Panama Park 825, The Biggest Indoor Playground in Bandung

Bandung is one of the three largest cities in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. This city certainly has a variety of interesting tourist destinations to be visited by tourists from within and outside the city.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Bandung is Panama Park 825 which is crowded when the holiday season arrives. Here, Adventurers will find various kinds of rides and complete facilities.

Panama Park 825 has a concept indoor playgroundsso you don’t need to worry about recent weather changes that can disrupt holiday time with your family or closest relatives.

So, if Advonturers are interested in visiting the biggest playground in the city of Bandung, see full information in the following Advontura article.

The excitement of playing at the Panama Park Indoor Playground 825 Bandung

The excitement of playing at the Panama Park Indoor Playground 825 (source: Bandoeng)
The excitement of playing at the Panama Park Indoor Playground 825 (source: Bandoeng)

Tourist attractions in Bandung offer a variety of favorite destinations for visitors, ranging from modern to traditional concepts that are also available in this city. One of the largest play and recreation parks is Panama Park 825.

Indoor playgrounds This is deliberately made into a playground concept that can be enjoyed by various groups, ranging from children to adults. Officially opened since June 1 2019, this playground offers many rides and facilities to attract visitors.

One of fun fact what’s interesting is that this vehicle was developed by a game masters proficient in the industry. In addition, the name Panama is taken from the abbreviation Eight Two Five which is the location of this tourist spot in the city of Bandung.

So, after getting to know Panama Park 825, we will then discuss the various rides that are there. Come on, make a note of what rides you can try when you come here!

Various Kinds of Rides at Panama Park 825 Bandung

1. Joy n Fun

Joy n Fun (source: traveloka)
Joy n Fun (source: traveloka)

The first ride is Joy n Fun which has a concept playground with super large size for kids. This place is suitable as a vehicle to play for your little ones, because in it there are supermarkets, workshops, doll houses, police station, fire stationbeauty salons and others.

Not only that, you can also invite the children to take pictures at Throne’s Room for men and Princess Room for girls whose room is all pink. If your little ones like to explore, head over to the high-skating rink at Joy n fun.

Also for the record, when bringing children must be fully supervised and it is recommended not to play alone. So, parents or adults must accompany their children, right!

2.Snow Park

Snow Park (@panamapark825bdg on Instagram)
Snow Park (@panamapark825bdg on Instagram)

The second vehicle is the Snow Park which is a European-style snow park tour! If you are interested in visiting here, adventurers must wear thick and warm clothes so they don’t shiver from the cold when they are at minus two degrees Celsius. You can also borrow winter coats for free at the section countersit, so you don’t have to worry when you forget to bring warm clothes from home.

At Snow Park, Adventurers can play with beautiful white snow and skate on the sensation of snow. This experience is certainly unforgettable and you certainly don’t need to go far abroad to enjoy winter. Very interesting, right?

3. Game Masters

Game Master Destinasi Bandung (@panamapark825bdg on Instagram)
Game Master Destinasi Bandung (@panamapark825bdg on Instagram)

The third vehicle is the Game Master which offers various kinds of game machines such as claw dolls, basketball hoop, karaoke room, and others. Before trying the game, Adventurers must buy or top up the balance from the Game Master card first.

Well, it turns out, Game Master in Bandung has 4 different branches spread across the Festival Citilink Mall, Kepatihan, Cihampelas Walk and Panama Park. Of course, each place has the characteristics of different rides.

4. Lumens LED Interactive Room (Dark Room)

Lumens LED Interactive Room (source: el john news)
Lumens LED Interactive Room (source: el john news)

The fourth vehicle is the Lumens LED Interactive Room or referred to as darkroom. Here, Adventurers will find a room decorated with colorful LED lights. The rides are perfect for taking photos with family and friends.

You also don’t need to spend a fortune when you enter this room, because Adventurers can free entries aka free admission, you know. However, you have to take turns or queue with other visitors before taking pictures.

Panama Park Entrance Ticket Price 825

To enter the rides, Adventurers are required to have a special Game Master card that you can buy when entering the tourist attractions. This special card will later be filled with the balance according to the nominal you want, starting from IDR 5,000.

The price of admission varies, ie start from IDR 20,000 to IDR 95,000 depending on the rides you want to try. Adventurers can visit every day, starting from 10.00-18.00 WIB. The following is a list of ticket prices to enter Panama Park.

  • Game arcades on Game Master: IDR 3,000 – IDR 4,000 per tap
  • Snow Park: IDR 45,000-IDR 60,000 per person (rides can be enjoyed within 30 minutes)
  • Joy n Fun: IDR 75,000 – IDR 95,000 per person

Panama Park Tourist Locations 825

Adventurers can visit indoor playgrounds it’s on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Number 825, Cijerah, Bandung Kulon District, Bandung City, West Java. The tourist location of Panama Park 825, Bandung City, West Java, is close to one of the famous coffee shops in Bandung, such as Noah’s Barn Coffeenery and Ngopi Doeloe Cibeureum to Dago Bakery.

Panama Park 825 Playground Facilities

For the convenience of its visitors, this playground provides various kinds of facilities to support everyone’s needs. The following are the public facilities that you will get while you are in Panama Park 825.

  • Nursery room which is the newest facility in Bandung’s playground. This facility is intended for mothers who want to breastfeed or take care of their baby’s needs, so they get a private space according to their needs.
  • Event room and stage performance, being a stage facility provided for big events such as meetings or birthdays. The room can be used for free as long as you visit it in groups. Adventurers can also rent the room so that their privacy is maintained.
  • Food court also available at indoor playgrounds this one. You can find various types of food, from snacks to heavy meals to fill your hungry stomach after playing on the rides.
  • Prayer rooms and toilets are also important facilities for visitors. Here you can perform worship for Muslims in the prayer room, even the toilet for defecating.

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That’s the information that Advontura managed to summarize about Panama Park 825 which is currently hitting the city of Bandung. Various rides with concepts indoor playgrounds can make anyone feel at home to play in it.

This playground is very suitable as a reference for your tourist destinations while on vacation later. So, are Adventurers interested in visiting Panama Park 825 in Bandung? Hopefully this article is useful, yes!