Pulau Bintang, Enjoying the Enchantment of a Group of Exotic Small Islands in North Kolaka

Bintang Tolala Island in North Kolaka has a million beauty and uniqueness that makes it very popular with tourists.

Ticket price: IDR 50,000, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: district Tolala, Kab. North Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi; Folder: Location Check

Still from Kolaka, a tourist spot called Pulau Bintang in North Kolaka is an attractive destination for tourists from various regions. The island is located on the border of Southeast Sulawesi and South Sulawesi.

The beauty of the island is no less good than Raja Ampat. Marine tourism is perfect for tourists who want cheap travel in the style of Raja Ampat. The white sand and clear water make anyone who comes there want to linger there.

The island consists of several small islands that have extraordinary underwater beauty. Tourists can see various marine life there. Moreover, the island also presents a very beautiful view.

The Attraction That Star Island Has

Attraction on Star Island
Image Credit: Google Maps Adriansyah Bakara

Previously, Pulau Bintang or Pulau Bintang Tolala was not known by people. However, after being used as a tourist spot, his name began to become famous throughout Indonesia and abroad.

The island is also known for its beautiful underwater scenery. Especially is the variety of coral reefs it has. Of course, all of that provides its own charm that makes many people interested in coming there.

✦ Sunset Panorama

Pulau Bintang is the best location to see the sunset. Tourists who come there can enjoy the view by sitting on the beach or from inns around the island area.

The sunset on the island is so extraordinary. This is the best sunset view that will not be found anywhere else. So, take the closest person and enjoy a romantic atmosphere while eating food on the beach and seeing the sights.

✦ Beautiful Scenery

The island also has a row of beautiful scenery. Moreover, the beaches there also have fine sand and clear water. Of course, the best views are rarely found elsewhere.

Don’t forget to capture some photos. Visitors can see the sights while tracing the coastline or playing in the water. Especially if it is spent with loved ones, of course the sight will look even more attractive.

✦ Small Island Cluster

The small islands on the island make the beauty of Bintang Island even more perfect. The islands also have their own charm. So, tourists can visit some of these islands and enjoy the uniqueness of each island.

In order to get to some of these small islands, visitors can use boat rentals which are widely available there. There are guides who will accompany tourists to visit each of these islands.

✦ Expanse of White Sand

One of the main attractions of Bintang Island is the beautiful and fine stretch of white sand. All that sand can be found on the row of beaches there. One of the most famous beaches there is the White Sand Beach.

The beach has fine white sand and is beautiful. Visitors can swim and feel the freshness of clear sea water. However, it is highly recommended to come there in the morning, to be precise before high tide.

✦ Hilltop Villa

There is an empty villa on a hilltop on the island. So, visitors can come there and see the various beautiful villas. Moreover, the view seen from the villa on the hill is very good. This can be a happy moment that can calm the mind.

Address and Route to Location

Star Island Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Rauf Rahman

Bintang Island itself is located in Bahari Village, Tolala District. The area is located in the area of ​​North Kolaka Regency, Province Southeast Sulawesi. In order to get there, tourists can use 3 paths. Just choose the path that is closest and easily accessible.

The first route is by land. Tourists can depart from Kolaka to North Kolaka. Visitors can also depart from South Sulawesi and pass through Luwu. There are rows of natural scenery that will spoil the eye during the trip to the island.

If by sea, tourists must use a ferry from Siwa Harbor in South Sulawesi. The ship will head to Tobaku Harbor in North Kolaka. So, if you use the air route, you can depart from Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in South Sulawesi.

Then, the plane will take tourists to Sangia Nibandera Airport in Kolaka. From there, tourists can use a variety of transportation to go to Bintang Island.

Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

Bintang Island is really still awake. Therefore, the atmosphere there is still cool with clean white sand and clear water. In order to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere, visitors must pay an entrance ticket of IDR 50,000 per person.

This price is relatively cheap because with that price tourists can enjoy all the beauty that is presented on the island. However, this price does not include the price of using other facilities such as boat rentals.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Star Island Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Wahyu Hendri Yulianto

The uniqueness and beauty of Pulau Bintang will make visitors want to continue to be there. So, if you are really interested in coming there, then there are some recommendations for exciting activities that you must try on the island.

1. Enjoy the expanse of white sand

Because it has soft and beautiful stretches of white sand, enjoying the beauty of the sand must be the main activity tourists can do. Visitors can lay out mats on the beach or play in the sand.

Kids will definitely like this. So, this is perfect for tourists who want to vacation with family and children.

2. Snorkeling

Most tourists who come to Bintang Kolaka Island always do snorkeling in Fish Cages. The location of the Fish Cages is close to the hilltop villas on the island. There are rows of fish cages that attract attention.

In addition, there is also a wooden bridge that is used as access to get to the area. Well, tourists can see the fish cages from the wooden bridge. In addition, tourists can also interact directly with the fish that are there.

There are various types of colorful fish that can be found in this place. Of course, doing snorkeling in that area will make your vacation moments more enjoyable.

3. Come to the Villa at the Top of the Hill

There is an uninhabited villa on the island. It is located at the top of a hill. Tourists can come there and see the beautiful scenery from the top of the peak. It will be a perfect experience that cannot be felt anywhere else.

Available Facilities

Star Island Facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps edward armanda

The island does not yet have adequate facilities. There are no proper toilets to use around the area. In addition, visitors must also bring their own food and drink supplies because there are no stalls on the island.

Of course, visitors must prepare all their needs and supplies if they want to come to Bintang Island, North Kolaka. Don’t forget to always keep the environment clean when you come to the island.