Pahawang Island, the Enchantment of the Beauty of an Exotic Island from Lampung

Pahawang Island, Lampung, is the right vacation choice for those of you who want to spend time on a beautiful island that is rarely touched by many people.

This area is often referred to as “Heaven of Lampung” by local people and tourists. Its beautiful and well-managed conditions make anyone feel at home spending time here.

Several service providers open trip Pahawang Island for groups and private can also be found easily. Interested in visiting? Let’s first check the travel info to the cheap holiday package options below!

The charm of Pahawang Island, Lampung

Lodging at Andreas Resort Pulau Pahawang
Pahawang Island, Lampung (Photo by

As the name implies, this area holds a variety of maritime beauty and long white sand lines that are its trademark. The visitors can also freely swim, snorkel or just relaxing on the beach.

Before visiting, you also need to know that this area is divided into two areas that have their own beauty and uniqueness.

Big Pahawang Island

With an area of ​​1,000 hectares, this island is the main area where around a thousand coconut families live. Several public facilities such as schools, health centers and lodging for tourists are in this area.

Little Pahawang Island

As the name suggests, this area only has an area of ​​approximately 13 hectares. However, visitors cannot just come because this island is owned by a French citizen who is usually called Mr. Joe by the local community.

Mr.Joo is known to be generous and likes to help local residents by building wharf facilities, schools, village offices to cover the school fees for elementary and junior high school children who live around the island.

In this area there is also a spot snorkel and cottages. However, because it is a private island, you cannot visit it carelessly.

Pahawang Island Tourism Destinations

Being the “Heaven of Lampung” this area has various choice of tourist destination a must visit while here. In the following, Advontura has summarized its various destinations just for you!

Kelagian Besar Island

This island is an uninhabited area with beautiful white sand. Usually many tourists who come to see the atmosphere around. In addition, this area is also a training ground for Indonesian Navy troops.

Kelagian Kecil Island

This area is snorkel spots the first visited by some tourists who come who use travel or tour services. The area is smaller, which is only 1 hectare.

However, due to its more beautiful and calm natural atmosphere, this area is a favorite place for visitors to spend time.

Nemo Fish Breeding

Apart from the Kelagian Kecil area, snorkel spots This one has beautiful underwater views with dozens of cute clown fish playing around the coral reefs.

The managers and the surrounding community also take great care of this area and plant a home for this one fish. For those who want to capture its beauty, you can rent a camera underwater which is available.

Cape Break

This area is snorkel spots which is quite far away, it takes at least 1 hour by boat. The coral reefs are good but very dense, so you have to be careful when swimming here.

Gosong Bekri, Pancong and Circles

This area is snorkel spots the newest one that was deliberately made by the management. Uniquely, inside there is an artificial temple that is inside 1 to 2 meters above sea level.

Not only that, this temple is also increasingly unique because it is made in such a way that it can be a home for various marine animals. So, if you visit here, don’t forget to take a photo with Nemo Fish.

Bedil enough

Cukuh Bedil is a white sand beach with colorful sea water Tosca. This beautiful view is even more soothing with a calm island atmosphere and various pavilions that are devoted to resting places.

Small Pahawang Emerging Sand

This area is a favorite place for visitors. Here you can see the sand that appears when the tide is low. The right time to visit here is after sunrise or before sunset.

Try Watersport

One of the activities that can not be missed besides snorkel is play banana boats or couch boat. For only IDR 30,000 per person, you can enjoy the sensation of playing in the water for a specified time.

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The location of Pahawang Island, Lampung

Little Pahawang Island
Pawang Island Photo by

Based on the location of the map, Pahawang Island is in Punduh Pidada District, Pesawaran, South Lampung. From downtown this area can be reached for approximately 2 hours drive.

For tourists outside the island of Sumatra, you can use air or sea routes first. However, access to this area is quite easy and safe. To facilitate travel, you can open Pahawang Island map via application google maps.

Cheap Package Options for Pahawang Island, Lampung

Currently, there are many travel agencies that offer various cheap packages to Pahawang Island, both for group and private holidays.

if using travel, the cost to Pahawang Island is usually calculated based on meeting point or meeting place. Here are some lists of the cost of the tour package for 3 days 2 nights.

  1. From Jakarta, IDR 650,000,000/person.
  2. From Merak Harbor IDR 500,000.00/person.
  3. From Ketapang Pier, Rp. 380,000.00/person.
  4. From Bandar Lampung, the tariff is Rp. 450,000.00 / person.

Meanwhile, the cost to Pahawang Island from Ketapang Pier without staying overnight, you only have to prepare a fee of around Rp. 180,000.00/person.

There are many conveniences and facilities that you can get when using Pahawang Island open trip travel services such as:

  1. Consume for 4 days.
  2. Accommodation pick-up from meeting point.
  3. Tour Leader.
  4. Tour Guide.
  5. Lifebuoy
  6. Lodging.
  7. Documentation.
  8. Insurance.
  9. Ferry and boat tickets during tour activities.
  10. BBQ Activities.

In addition, by using travel services you can get various travel promos without having to bother planning every activity.

Lodging on Pahawang Island, Lampung

Lodging on Pahawang Island, Lampung, is quite easy to find. Some recommendations for lodging that you can try include Indahnesia Homestay, Pak Selamat Homestay, Turi Indah Homestay, Pondok Bagoes Floating Villa, Andreas Villa, Tirta Pahawang Homestay, Bumi Pahawang Resort and so on.

To stay at some of the inns above, you can prepare a fee of around IDR 400,000.00 to IDR 1,500,000.00. While the public facilities that you can receive include beds, TV, room service, bathroom, air conditioning and so on.

Visiting Tips

Before visiting, it’s a good idea to prepare the things below for a safer and more enjoyable holiday experience.

Use Sunblock and Anti Mosquito Lotion

The weather in this area is quite hot so be prepared sun block or sunscreen to keep your skin healthy during your vacation. In addition, bring mosquito repellent lotion if you plan to stay until the afternoon or even stay overnight.

Bring Power bank

Exploring the island is quite time-consuming and you could even spend a whole day outdoors. So that the device or camera does not die in the middle of the road, take it with you powerbank just in case.

Thus our explanation this time about Pahawang Island, Lampung. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for a place family vacation. To find other interesting Indonesian tourist destinations, Advontura friends, you can click the link below. See you later!

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