muslims. However, because of the beauty and architecture of the building, not a few visitors make the Atta’awun Puncak Mosque a tourist alternative. Although not the main thing, this place is never empty of visitors, especially those who are on their way.