Peyuyon Beach, Beautiful Beach with the Beauty of Marine Biota in Gunung Kidul

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Kanigoro, Kec. Saptosari, Kab. Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

Peyuyon Beach, maybe there are still many who don’t know that in Gunung Kidul there is this hidden paradise. Not many tourists come, this is due to its remote location. The area is not like the beaches in Jogja in general, here it is only a few tens of meters long and only a few meters wide.

However, there is a lot of beauty that you will find here. For those who expect a holiday for healing, please come to breathe natural fresh air. But you have to be willing to travel long enough. This trip must be taken on foot, the terrain is quite difficult.

The beauty that is presented makes some visitors willing to take all the trouble while heading to this beautiful Peyuyon Beach. Moreover, the journey will not be so tiring because it is neglected by the beautiful charm of the hills. Green shady trees always accompany the trip and at the same time as an entertainer.

The Attraction of Peyuyon Beach

Attraction of Peyuyon Beach, Gunung Kidul
Image Credit: Google Maps Arkan Narendra

Before visiting a tourist attraction, it is better if you know in advance what the attractions are. This also applies to Peyuyon Gunung Kidul Beach. A little opening above actually describes the attraction in question. But for more details, please refer to the following points!

1. Flanked by Exotic Cliffs

The first attraction that you immediately see when you arrive at the location are the two exotic cliffs that flank it. This cliff is a karst rock which is indeed commonly found in the Jogja area and its surroundings. Many beautiful beaches in Jogja are surrounded by hills like this, some are even impossible to visit because there is no access.

Even though it is said that there are many beaches flanked by exotic cliffs, each has its own unique characteristics. For example, at Peyuyon Beach, one of the cliffs has a deep depression. Seen from a distance it looks very much like a cave, this place is usually used for camping for tourists who want to spend the night.

2. View of Peyuyon Beach

It cannot be denied that beauty is the main attraction for many tourists. The beauty in question is the towering high cliffs, it really looks exotic. The white karst stones seem to blend in with the green trees that thrive on it. Grass and bushes don’t seem to want to be left behind in taking part.

Not only that, the sea water that looks clear is no less beautiful. The color is a beautiful blue, occasionally decorated with white from the foam produced from the waves or waves. Even though you don’t find many rocks, their presence can enhance the view of Peyuyon Beach.

3. Many marine biotas are found

Another Attraction Peyuyon Beach Gunung Kidul
Image Credit: Google Maps Satria Raka Siwi

This exotic beach in Gunung Kidul is still not visited by many tourists. But still there are those who come every day to witness its beauty. Apart from the attractions mentioned above, the existence of marine life is also one of the other reasons. Not many beaches are still inhabited by sea animals.

Here, you can easily find octopus stuck behind the rocks. There are also small fish that take shelter between the rocks, as well as several types of shells. This marine biota is very clearly visible because the sea water is blue and clear. If you are lucky, you can find sea urchins also hiding behind the rocks.

4. The conditions are quiet and peaceful

As previously mentioned, Peyuyon Beach is still rarely visited by tourists. Those who come are usually from around the village, there are also some who deliberately come from far away. At first glance, this is not an attraction, but quite the opposite. The lack of visitors makes the atmosphere quiet and peaceful.

Tourists on vacation looking for tranquility are very suitable to be here. Feeling the wind that comes blowing while relaxing can ease the mind that is currently upset. Enjoying the green view of the plants, the blue of the sea water, and the white of the sand are guaranteed to be suitable for healing.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Peyuyon Beach, Gunung Kidul
Image Credit: Google Maps Nafis Hidayat

Peyuyon Beach is located in Kanigoro Village, Saptosari District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. From the center of Gunung Kidul, it will take you 1 hour because the distance to be traveled is around 25 kilometers. This time may be more or less, depending on the speed of the vehicle and road conditions.

Because this beach is not very well known, you can take the direction towards Widodaren Beach. It can be said that these two beaches are neighbors, the parking location is the same. However, you have to travel on foot from this neighboring beach, because road access for motorized vehicles is still not available.

Let’s just say that you are currently in the city center, please take the direction towards Baron Beach. Next, please head to Jalan Pantai Selatan Jawa, follow the main route or along the highway. Then direct the vehicle to Ngresik Kanigoro, the location of the beach is not far from this area. You can also use Google Maps or similar applications.

Peyuyon Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

Peyuyon Beach Gunung Kidul Tickets
Image Credit: Google Maps Aurora kids Collections

Until now, there is no entrance fee to enter Peyuyon Beach. You are free to enter this tourist location if you are not reluctant to travel quite far. However, because the location is close to Widodaren Beach, you have to pay a fee to enter this neighboring beach.

Certainly not expensive, because beaches in Jogja are generally almost the same ticket price. You only need to pay 5,000 rupiah per person to enjoy the two extraordinary beach charms. The additional costs required are only for parking fees which are also cheap, 2,000 motorcycles and 5,000 cars.

Interesting Activities to Do at Peyuyon Beach

Gunung Kidul Peyuyon Beach Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Luqman Aris Widodo

Peyuyon Beach is suitable for all activities related to fun. Surely you are not only interested in the charm that is owned right? Knowing what can be done is also very important. This beautiful beach is not suitable for swimming, but there are plenty of activities to do instead.

1. Hill Climbing

Hill climbing is the first activity that is guaranteed to be fun and boring. This hike is done during the trip to the location. This must be done, because the location of the beach is behind the hill. The trip is guaranteed not to be tiring, it can even be considered very exciting.
The reason is, there is a lot of beauty that always accompanies every step of the swing.

2. Fishing

For those who like fishing, don’t forget to bring your own equipment from home. Peyuyon Beach is surrounded by quite high hills, the bottom of which is submerged in deep water. Usually, fish hide behind rocks to find food or avoid predators. But you should be careful, because high waves often come.

3. Camping

There are two choices of places that are suitable for camping activities, namely on the hill and on the edge pretty beach this. If it’s high tide, it’s a good idea to choose a safer location, which is on a hill. But if by chance the water is receding, it doesn’t matter camping on the beach. The sensation of camping by the beach is very different, because this time it is always accompanied by the sound of the waves.

Facilities Available in the Beach Area

Peyuyon Beach Facilities Gunung Kidul
Image Credit: Google Maps Wulan Dewi Siti Khotimah

The beauty and charm of Peyuyon Beach is not equipped with adequate facilities, it’s a shame of course. You won’t find any facilities, only sand and rolling waves. But don’t worry, facilities can be found easily on Widodaren Beach, such as parking areas, toilets, prayer rooms, and food stalls.

Visiting tourist objects when the holidays come is indeed very important. It doesn’t have to be every holiday, but it’s still needed occasionally to relieve fatigue during daily activities. Of the many tourist objects in Jogja, Peyuyon Beach can be used as an alternative because of its beauty and it doesn’t require a lot of money to visit it.