Photo Hunt at Wayang Windu Panenjoan, The Ticket Prices Are Really Cheap!

Bandung always offers new and definite tourist destinations instagramable. One that is quite busy being visited and discussed is the Panenjoan Windu Puppet tour in the Pangalengan area.

Being one of the sub-districts in Bandung Regency, the position of the area Canned almost surrounded by many mountains so that it becomes the main attraction.

Many people deliberately come to this area to hunt for beautiful scenery, feast their eyes, and capture it in the form of photographs.

If you want healing for a moment from the urban routine, visiting Wayang Windu Panenjoan could be the right choice.

Come on, find out the entry ticket info and the exact location below!

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Location of the Panenjoan Windu Puppet

Wayang Windu Panenjoan

Photo: Wayang Windu Panenjoan (

Even though it is not a new tourist spot, many tourists flock to this popular hit spot.

How not, Wayang Windu Panenjoan offers natural beauty that soothes the eyes.

If using a private vehicle, from BandungMoms can go to Dayeuh Kolot – Banjaran – Cimaung.

From there, you will arrive at the Pangalengan roundabout, then the gates of the Kertamanah Tea Plantation and Kertamanah Deer Breeding.

After passing through the smooth road, you will enter the Wayang Windu Panenjoan entrance area which is quite rocky and steep.

Even though the road is quite challenging, you will be greeted with fresh air from the top of the mountain, which is stretched on either side by tea plantations.

You may be wondering, is Wayang Windu Panenjoan the same as Taman Langit? The answer is no, yes Moms.

Even though they are both in Pangalengan and offer natural views against a mountain backdrop, the two places are different tourist destinations.

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The atmosphere of Wayang Windu

Photo: The atmosphere of Wayang Windu (

Managed by local residents, you can find the ticket booth when you enter the entrance gate.

Following are the entrance ticket prices and parking fees at Wayang Windu Panenjoan, namely:

  • Entrance ticket: IDR 10,000/person
  • Parking for two-wheeled vehicles: IDR 3,000
  • Four-wheeled vehicle parking: IDR 5,000

Shortly after going through a challenging road at the entrance, you will arrive at the location of the Wayang Windu Panenjoan.

Well, there are some notes that you should know when you want to visit popular tourist spots this one, namely:

  • Located 50 KM from the city of Bandung

The location of Wayang Windu Panenjoan is about 50 kilometers from the city of Bandung.

That means, Moms takes about 2-3 hours from the city center.

If you don’t leave early in the morning, you might find traffic jams when passing through residential areas and markets that are quite dense to tourist sites.

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Some sources say that directions to get to Wayang Windu Panenjoan are very limited.

So, don’t hesitate to ask local residents if you are confused about finding this one tourist spot.

Apart from that, Moms can also follow directions from a directions app or maps digital to be more accurate and avoid the possibility of wrong paths.

Remember again that the location of Wayang Windu Panenjoan is quite far and enters the countryside, is on a plateau, and takes a slightly steep and rocky road.

So, make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition and ready to go through the obstacles.

Because this place is still very popular, don’t be surprised if later you will see many tourists from inside and outside the city.

The number of vehicles or ordinary cars until the bus will fill the parking area. Moreover, the car park provided is also not too big.

So, choosing the right day where not many visitors come or leave early, can be a solution for Moms who don’t want to have trouble finding parking.

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Wayang Windu Tourism Object

Wayang Windu Tourism Object

Photo: Wayang Windu Tourism Object (

In Sundanese, ‘panenjoan’ means sight or sight before your eyes.

As the name implies, from Wayang Windu Panenjoan, you will see views of all the mountains in South Bandung, including Mount Wayang.

Even though the road is steep, many bicycle users or bikers who are willing to make this place their destination trekking their bike.

From an altitude of around 1,600-1,800 masl and a temperature of 17-20 degrees Celsius, you will see natural carpet mats and tea plantation that stretches wide and cools the eye.

Like other tourist spots that are on the mountain, the best time to visit this place is in the afternoon.

If the weather is clear, Moms and family can enjoy the sunset on the western horizon.

Not only tea gardens, to the right of this tourist area there is also a steam power plant (PLTU) which is still operating.

A PLTU that still emits residual steam can be a unique sight and may not necessarily exist in other places.

Apart from that, there are lots of photo spots and facilities that you can use for fun style, including:

1. The Puppet Windu Bridge

The first photo spot that must be in list the place selfies Moms is a bridge over a tea garden which is about 20 meters long.

Because it is made of wood, you have to be careful when crossing this bridge, especially when many people visit and fill the bridge.

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2. The Door Above the Clouds

There is also a transparent wooden door which is no less interesting as a photo spot.

Moms can sit near the door while looking at the hundreds of hectares of tea gardens below Moms.

However, the time given to take pictures here is only about 5 minutes.

This is enforced to avoid long queues, unless Moms visit when the location is not too crowded.

3. Gazebo rental

For Moms who bring their Little One and family, then want to rest and have a leisurely meal at Wayang Windu, Moms can rent the available gazebo.

For gazebos on the top floor, Moms need to spend IDR 30,000 per 2 hours.

Meanwhile for the lower gazebo, the price is cheaper, which is IDR 20,000 per 2 hours.

In this place, Moms can bring their own food from home or buy it at a stall near the entrance to Wayang Windu.

There are fried foods to coffee that can warm your body, you know.

4. ATV rental

Moms want something a little challenging? Fortunately, this one tourist spot also provides ATV rentals.

With a tariff of Rp. 50,000/round, you can walk around the labyrinth of tea gardens with a distance of about 1.2 km.

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Visiting Wayang Windu Panenjoan Pangalengan can be an interesting destination for a vacation while breathing cool fresh air. Hopefully the information is useful, Moms!