Panguk Kediwung Hill, Cool Photo Spot with Stunning Natural Views in Jogja

Ticket price: IDR 3,000, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Kediwung, Mangunan, Kec. Dlingo, Kab. Bantul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

The natural panorama given by Panguk Kediwung Hill seems to have no end. The vast expanse of land with the typical contours of the hills always accompanies you on your way to the location. At the top of the hill, there is a lot of beauty that is difficult to describe in words. For visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere of a country above the clouds, this tourist location deserves to be the top choice. Every day, many visitors come to witness its beauty.

Tourism that presents natural beauty is indeed the main choice to fill holidays. Especially if the destination provides natural beauty, meaning without human intervention. The hill is the most suitable place to unwind from the daily grind. Of course it’s not just a hill, but a hill that gives beauty and makes anyone want to come back to enjoy the beauty of God’s work.

Although there are many hills on Bantul Yogyakarta, but not all of them provide beautiful panoramas like when you visit Panguk Kediwung Hill. The natural atmosphere is wrapped in the beauty of the trees around the location, making it a beautiful sight on every trip. Clumps of white clouds like paintings always await the arrival of tourists after arriving at the top of the hill. This is what makes this natural tourist spot always crowded with visitors and at the same time becomes its main attraction.

The Attraction of Panguk Kediwung Hill

Panguk Kediwung Hill Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Suki Suki

Talking about attractiveness, of course, cannot be separated from what the tourist object provides. In this case, of course, the natural scenery is the main attraction of the hill in Kediwung hamlet. For those of you who have never visited and have plans to visit, here are the main attractions of Panguk Kediwung Hill!

1. Expanse of Beautiful Hills

Every tourist who comes to a tourist site in the form of a stretch of this beautiful hill certainly wants to enjoy the natural beauty around it. Locations that are difficult to reach do not discourage them from enjoying its beauty. Soil, rocks, trees, all come together to form an amazing natural painting. Especially when you are on a hill, the thick fog that comes with gusts of wind makes the atmosphere even more beautiful.

This attraction makes tourists come from various regions. Those who come want to enjoy the amazing atmosphere that cannot be found in other locations, even though they are both hills. In the morning, the dew that comes uninvited also cools the atmosphere. Overall, Panguk Kediwung Hill gives tourists the impression that they are above the clouds.

2. Natural atmosphere of Panguk Kediwung Hill

Not only its beauty is an attraction for tourists, but also an unspoiled atmosphere. Its location far from the hustle and bustle of the city makes it greener with fresh air without pollution. The green color of the trees combined with the white color of the clouds makes the atmosphere seem romantic, especially if you come in the afternoon. At this location, everything is still natural without human intervention. It’s just that there are several points that were deliberately built to support facilities for visitors.

3. Amazing Photo Spots

The next attraction is the many spots that can be used to capture moments. This is where there is a bit of human intervention, where there are buildings that are deliberately filled with facilities. Visitors who come can not only enjoy the natural scenery, but can also capture beautiful moments that are rarely found elsewhere.

The photo spot in question is known as the vantage point with a quite unique design. However, tourists are expected to remain careful in taking pictures. This is because several substations have been deliberately made at the end of the hill, the bottom of which leads directly to the ravine. So always prioritize safety when you want to take photos from certain spots.

Address and Route to Location

Panguk Kediwung Hill address
Image Credit: Google Maps Theresa Tonanga

For tourists who are interested in everything that Panguk Kediwung Hill has to offer, please go directly to Kediwung Hamlet, Mangunan Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. From downtown Jogja, it takes at least 1 hour with a distance of 24km. Both two-wheeled and four-wheeled, you can use it to get to tourist sites. It’s just that it’s more advisable to use two wheels because at some points, the access road is a little narrower.

From downtown Jogja, please take the road route that goes to the Giwangan Terminal. From the terminal, direct the vehicle to the Giwangan crossing which leads to Imogiri Market. Please turn left which directs the vehicle to the King’s tomb. Before arriving at the tomb, there is a T-junction that you have to take the direction that leads to Mangunan Orchard. From that point, there is a signboard that will guide you to arrive at the destination tourist location.

Panguk Hill Entrance Ticket Prices

Panguk Hill Ticket Prices
Image Credit: Google Maps Itok Kristianto

Don’t forget to prepare the entrance ticket money when you arrive at the Panguk Kediwung Hill area. By looking at what you will get later, the entrance ticket price of IDR 3,000 is of course very cheap. Moreover, this price also includes taking advantage of several photo spots in tourist sites. Only a few, meaning that there are certain photo spots that require you to pay more, around 3,000 rupiah for one beautiful photo spot.

In addition to the price of the entrance ticket, of course there is another fee that must be incurred, namely for vehicle parking. Prices vary for each vehicle, for motorbikes with 3,000, cars with 5,000, Elf and minibuses with 10,000 rupiah, while buses are supposed to be more expensive, namely 20,000 rupiah. It doesn’t need to be expensive to get valuable experience during the holidays, right?

Interesting Activities to Do on Panguk Kediwung Hill

Activities on Panguk Kediwung Hill
Image Credit: Google Maps Yogyakarta tourism 21

Apart from filling the holidays, of course you agree that the point of visiting is tourist attractions in Yogyakarta this is to do fun activities. You can also do the same when visiting Panguk Kediwung Hill. You can do various interesting activities while at the location. Indeed, there are no exciting rides in it, nor can you play in the water like in a waterfall. However, the following activity might be very suitable, especially for those of you who still don’t have any ideas at all!

1. Enjoying the Beauty of the Hill Panorama

It can be said that this activity is definitely done, namely enjoying the natural scenery around the hill. Every visitor who comes is certainly amazed by the beauty that is presented. As previously discussed, the natural combination of land and air seems to unite in one location. On land there is a stretch of hills filled with shady plants and trees, while in the air there are beautiful white clouds.

When the weather is sunny, it’s not the clouds that are the main sight, but the landscape of the city of Jogja. But make no mistake, the beauty of the city of Jogja from the height of Panguk Kediwung Hill is also an attraction for every tourist. Even at night, you can clearly see the lights that adorn the houses of residents. Not to mention the street lighting that looks neatly lined up from a distance.

2. Watching Panorama Sunrise

Besides enjoying the beauty of the hill, you can also enjoy the panoramic sunrise. This time it’s not a sunset or a sunset, because for that there is a barrier. However, it is no less beautiful when the sun is slowly showing itself and starting its daily tasks. In the east, it is clear that the sun with the largest size appears slowly. Instantly the atmosphere that was previously shivering became warmer.

So that you don’t miss watching the sunrise, at least you start the journey to the hill in the morning. After dawn is the perfect time to start a hiking trip. Considering that the distance from the bottom to the top of Panguk Kediwung Hill is quite far, not to mention the obstacles that are always ready to confront you.

3. Hunt for beautiful photo spots

This activity should not be abandoned while filling vacation time with sightseeing, especially natural tourism. Photography activities are more complete with photo spots provided by the manager. There are two spots which are divided into two according to their location, namely east and west. Some of the favorite spots are the horse-drawn carriages called Delman Langit. At that spot, there was a carriage pulled by a winged horse that looked similar to a phoenix from afar.

Not far from that spot, there is the Langit Perahu which is also never empty of fans. The design of the boat which is very similar to the original is not only made for scenery, but can be climbed. It seems clear that the boat uses a sail like the ancient Pinisi boat. Uniquely, the screen is not made of cloth, but of bamboo shavings which are made to look like curtains.

For visitors who want to capture the moment like in a land above the clouds, there is a photo spot from Panguk Kediwung Hill that you must try. The spot in question is known as the Sky Palace, which has a fairly simple design. Only a tower building with a white color carpet underneath is given a green color. By taking the right angle when taking photos, you can produce images that are really above the clouds.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Panguk Kediwung Hill Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Nanong Nury

The management never ignores the comfort of visitors. This is evident from the various supporting facilities provided. As a tourist spot that is always crowded with visitors, Panguk Kediwung Hill provides clean toilet facilities that are always maintained. There is also a parking lot which is a mandatory facility for every tourist spot.

For those of you who want to fulfill their obligations, there is also a small but clean prayer room that can be used. Other facilities that you can enjoy are several gazebos built around the site. This facility is suitable as a place to rest as well as take shelter if you come during the day. Some tourists also use it to relax while enjoying the typical natural scenery of the hills.

Visitors who are running out of supplies also do not need to worry. Many food stalls around the location that can be used to recharge energy. The price is also very affordable, no more than 10,000 rupiah for one portion of food in the form of chicken soup. Apart from food, there are also drinks ready to warm the body, such as coffee, hot tea, ginger ale, and many others.

Very interesting discussion this time which takes the main topic Panguk Kediwung Hill. Yogyakarta is always reliable in terms of tourism. Evidenced by the many tourist objects that can be visited to fill the holidays. A few tips when you go to visit, always keep it clean and respect the natural surroundings. In addition, obey every regulation made by the management, which is certainly made for mutual convenience.