Pasar Klewer Solo – History, Location and Nearby Hotels

Solo Klewer Market is traditional shopping center which is famous among the people of Surakarta and Indonesia. Being one of the largest textile markets, this area is not only famous for its cheap and high-quality goods, but also for its cultural and historical values.

In fact, this market has become a silent witness to the struggle of the Indonesian people and contributed to saving the country’s economy during the monetary crisis. Intrigued by more detailed information? Let’s look at the following explanation.

History of Solo Klewer Market

History of Solo Klewer Market
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The history of the Klewer Market has started since the Japanese colonial era in Indonesia. At its inception, this area was a station or a train stop which was later used by native traders as a place to buy and sell.

Initially this buying and selling center was called Pasar Slompretan which was taken from the word Qtrumpet. However, as time went on, this place changed its name to “Klewer” because of the irregular dangling batik cloth.

This market began to develop in 1986 which was then renewed into a permanent terraced building on June 9, 1970 by President Soeharto.

Uniqueness and Interesting Tourism Activities

This unique market has two floors that accommodate 1,467 traders with a total of 2,064 stalls. The goods sold are various kinds of batik from all over Indonesia, such as Solo, Madura, Betawi, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, Banyumas and so on.

Not only selling batik cloth, you can also find various textile products such as clothes, sheets, shirts, jackets, cotton and silk fabrics, clothing accessories to gold and electronic goods.

This area is also famous among resellers clothing because of its low price, quality and varied patterns. Most of them also prefer to buy wholesale because it is cheaper and more economical.

Apart from shopping, visitors can also have a culinary tour on the second floor. Because this area is not only useful as an economic and shopping center but also a destination iconic solo City. Here Advontura has summarized the various tourist activities that you can enjoy here!

Klewer Market Culinary Tour

On the second floor, you will find rows of food stalls selling a variety of legendary traditional foods that may be hard to find elsewhere.

A number of typical food what you must try are Selat Solo, Nasi Timlo and Dawet Selasih which will quench your thirst after you are tired of shopping.

Apart from that there are various other menu choices that can be purchased such as meatballs, soup, ketoprak noodles, vegetable rice, ice with and so on.

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Visit to the Great Mosque of Surakarta

The Great Mosque of Surakarta is located right in front of the market and is also one of the destination iconic solo City. This area is hard to miss because it is rich in historical value and the shade and cleanliness of the place is very comfortable to be used as a place of worship.

Visit to the Solo Palace

For those of you who still have a lot of time and are confused about finding your next vacation destination, come to the Solo Palace which is also not far from the market.

Here you can see various ancient palace objects and various tools used in the Ancient Solo period. Not only that, if you are lucky you can also witness the annual cultural festival performance.

Klewer Market Solo Online

Especially for those of you who are outside Solo but want to buy goods here, don’t worry because now there is the Klewer Solo Online Market which can be found on various platforms. online shopping.

The goods sold are also original products sold at market stalls, so you can already get goods of the same quality and price without having to come to the place.

Solo Klewer Market Location

The address for Pasar Klewer Solo is at Jalan Dr. Radjiman No.5A, Gajahan, Pasar Kliwon District, Surakarta City.

The location of Klewer Market is also very strategic with various icon history and culture such as the Solo Palace and the Great Mosque of Surakarta City.

The route to this shopping center is quite easy. Visitors only need to walk to Jalan Jogja-Solo which can be traversed by private vehicles.

If you use the train, you can reach the location by stopping at Purwosari or Solo Balapan Stations. Then walk or use a buggy / rickshaw.

Solo Klewer Market Opening Hours

For those of you who want to visit in person, Klewer Market opening hours start at 7 am and start closing at 5 pm. Make sure to come early if you don’t want to be too crowded.

Hotels Near Solo Klewer Market

For those of you who want to stay close to this shopping area, Advontura has summarized several hotel recommendations near Klewer Market that you can try.

Some of the recommendations include RedDoorz Premium, Assalam Syariah Guest House, The Royal Surakarta Heritage MGallery by Sofitel, Grand Amira Hotel, Petit Boutique Hotel and some others.

The price for lodging for one night and two people is also quite cheap, which ranges from Rp. 170,000.00 to Rp. 500,000.00.

Thus our discussion this time about the Solo Klewer Market which is full of stories. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for a cheap, unique, and easy-to-reach shopping center. See you in the discussion of other unique Indonesian tourist destinations!

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