Pengger Pine Forest in Jogja – Entrance Tickets & Locations

Jogja’s Pengger Pine Forest is one of the popular tourist destinations among Yogyakartans and out-of-town tourists. Offering natural beauty that we rarely encounter, this area can be an alternative for your vacation at Chinese New Year 2021.

Previously, pine forests were synonymous with spooky places. However, through the development process by adding various art installations, this place has become very beautiful and aesthetic.

Located in the hills above the city of Jogja, the view offered from this place is also not half measures. Especially at night, you can enjoy “Flickering City Light Yogyakarta” from here. Interested in visiting? Come on, check out this article first to get important and latest information!

Location of the Pengger Pine Forest in Jogja

This forest area is in a beautiful hilly area with cool and clean air. The trees are tall and towering the sweet smell of pine resin make the air more calm and soothing.

Visitors will be invited to tour and see various art installations that are rich in meaning through the paths between the trees.

Considering that this area is a bumpy hill, it’s better to use comfortable footwear so that your vacation experience is more enjoyable and you also stay safe.

The location of the Yogyakarta Pengger Pine Forest is in the northernmost area of ​​Dlingo District, namely, Pathuk Gunung Kidul.

Administratively, the address is on Jalan Dlingo-Pathuk, Pantirejo, Terong, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The distance of this location from the city center is 24 kilometers or about an hour’s drive by motorized vehicle.

The road to this location is also good with flat roads and natural scenery that will spoil you on the way.

From the city of Yogyakarta, you can enter Jalan Wonosari and start taking the route to Bukit Bintang. After arriving at the Pathuk Koramil crossroads, look at the signs and drive towards Dlingo sub-district for 4.5 kilometers.

Pengger Dlingo Pine Forest Tour

Jogja Pengger Pine Forest tour
Tour in Pengger Pine Forest (Photo by

Through the development that has been carried out, various tourist activities of the Pengger Dlingo Pine Forest can be enjoyed here. Here, Advontura summarizes vacation activity recommendations for you and your family!

Photo Hunt in Art Installations

In addition to its natural scenery, this location is famous for various art installations made of wood branches and shaped in such a way. Starting from giant hands, wooden bridges, tree houses, broomsticks, bird cages, giant gates and holes. Uniquely, that’s all that can be enjoyed for free.

Even though it is made of wood branches, the results are very cool and one of them even becomes a viewing post against the green background of the city of Yogyakarta.

There is no special ticket price for this vehicle. However, it would be better if you can pay for the maintenance of art installations sincerely.

For visitors who want to try this ride, try to arrive early and make sure the weather is sunny and not rainy. Because in addition to getting better photos, you also become more comfortable.

Enjoying the Dusk Among the Pine Trees

Apart from taking fun pictures, there are also many people who come just to enjoy the sensation of the sun sinking among the thick pine trees.

The orange light of the sun that penetrates between the leaves while being covered in cool and shady air makes this experience really not to be missed.

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View of the Pengger Pine Forest at Night

The view of the Pengger Pine Forest at night is also not to be underestimated. The place is in the hills, so you can see the twinkling City Light Yogyakarta so beautiful and calming. Various photo spots that have a background in the city of Yogyakarta also look even more beautiful and lively.

As for those of you who don’t photogenic, Relaxing and chatting while enjoying hot coffee can also be an option for holiday activities at night.

Camping Among the Pine Trees

For those of you who like camping, visitors can rent camping ground at a price of IDR 15,000.00 only. The cool atmosphere and not too expensive rental fees make this area a favorite among tourists campers. When camping, you can also rent hammocks to relax at a cost of only IDR 10,000.00.

Try the Challenging Rides

Who said that vacationing here would be boring? There are many rides that you can enjoy at affordable prices. Here are the types of rides that can be tried and rented along with their rates!

  1. Forest bike : IDR 10,000.00/person.
  2. Flying fox : IDR 15,000.00/person.
  3. Explore nature : IDR 10,000.00/person.
  4. Rock climbing : IDR 15,000.00/person.
  5. Rent of Forest School Stage – Commercial Activities: IDR 3,000,000.00/activity.
  6. Rent for Forest School Stage – Non-Commercial Activities: IDR 1,000,00/activity.
  7. Rent Hall : IDR 250,000.00/person.
  8. Photo Sessions and Prewedding : IDR 200,000.00/activity.
  9. Video Clips : IDR 250,000.00/person.
  10. Commercial Movies : IDR 1,000,000/day.
  11. Rent a shop : IDR 100,000/month.

How, quite complete is not the service provided? Apart from going on vacation, you can also rent a shop or hold an event with a stage or hall.

Entrance Ticket to the Pengger Pine Forest, Bantul

The ticket price for entering the Pengger Pine Forest in Bantul is cheap, which is IDR 3,000 per person. Both children and adults.

Meanwhile, parking fees for motorized vehicles are only IDR 2,000.00, cars are IDR 5,0000.00 and buses are IDR 20,000.00.

Facilities Provided

If you are still worried about the available facilities, don’t worry now because the facilities provided here are complete. Starting from the prayer room, food court, large parking area and clean toilets.

Opening Hours During PSBB

Jogja's gerger pine forest
Pengger Pine Forest (Photo by

This area is open every day from half past 8 am to midnight. However, during the PSBB, there was a change in visiting hours, starting from half past 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

Thus our discussion about the Yogyakarta Pengger Pine Forest this time. Hopefully the information above can help those of you who are looking for tourist destinations holiday in Chinese New Year 2021. Stay healthy and comply with existing health protocols, and see you in the discussion of other tourist attractions!

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